Donkey Place Lays Review

Donkey Place Lays is a relatively new horse racing tipster service which is offered under the Pro Betting Club umbrella. As the name implies, the service is based around lay betting.

Introduction to Donkey Place Lays 

I have said before that lay betting is something that feels like it sort of came and went in the world of tipster and betting services. There was a point where they were everywhere and slowly, they have dropped off a little bit.

I have my suspicions as to why this may be and I will say here and now that it has nothing to do with flaws in the method. Make no mistake, a well executed lay betting service is one of the best ways to make consistent money.

When you are able to do something with your lay22 betting service that nobody else is really doing, you have a lot of potential for a winner. Or loser, I guess (just a little lay betting joke).

donkey-place-lays-reviewAll of this segues rather nicely into Donkey Place Lays, a rather unique service in so much as you are laying horses to place. This is a market that I haven’t really seen exploited before and honestly, it almost feels counter intuitive.

None the less, Pro Betting Club have posted some really strong results for the time that Donkey Place Lays has been live. Honestly, I am quite excited to see something new in the lay betting arena and as such, I am very keen to have a look at this one.  

What Does Donkey Place Lays Offer?

In terms of what you actually get from Donkey Place Lays, it is a relatively straight forward affair, albeit with some interesting factors that must be considered, all of which I will explore over the course this review. Logistically Pro Betting Club don’t really do anything to break the mould with Donkey Place Lays. The service is a rather standard affair in this regard with selections emailed directly to subscribers.

Moving on to the bets themselves, obviously there are some areas where Donkey Place Lays does differ to the norm. The fact that this is a lay betting service means that first and foremost, you will of course require an account with a betting exchange.

Betfair is generally advised simply because there is more liquidity in the markets, but there are other options available. One thing that should be considered with Donkey Place Lays is the volume of bets. It is clear from the proofing from Pro Betting Club that there are going to be days where you will be advised to place a large number of bets.

As Donkey Place Lays is a lay betting service, there isn’t so much a staking plan in place, as an effort to minimise liabilities. One of the ways that Donkey Place Lays does this is by advising that the maximum lay for bets is 4.00. In terms of a betting bank, Pro Betting Club recommend having 100 times your lay stake.

This means that to £10 bets you would need a betting bank of £1,000. Given the limited liability that is involved, this should more than suffice.

In terms of a strike rate, you would typically expect a lay betting service to absolutely smash it. In the case of Donkey Place Lays though, that doesn’t quite happen, a factor that is predominantly based around the way the service works.

None the less, Pro Betting Club claim a strike rate of 63% for the service which is still a respectable number. Factor in that the longest losing streak for Donkey Place Lays is just 6 consecutive bets and the whole thing starts to look pretty stable.

How Does Donkey Place Lays Work?

In terms of the actual selection process for Donkey Place Lays, there isn’t a whole lot of information provided. Truth be told through, I am not overly concerned in this regard as there is a clear structure to how you are betting.

Furthermore, Pro Betting Club provide extensive proofing for Donkey Place Lays going all the way back to June last year which I think does a more than adequate job of painting a picture of what to expect. Naturally I am curious about how bets are found as it seems to me that there is a very fine line here, however the results are also very strong.

Now, I mentioned there being a structure and that is because the whole premise of Donkey Place Lays is based around laying horse to place at odds lower than 4.00. Much earlier on I was talking about lay betting and there being nothing new, but this is a really unique approach. I can kind of see the merit as well, in no small part because of how well you are able to limit your liability.

What is the Initial Investment?

Pro Betting Club provide two different subscription options if you ant to sing up to Donkey Place Lays. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £39.50 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for a quarterly subscription at a cost of £89.50.

It is worth noting that Pro Betting Club don’t offer refunds on their services and Donkey Place Lays is no exception. As such, there is  unfortunately no money back guarantee in place, although you can cancel your subscription at any point.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since proofing began with Pro Betting Club, Donkey Place Lays has produced an overall points profit of 200.87 points. This is a phenomenal result and really jumps out at me.

Here are some of the facts mentioned about this product:

donkey-place-lay-statsThis means average monthly profits of 28.69%. I was somewhat concerned that the volume of bets may impact the ROI, however even this is a very respectable 13%. This makes Donkey Place Lays one of the most consistently performing tipster services I have looked at for a while.

Conclusion to Donkey Place Lays 

Lay betting isn’t something that is for everyone. I think that it is a little bit of a niche thing in some respects, in no small part down to the massive liabilities that can occur. Whilst I know people who will swear by it, the long hard fact of the matter is this. Not everybody wants to risk paying out large sums of money for the increased chance of winning that comes with the method.

This for me is where Donkey Place Lays starts to really shine.

This is a lay betting service that somehow, doesn’t quite carry the same risk as a lay betting service. Sure, the end results do take a slight knock as a result of the changes but by and large, there are some very concise boxes which I feel can be ticked off in terms of the positives.

For example, the fact that Donkey Place Lays is all through betting exchanges means that you could easily programme a robot to place the bets for you when the odds reach the right level. This takes out an element of betting in so much as you can do everything in one place, set, and forget. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

The results are very reasonable. I wouldn’t go as far as to call them amazing or anything, because honestly, they don’t quite get me that excited, but 200 points in the time Pro Betting Club have been operating the service is solid. Moving forward, this suggests to me that there is bags of potential here.

There are some concerns that I have in terms of the volume of bets. The highest losing streak to date is 6 bets. I can easily see this number being twice this though on an unlucky day. With a maximum liability of 4.00, this can expose your betting bank quite a lot and it is something that should be born in mind.

With that said though, I am quite impressed with Donkey Place Lays. It is fairly priced and I think that it represents something new when it comes to lay betting. That isn’t something that is said lightly and Pro Betting Club seem to know this.

All things considered, I think that Donkey Place Lays is worth some serious consideration. If the risk involved with lay betting has put you off so far, this is as good a place to start and I don’t think I can say fairer than that.  


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