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Dave Thompson’s Daily Double is a new horse racing tipster service which is being operated by Matt Benson of The Betting Club. As the name of the service suggests, selections come courtesy of the eponymous Dave Thompson.

Introduction to Dave Thompson’s Daily Double

I am relatively familiar with Matt Benson having reviewed The Betting Club as a tipster service in and of its own rights. Frankly, I was left unimpressed and with a lot of questions about the viability of the service. We can see now that he is trying to move into the position of tipster management rather than having his name on a service.

Enter Dave Thompson, a tipster who Matt Benson says has impressed massively in the first months trial. And looking at the claimed results, one can see why you might arrive at this conclusion. Dave Thompson’s Daily Double supposedly made some very impressive profits in this month, however I have a number of points relating to this that I will explore over the course of this article.

Bit, as is so often the case with products of this ilk, if Dave Thompson can deliver even a small percentage of what he achieved in that trial month consistently, then you will be on to a winner. With this in mind, let’s dive into Dave Thompson’s Daily Double and see whether or not Matt Benson has managed to shake things up since.  

What Does Dave Thompson’s Daily Double Offer?

In many ways, I will admit that there isn’t a massive amount about Dave Thompson’s Daily Double that really stands out. It is a bit of a basic affair, however that doesn’t necessarily need to be a bad thing. In fact, there are actually a couple of things that stand out as being particularly positive about the service that I will highlight as we get to them.

First of all, I want to talk about how Matt Benson manages the service. This is an area that based off his prior experience, you would expect to be a strong area (his previous service was based around selections coming from a massive number of different tipster). To be fair to him, Dave Thompson’s Daily Double isn’t too badly operated.

Dave Thompson’s Daily Double is a weekday only tipster service meaning you will receive bets Monday through Friday. As you would expect, the selections are issued directly via email with an email on the occasional day where there are no bets available. What is pretty decent is that these are sent out the night before racing (typically arriving before 11pm).

This means that you have plenty of time to get bets placed wither when you receive them or the morning of racing. As such, it does open Dave Thompson’s Daily Double up to a wide variety of users. What it also means is that if you are quick off the mark, you have the chance to get the best possible odds on bets.

Now, moving on to the bets themselves, Dave Thompson has a clear strategy that is outlined in the name of Dave Thompson’s Daily Double. The service is based exclusively around double bets. You can expect to receive two of these each day which means that over the course of a week, you will be backing ten bets. All of this is very manageable which is a pretty good sign in my opinion.  

One thing that is interesting is the odds that are involved. When you look at a service that is based around backing doubles, you would expect to see some pretty moderate odds, right? After all, they may be the smallest examples, but you are still dealing with accumulators.

The truth of the matter though is looking at the very limited evidence that Matt Benson provides, Dave Thompson’s Daily Double provides a very mixed bag however there is a convenient leaning towards showing bets that have won at longer odds. In theory, this is pretty straight forward, although there are a lot of additional points surrounding this that I want to pick up later.

In terms of the staking plan, Matt Benson and Dave Thompson favour a level staking plan of 1 point per bet. This means that you are only ever staking 10 points per week which does a very good job of mitigating your risk if you are following Dave Thompson’s Daily Double.

It should be noted that I haven’t seen any information of what kind of betting bank you would need here. Given the strike rate and the fact that Dave Thompson’s Daily Double isn’t a high volume service, you could easily reach the conclusion that a 50 point bank would be sufficient. I am not convinced by the results though and would use a minimum of 100 points.

So, that strike rate. I suggested that it isn’t too bad and honestly, if you believe Matt Benson then it is pretty phenomenal. We are told that the strike rate stands at 42.5% over 4 weeks which for backing doubles is very bloody good. It should be noted however that Dave Thompson’s Daily Double is based on very limited proofing.

How Does Dave Thompson’s Daily Double Work?

Now, we come to one of the bigger issues that I have with Dave Thompson’s Daily Double which is the lack of information on the selection process. Put bluntly, Matt Benson does nothing to explain how selections for Dave Thompson’s Daily Double are identified and that is a very big problem for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t ever expect a tipster to provide full details of what their selection process entails. I’m not looking for a step by step breakdown so that I could use their own method myself, but I would at least like to see enough to know that they aren’t just throwing darts at a copy of The Racing Post.

