Data Spread Software Review

Data Spread is a piece of software developed by the Pro Gambling Produces team. It provides you with up to date horse racing figures and statistics.

What does the product offer?

This particular review is going to work out a little shorter than most that I do, however I feel that Data Spread is a product that deserves some attention for what it does. The software has been developed by Pro Gambling Produces following “many requests over a period of time”. It has just one aim and that is to simplify the process of collating data for horse racing and bringing it all together in one place.

Naturally there are some restrictions to Data Spread which mostly seem to be down to consumer demand. What this means is that the software will only gather data for mainland UK and Irish racing. Chances are however that if you are reading this, this is mostly where your interests lie so I don’t see this as being too much of a problem in the grand scheme of things.

The software itself is simple enough to use to simply generate the information that you are looking for (although it is not necessarily the best looking thing). I should point out that there are some restrictions on Data Spread as a piece of software. Pro Gambling Produces say that you have to be running at least Windows 7 (SP1) in order to use it which makes it PC compatible only unless you are running Windows on a Mac. You also require a broadband connection in order for Data Spread to work.

In terms of the data that is provided for an event there is actually a hell of a lot made available. There are of course a number of obvious things that you would expect. This includes the going for the race, the class and a host of other nuggets which you could probably identify through the Racing Post and a bit of time. Data Spread also comes with a host of technical figures as well as information that I hadn’t ever given thought to.

As well as collating the data within the Data Spread software, you can also choose to save the data in a number of formats where it can be recalled at a later date.

How does the product work?

Using Data Spread is actually an incredibly simple process requiring just a few clicks of a button to get all of the relevant data in front of you. Quite what you do with this data from here is entirely up to you. If there is one thing that is worth pointing out it is that Data Spread take sits data from the internet (something that you have probably put together) however it seems that there may be problems with the software on occasion.

Quoting from the terms and conditions of Data Spread, Pro Gambling Produces have this to say:

“ Data Spread relies on website html being presented in a consistent manner and any deviation from this standard may prevent our software from functioning correctly. In such circumstances there may be a period of time when our software functions incorrectly until it is brought back into line with website format.”

As well as:

“We cannot be responsible for any server downtime that may be experienced.”

What is the initial investment?

Data Spread is available for a one time payment of just £25 inclusive of VAT which I think is pretty reasonable. This gives you a lifetime of access to the software pending any of the issues which I have mentioned above. It is worth pointing out that there is no money back guarantee in place for Data Spread and that Pro Gambling Produces says this also applies in the event of the software failing.

What is the rate of return?

Data Spread is not a direct money making product and as such, it is rather difficult to gauge how much money you can “make” by using it. Because Data Spread is more of a tool, it should be judged entirely on how it does its job. In this capacity it appears to all be very capable and straight forward which is a strong positive for the product.

Conclusion on Data Spread Software

Data Spread is not a product that is suitable for everybody. There is simply no getting around this fact. Those of you who are looking for something that can be used to make a quick and easy buck should skip straight over this. With that out of the way, Data Spread is quite a powerful tool albeit one with something of a niche audience. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. In looking at what people who would use Data Spread would want, Pro Gambling Produces has created a product that does a very good job.

In terms of what it offers, Data Spread is very well suited to those who like the numbers side of horse racing. This includes those who are developing their own betting system and even those who are following somebody else’s system. The fact is that if you are required to have lots of data available to you, having everything in one place just makes things easier, especialy compared to doing things manually.

When you consider that all of this is just £25, I think that it is quite clear that there is value for money to be had here. My only concern, and it is something of a big one, is the comments made under the terms and conditions. Personally, I feel like this becomes a bit of a calculated risk for you to make at this point. For my money, all of this feels more like somebody covering their own back, after all, Data Spread has to pull its data from somewhere and this will be beyond Pro Gambling Produces’s control.

With this in mind, if you feel that Data Spread will work for you, then I think that it is definitely worth giving it a go. There certainly isn’t anything that immediately springs to mind that does what Data Spread does without investing your time.


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From: Simon Roberts