Dark Horse Selections Review

Dark Horse Selections is a new horse racing tipster service from Alex Dechamp that claims to be able to provide a substantial income for subscribers by betting on outsiders.

What does the product offer?

In many ways, what is on offer with Dark Horse Selections is right there in the title. It is a horse racing tipster service that claims to look at “dark horses”, that is to say ones that have been overlooked. As a service, Dark Horse Selections doesn’t really do anything that different from the norm.

Selections are issued on a daily basis with Alex Dechamp saying that he aims to provide Dark Horse Selections subscribers with no more than 3 selections on a given day.

All of the bets advised through Dark Horse Selections are straight win bets. Turning to the numbers, the staking plan for Dark Horse Selections is a level affair with Alex Dechamp recommending that you stake 1 point per bet (with a starting bank of 50 points).

There is no mention of any strike rate in the sales material however a look at the results demonstrates a strike rate that currently sits at 13.89% since April.

How does the product work?

Alex Dechamp is unfortunately very sketchy in terms of the selection process for Dark Horse Selections.

He talks at length about how his horse selections won’t show up on most peoples shortlists or that bookies will overlook them.

Of course, the sales material for Dark Horse Selections also says that “I say price wise as the biggest trick the bookies pull is by trying to influence decisions with the prices”. A nonsensical statement that if you didn’t know anything about horse racing may sound impressive. To me however, it is simply a red flag.

What is the initial investment?

Alex Dechamp is marketing Dark Horse Selections on a 1 month, 3 month and 6 months subscription basis. These will cost you £20, £45 and £60 per period respectively.

There is a guarantee in place of sorts (at least that Alex Dechamp mentions) in which he says that if Dark Horse Selections experiences its first losing month whilst you are signed up, you can expect to double the length of your paid for subscription.

It is owrth pointing out however that Dark Horse Selections is sold through Clickbank which means that whilst not mentioned, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Over 6 months, Dark Horse Selections has supposedly generated a profit of 239 points. Proofing is provided however there is something about Dark Horse Selections that I find very questionable.


Given the odds that Dark Horse Selections works with and the fact that it has such a low strike rate and a long losing streak, I am rather doubtful about the income claims. It is interesting to note that there have been no updates to the proofing provided since the system launched.

The other problem that I have with Dark Horse Selections is it is rather clear to me that the tipster behind the service doesn’t really appear to have any sort of system in place.

With all of this in mind, even the money back guarantee (which rather interestingly isn’t mentioned), I just don’t see Dark Horse Selections as being a worthwhile option.


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Thanks for the honest review. This has been pushed by all and sundry for the last few weeks. I am very dubious when verious sources all send me identical emails claiming yet another high priced winner yesterday. They just regurgitate the same rubbish that the seller sends them. That does nothing for their reputations.

I believe that Cash-Master are reviewing this. They state that the service is currently in a 29 losing run (last time I looked) Could be longer now.


I can confirm that of what Brian states. However, further on we have a losing streak of 45, considering this was sold as needing 50 points in your bank we have to hit a winner in the next couple of days in order to stop is from going broke.

There are some very good points pointed out in this review. I would like to add my little pieces of information on way I think this system should be avoided.

I bought the product thinking that I would follow the first 60 days, as it is free, and then follow on from there – results depending. On forst inspection the results seemed good, the fact that they were all recorded to SP prompted me to run them to BSP as nearly always higher returns. I checked the results posted and all of them were legitimately recorded at SP. The daily emails are sent and advised prices are given, but reccommeneded to go the woth BOG bookmakers if the horse drifts we still get the BP. Now what alarms me is that in the sales blurb it says something along the lines of we only pick horses about 7/1 or 6/1 and that is why we have higher variance – this coincided with the results – no selections were less than that stated. However, since the system started we have had several horses that have fallen way below this marker and we have had horses with SP of 3/1 etc. Yes we may have placed the bet early (selections are sent evening before) to secure those higher odds, but they were never recorded correctly to SP.

This alone should be significant evidence that the results prior to the system going live are purely fabricated and the long losing streak everyone is experiencing reflects that.

That is why I would stay well clear of this product.

I gave up after a 50 point losing run. The last I heard that it had increased to 63 points but I can’t confirm that. Luckily my other systems more than made up for my losses with this system. Unfortunately lots of sites are still touting it as a great service by leaving out November’s results!!

It doesn’t work save your money

Rm, I would be interested to know what your other systems are, I’m yet to find a system that actually works, lol.

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