I think that this especially applies when you have a service that favours backing bets that are rather long shots. The fact of the matter is that blindly backing long shots is a guaranteed way to eat into your betting bank and that is a problem.

This isn’t even something that I can say that Matt Benson has mitigated with full proofing. This is despite a claim that The Betting Club supposedly proof all of their tipsters for 3 months before going live. Those results for Dave Thompson’s Daily Double should be there somewhere, so why don’t we get to see them? It’s all just a little bit suspect in my book.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options for those who wish to subscribe to Dave Thompson’s Daily Double, each of which come at massively differing price points (something that I believe is for a good reason). The lowest outlay is a monthly option which is priced at £30 plus VAT. It is worth noting that all of these “subscriptions” are actually one time payments.

When you move onto the quarterly and annual options, you see where there is significantly improved value for money. The quarterly option that Matt Benson offers for Dave Thompson’s Daily Double is priced at £45 plus VAT which represents a significant discount. Even more so is the annual option which is £90 plus VAT.

It is worth noting that the payment for all of these is handled directly via Clickbank which means that in theory, you shouldn’t have any problems claiming the 60 day money back guarantee that Matt Benson says that is in place (although there are a number of points relating to this that I want to come back to later).

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the reason that any of us really look at these kinds of services which is the potential to make money. Now, the headlining number is that Dave Thompson’s Daily Double made £2,499.27 in 4 weeks. Given that Matt Benson has supposedly staked £25 on Dave Thompson’s bets, that means that there has been an effective profit of 100 points in the period.

This is an interesting contrast as £2,500 per month is the kind of number that just about seems feasible to your average Joe. It certainly isn’t those frequently exaggerated profits of £10,000 plus per month that you see so often. But the reality is that 100 points in a month is what many tipsters would be more than happy to take over a quarter.

When you factor in that there isn’t really any proofing for these claims (except for that highly questionable evidence), nor is there any information on how much Dave Thompson’s Daily Double would have made in the 2 months prior to Matt Benson’s live trial, I find all of these numbers to be massively questionable.

Conclusion for Dave Thompson’s Daily Double

There are a lot of things that I want to talk about when it comes to Dave Thompson’s Daily Double, and unfortunately, none of them are good. For starters, there is a distinctive lack of tangible information for the service.

Be that any sort of substantive proofing (I refuse to consider a questionable list of winning  bet slips, most of which happen to be long shots as proofing), or information on how Dave Thompson is able to identify his selections. These are basic things that any reputable tipster is willing to explore in at least some level of detail.

I think that the point about proofing is especially poignant when you 100 points a month is just… Well, it’s a bit unbelievable if I’m frank. And I just don’t see enough evidence to believe it consider the fact that the claimed profits are so high..

In and of themselves, either one of these might not be a problem individually. But I have been doing this for a long time and when you start to see one or two problems like this come together, it is usually indicative of deeper problems and in the case of Dave Thompson’s Daily Double, these exist in spades.

One of the biggest ones that I want to talk about is something that the average punter probably won’t be able to see simply by looking at the sales material for Dave Thompson’s Daily Double. In fact, it is something that I feel like a lot of people probably wouldn’t see.  

It has been said that familiarity breeds contempt. By and large, I don’t really think that I subscribe to this philosophy. If I did, I’d be sick to the back teeth of some of the genuine and higher output tipster stables out there. When I come across a name that has some less positive connotations on a frequent basis though, it is harder to ignore this.

One of the things that I particularly don’t like when it comes to Matt Benson in particular is that I have heard from my own readers on this website that people have had trouble claiming refunds from him. This does not bode well at all for a lot of different elements of anything that he is involved with (including of course, Dave Thompson’s Daily Double).

I have been involved in this industry for some time and I can say with confidence that there isn’t a single element of Dave Thompson’s Daily Double that I really find myself buying into. Everything about it seems off and with no real positives to the service, the only conclusion that I can reach is a clear one to me.

As a service, Dave Thompson’s Daily Double just isn’t believable. I don’t buy into the results. I don’t like that we aren’t actually told about how Dave Thompson finds bets. It just feels like a marketer has come up with a strategy that sounds believable to those who don’t know better and ran with that.

Combine that with the historic information surrounding Matt Benson and this is a clear no go for me. I can honestly say that I cannot recommend avoiding Dave Thompson’s Daily Double enough.


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