Dave Callan Racing Review

Dave Callan Racing is a tipping service provided by the eponymous Dave Callan and is supplied in conjunction with tipsterwarehouse.co.uk.

What does the product offer?

Dave Callan Racing is a subscriber based service with emails sent directly to subscribers between 9 and 10am daily. Subscribers should be able to place bets from anywhere as Dave Callan recommends using Betfair SP which is an online service. Dave Callan claims an impressive strike rate of 27% and a 78.86% return on investment.

How does the product work?

The tips provided are based on the knowledge of Dave Callan which he claims is built upon years of testing systems, strategies and trends, stating “I have tried and tested many angles and spent a lot of money over the years”. His system utilises a point staking system that is designed to maximise profits. Furthermore Dave Callan recommends establishing a betting bank of 150 points with which to bet.

What is the initial investment?

There is a one week trial available for £1. After this the prices go up to £29.95 per month or £59.95 for a quarter. On top of this is your betting bank which based off £10 per point would amount to £1500.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Dave Callan Racing claims a profit of 372.69 point profit which would amount to a cash profit of £3726.90 based on a stake of £10 per point.


Dave Callan Racing is competitively priced and seems to be able to produce results. The fact that it hasn’t been operational long may be of concern and is worth bearing in mind when choosing it as your tipping service. 4 months of profit is not a bad result but there are many different tipsters that can offer these kinds of results. It is the price of Dave Callan that makes it begin to look like an attractive, albeit somewhat risky, proposition. Given you see rivals selling their products for £50 per month with worse off results, there is certainly a lot to like here, it’s simply a question of how long the turn of profit will last.



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Awesome, £500 made today from £10 bets.
Admit I had lost confidence in the guy but gave him until New Year eve. so glad i did

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From: Simon Roberts