Delay, React, Trade Review

Delay, React, Trade is a Betfair bet trading system developed by Clive Keeling of Canonbury Publishing. He is also the editor of What Really Wins Money.

What does the product offer?

Delay, React, Trade provides its subscribers with the knowledge of Mr. Keeling and his system. This comes in the form of an instructional manual (The Secrets of DRT Trading) and a “30 day hassle free guarantee”. On top of this you are provided with 60 days of free access to tutorial videos, the DRT Members Area as well as daily updates on Mr. Keeling’s research and also live trading sessions where you can trade alongside the creator of the system.

How does the product work?

The product is based around betting on unexpected events in a game or “blips” as Delay, React, Trade refers to them as. The fundamental idea is that instead of placing bets pre-game users utilise in play betting. They then lay a bet at a low price and trade out at a profitable amount. Mr. Keeling will teach users which games to look at and which signals to trade on consistently in order to make this a profitable venture “otherwise you’re just gambling”. Mr. Keeling claims that using his specific techniques you can make consistent profits.

What is the initial investment?

The system costs £57 for the first 30 days which is not taken out until the 30 days have elapsed. Once the 60 day access to the additional features has expired this then reverts to an additional cost of £7.95 per month. As always, on top of this you have any costs involved in the actual betting process. This is recommended to be £200 with a view to doubling this in a month.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return seems to be a little inconsistent. For example the sales pitch begins by stating that in 11 minutes you can make a guaranteed profit of £178.92. It then discusses profits of at least £116.19 through to £178.93. Mr. Keeling then boasts of making £382 in 3 minutes from a £2 stake. He then goes on to say how DRT looks to generate a small but consistent stream of revenue with “gains of £51.68… £35.72… £89.23”.


On paper this system looks to have some kind of foundation and certainly claims to offer a lot to its users. The system at first seems very questionable, after all how do you predict these “blips”? The short answer is you are not. The kind of bets that are placed are more about certain outcomes that are actually based on statistical analysis than “blips”. What does strike me as concerning when it comes to Delay, React, Trade is the very apparent lack of conviction in terms of how much you can make. Taking aside the large amounts made in a few minutes, the profits frequently vary between around £50 up to about £170.

One would anticipate that if Mr. Keeling has been using this system for profit for any length of time he would surely look to provide averages rather than repeating these seemingly random lists of specific examples. That is my key concern here. That this system is perhaps not as proven over time, a claim that some of the products rivals are able to back up with evidence. That alone makes this one a very risky system to take up in my opinion and so is one I would probably look to avoid.



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I joined DRT on 23/03/14 I don’t seem to be fully registered yet and my 60 days trial are ebbing away,also I don’t get the daily e mails I expected, please help

Make sure you do thorough rearcesh on a company if you are thinking about giving then a shot. Ask other traders on the forums if they’ve had experience with then. There is a wealth of information on the internet so do your homework and you’ll be just fine

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