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Dollar Reboot is the latest product to be launched through Agora Lifestyles financial arm. It is authored by Jim Rickards and purports to offer unparalled insight into the future of the US economy under President Donald Trump.

What does Dollar Reboot offer?

The only politics that I ever talk in my articles are football politics, and that is because as a die hard United fan, this sometimes bleeds in when writing about football related subjects. Dollar Reboot however unfortunately puts politics somewhat front and centre with the following headline:

“When the President Signs This Secret Money Deal, One Investment (NOT GOLD) Could Soar by as Much as 1,000%, Creating Huge Windfalls for Investors Positioned Correctly Ahead of Time…”.

I am not an economist, and I will not deny that Jim Rickards has a knack of turning up in some very high profile places, however I also know that he has been on the same record for a very long time, going all the way back to the Regan years. So without trying to bring politics too much into this, let’s have a look at whether or not Dollar Reboot actually has any potential to make your money.

First things first. What exactly does Dollar Reboot offer?

There is a seemingly large amount of content involved here and whilst, as a product, this is ultimately more of a concept that something tangible, it is all interetwined. Without being too dry about it, you get access to monthly webinars, 4 reports on various aspects of trading, a copy of two of Jim Rickards’s books, “The New Case for Gold” as well as “The Big Drop”, access to Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, a monthly subscription newsletter and frankly, a host of other bits which are not really worth mentioning.

dollar-reboot-reviewThe 4 reports cover a variety of different subjects. The first is “1,000% Gains in the “Dollar Reboot Composite”. This looks at a very specific product which Jim Rickards claims is going to massively increase in value. The second report looks at how to build “The Perfect Gold Portfolio (literally the title of the book) and is self explanatory. Next is a report called “Five Secret Investments from the Inflation King”.

This essentially looks at where Donald Trump has invested in order to leverage inflation. Finally, there is a report on a special gold fund which Jim Rickards claims is open only to his members.

There is no getting around the fact that there is a lot of content included with Dollar Reboot. I do believe however that it is very justifiable to question a lot of Jim Rickards as a complete package. This is down to various factors including the author himself and his business methods. I will talk about this in greater detail a little later however.

How does Dollar Reboot work?

I have looked at Jim Rickards before and to put it bluntly, he loves gold. More specifically, the return of currency to a gold standard. This is something that he talks about extensively throughout Dollar Reboot as a whole. Supposedly Reagan was going to return to the Gold Standard and I have heard in my research that Jim Rickards said the same thing about Bush and now, as the current serving President of the US, Donald Trump.

The fact that President Trump has a strong business background seems to play a lot into the mythos of Dollar Reboot. In fact, according to Jim Rickards, most of his findings are a combination of his own “obvious” solutions to an imending economic crisis and investments that President Trump has made which support Dollar Reboot as a wider theory. I am not taken in by this however and I can’t help but feel like there is perhaps some seeking of correlation on behalf of Jim Rickards.

What is the initial investment?

There are a number of options if you want to subscribe to Dollar Reboot. They start out with a Silver Package which is the cheapest at a cost of $49 per year. The next offer is the Gold Package at $89 per year. Finally, you can subscribe to the Platinum Package for a reduced cost of $79 which is down from $99. As you would expect, there is no money back guarantee etc. in place for any of these.

What is the rate of return?

The core claim that I want to focus in on with Dollar Reboot is that you can earn 1000% on your investment. This is the main number that is touted and Jim Rickards quotes it like a mantra. Now I will hold my hands and say that in theory, this kind of return is plausible. However it is only plausible in the same way that a 50 bet accumulator on the longest shots is plausible. It is vased on incredibly specific events happening which I can only see as unlikely.

Conclusion on Dollar Reboot?

Jim Rickards is a master of making a well thought out and sound argument for his case. He has a knack of making everything sound reasonable and the side of me who has an appreciation for marketing respects that. What I am less respectful of however are, frankly, his opinions and dispositions.

Look, I don’t think for one minute that Jim Rickards doesn’t know what he is talking about. You only have to take a look at his credentials and pictures in the Pentagon and with various White House “top brass”. But by the same token, I know that really, Dollar Reboot is fundamentally no different from the stuff that was being sold 20 years ago and there is a very important work in there and that is sold.

Whilst Jim Rickards has built a name for himself it appears to be based around extravagant claims and selling books off the back of this. I know enough about this process to know that if you target your audience well enough you can sell them anything.

All of this pales nect to the most important question and that is can you make any money from Dollar Reboot?

Honestly, I am not convinced. Now this doesn’t mean that Dollar Reboot is inherently without any value, but here is the truth of the matter. I do not believe that you will genuinely see any form of immediate profit directly through Dollar Reboot.

In fact, if anything, I would say that this is a very expensive way of being notified of other products that Jim Rickards is involved with. The bottom line is everything when it comes to making money and with no tangible prospects here, I don’t think that I’d be inclined to waste much time (and most importantly, money) on Dollar Reboot.


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