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Diamond Bets Review

Diamond Bets is a brand new tipster service that is allegedly provide by one Ben Diamond, a claimed professional bettor who is making the jump to a full time tipster service.

What does the product offer?

From what little information is provide it looks like Diamond Bets is shaping up to be more of an occasional tipster service with Ben Diamond offering selections for the Saturday but nothing for Monday at the time of writing. It is worth noting at this point that Diamond Bets is offered through Equine Investment Management Ltd, a company operated by one Jon Owen who has offered a number of services on his own name as well as others in the past. The staking plan that “Ben Diamond” recommends is the exact same staking plan that previous Equine Investment Management products have followed which means staking from one to five points as well as “double maximum” 10 points bets. This staking plan is also present in a number of Jon Owen’s previous products too. Whilst Diamond Bets is claimed to be proofed to Equine Investment Management, none of this is made available which is rather disappointing.

How does the product work?

I am not surprised to find that there is actually very little information supplied on what the selection process is something that isn’t touched upon in any real detail. What is said is that Ben Diamond has allegedly been “in the tipping and gambling game” for the last ten years with this experience being presumed as a selling point. Equine Investment Management also make reference to a “host of top contacts up and down the country”.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing Diamond Bets is only available on a free trial basis which is claimed to be limited to 250 people and runs for a currently undetermined amount of time. Given how previous products related to Jon Owen have operated however you can expect that this will become a paid service sooner rather than later (something that is backed up in the terms for Diamond Bets which refer to a 7 day refund period on purchases).

What is the rate of return?

As mentioned there is unfortunately no proofing provided for Diamond Bets which means that there is no reliable statistics for income. That having been said, according to the sales page for Diamond Bets, Ben Diamond wants to try and average 30 points profit per month.


I have looked at a number of Equine Investment Management products before (as well as various other Jon Owen products under Greentree Consultancy). The performances are generally a bit lacking however Diamond Bets has had a strong launch day with 2 out of 3 bets coming in. Obviously this isn’t indicative of any future performance and is far too small a sample size to make any real judgement however it is enough to say that Diamond Bets is probably worth watching.

The fact is that whilst this is on a free trial you can probably do a lot worse than paper betting at the very least to see whether it will fit in your portfolio however given the historic performance of other products I wouldn’t be inclined to jump straight in paying for this service.



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From: Simon Roberts