Diff Code Transatlantic Review

Diff Code Transatlantic is a Forex trading system developed by Martin Carter. It is a somewhat unique service to my knowledge which is based around a claimed link between the FTSE and the Dow Jones Index.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for Diff Code Transatlantic makes a pretty bold claim about Martin Carter, the self proclaimed “FINANCIAL RISK ‘NERD’”. Supposedly, the method that his service uses allows “busy people to trade without screen watching or nerve-wracking risk…”. This is the dream for many a home trader and those who wish to make a passive income through trading. The question that stands is whether or not Diff Code Transatlantic can deliver, or like so many trading products, does it over simplify a much more complex method?

Martin Carter says that the process for Diff Code Transatlantic is incredibly simple. All that you supposedly have to do is check his website each morning. If there is a trigger signal, you simply have to set the “tripwire” up and check back the next day “to see how much you’ve banked”, of course this can just as equally go the other way.

With all of this in mind, what are you really buying into with Diff Code Transatlantic? Well to his credit, Martin Carter is pretty upfront about what you need to do. In fact, I am pleasantly surprised to report that Diff Code Transatlantic is one of the few products that I have looked at which pretty much does what it says on the tin. The day to day usage of Diff Code Transatlantic really is that simple.

In terms of the numbers, there isn’t really any staking plan per se with Diff Code Transatlantic, nor are there really any recommended stakes (although there is mention of starting out with £2 stakes, this doesn’t appear to be a formal recommendation). It is essentially a spread betting trading method which means that your profits and losses can both be very substantial, even if you start with small stakes.

Whilst not necessarily a betting product as such, Diff Code Transatlantic does still have a strike rate. According to the sales material for Diff Code Transatlantic, there is a 68% winning ration in place “over the long run”. There are also numbers mentioned in the testimonials which suggest that you could see a strike rate as high as 90%. Based off my own research Diff Code Transatlantic however, the end result is likely to be lower than that claimed by Martin Carter.

As well as access to the automated system, it is worth pointing out that you also receive a manual

How does the product work?

In order to understand how Diff Code Transatlantic works, you first have to take a look at the man behind the service. Martin Carter is a now retired trainer who specialised in risk. By taking what he learned in The City and applying it to a much smaller scale, he says that he was able to ultimately settle on the differential between the Dow Jones Index and the FTSE 100.

Martin Carter describes Diff Code Transatlantic (or his “little mathematical formula” as he refers to it) as taking advantage of “little wobbles” between the two indices. This supposedly happens “all the time” and even the smallest of these wobbles can produce a profit. Whilst it isn’t explicitly stated, this seems to be down to the fact that Diff Code Transatlantic uses spread betting.

Fortunately, there are things in place to minimise the loss (which aren’t traditional stop loss methods) however Martin Carter doesn’t go into too much detail about this. What I can say is that there is a strong element of hedging involved with Diff Code Transatlantic.

What is the initial investment?

Diff Code Transatlantic is being sold through Thames Publishing at the time of writing. This publishing house don’t tend to let their products come in cheap and this is no different. If you want to get Diff Code Transatlantic, there is a signing up fee of £297. This however only gets you access to Martin Carter’s website for 6 months. Once this time has elapsed, you can expect to pay £12.50 per month charged bi-annually.

Martin Carter also says that you do have the option to run Diff Code Transatlantic yourself after the first 6 months if you don’t want to pay for the continued access to the member’s area. In terms of money back guarantee, Martin Carter is rather generous with Diff Code Transatlantic offering 45 days from the day of purchase to claim a refund should you find that the service isn’t for you.

What is the rate of return?

The reason that any of us have any interest in Diff Code Transatlantic and products like it is because of the money that can be made. If you believe Martin Carter, then there is a massive amount of income potential on offer here. So much so that the main number used for selling Diff Code Transatlantic is increasing a starting bank of £10,000 by 186.8% in just 15 months. This is a hell of an outcome for any service however I feel that it is important to remember that Martin Carter doesn’t say how much h was staking at the time.


For those who are looking for a straightforward trading product, that doesn’t feel too much like trading, then Diff Code Transatlantic is probably in the right ball park for you. This is however a pretty small and niche group though. After all, the whole point of trading products (at least as far as I am concerned) is to learn how to trade rather than blindly taking advice, especially as I consider trading to be a genuine skill and a truly evergreen way of making money online.

Whilst Diff Code Transatlantic will show you one method of trading, ultimately you are being taught about spread betting. Whilst there may well be some hedging involved to help minimise losses, the fact remains that you are being taught one of the riskier trading approaches as well. If you were to follow Diff Code Transatlantic on your own, especially with no trading experience, I can see that there is a strong possibility of things going wrong.

There have undoubtedly been some ups and downs with Diff Code Transatlantic and that is a part of trading however I should point out that most of my research into Martin Carter’s service did show people with a profit. Unfortunately, it was rarely as high as the advertised numbers. Furthermore, a lot of people had also incurred large losses at points, sometimes more than 100 pips at a time.

Combine all of this with the £300 that Thames Publishing are asking for Diff Code Transatlantic and I’m not entirely sold. If you have a large enough bank (let’s not forget that the sales material talks about starting with £10,000. Not necessarily a lot to a serious trader, but that isn’t really who Diff Code Transatlantic is aimed at.  If you have the money to invest, then Diff Code Transatlantic might be worth a look, but I don’t believe that it will be a good match for those who are looking for a straight forward second income.



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