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Don’s Daily Tips is a new to market horse racing tipster service which his operated by the eponymous Don Johnson. He claims to provide subscribers with a stream of consistently winning tips.

Introduction to Don’s Daily Tips

Honestly, it isn’t very often that something lands on my desk which I can say is a genuine tipster service. There is so much rubbish out there that takes up my time and attention that I will admit that sometimes, I look at something that I immediately dismiss as being a bit naff, only to discover on a more in depth look, that I’m wrong.

That is absolutely what happened with Don’s Daily Tips. I took a glance at the sales page and thought, this will be a bit of a waste of time, and I put it towards the bottom of my to do list. I perhaps shouldn’t have done this though as the truth is that Don Johnson is offering a long standing tipster service with some very credible proofing.

So, with this in mind, I am quite keen to rectify my mistakes and see whether or not Don’s Daily Tips is something that can actually deliver on a consistent profit. Honestly, this is a bit of a grey area, and as such, I am keen to start breaking this down into its component parts so we can see if Don Johnson can really give you the kinds of profits he says he can.

What Does Don’s Daily Tips Offer?

There are a number of elements of Don’s Daily Tips that are actually rather interesting to me. One of the main ones that stands out (although it isn’t explicitly stated anywhere) is that this is a service that is well suited to Betfair betting. Don’t get me wrong, in order to get the most out of the service, you will want to use bookies as well (Don Johnson certainly does), but it is an option.

This is all down to the types of bets that are advised through Don’s Daily Tips. Whilst I think it is fair to say that a majority of what you are backing will be win bets, there are also a number of place bets advised too.

For those of you who like to extract the best possible value, there is plenty of potential to back win bets through a BOG bookmaker or use Oddschecker to see where there is the most profit to be had. The place bets meanwhile can easily be backed to BSP where there is seemingly some profit potential.

Alternatively, if you have had restrictions through bookies etc. then Don’s Daily Tips would probably work just as well if you were exclusively through Betfair. I would say though that getting the most bang for your buck here will definitely require more work than if you are able to use bookies as well.

As is the case with almost every tipster service that is on the market these days, the logistics of Don Johnson’s service are all pretty straight forward. Don’s Daily Tips subscribers can expect to receive selections Monday through Saturday, and they are sent directly to your email. These contain pretty much everything that you would expect and provide plenty of information to get your bets placed.

Selections are typically sent out on the morning of racing with Don Johnson saying that he aims to send out tips by 11am (although to be fair, they do usually come earlier than this). This is something that is worth noting as not everybody will be in a position to get online and get bets placed at this time.

There are a few other things about Don’s Daily Tips that are worth noting. First and foremost, there is the fact that this isn’t a particularly high volume service. By and large, you will see no more than 4 tips advised on a given day. This does make it a pretty manageable service, so long as you can get online when bets are advised.

Finally, I want to mention the range of odds that are involved. Now Don Johnson says in his sales material that he likes to “land a couple of winners at decent odds along with a long odds outsider every few days”. This roughly describes the odds involved. Whether it is an accurate reflection of a winning pattern is a different matter.

I haven’t seen any mention of a staking plan for Don’s Daily Tips, however as mentioned, there is comprehensive proofing for the service. This has all bets backed to 1 point, and that is when you proof the service to advised stakes. As such, this is what I would anticipate.

I also haven’t seen any mention of a betting bank. With that said, I believe that 100 points would more than suffice if you were following Don Johnson’s advice to 1 point stakes.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for Don’s Daily Tips. On average, you are looking at around 37%. Now this number in and of itself is pretty respectable if you ask me. Where it really stands out though is the fact that this kind of number has been achieved consistently every year going back to 2017. As such, it is a pretty realistic depiction of what to expect.  

How Does Don’s Daily Tips Work?

Don Johnson is actually quite upfront about what his approach to betting entails which is something of a welcome rarity. He talks a little bit about being a professional punter for some time (a fact which the proofing for Don’s Daily Tips really lends credence to) and how his current tipping draws on this.

There is also mention made of how Don’s Daily Tips is built on the back of identifying value in bets. I can say from a long time working in this industry that this is one of the more credible ways of actually generating long term profits through betting. That is another tick for Don Johnson in my book.

But more than this, Don Johnson talks about his daily routine which undoubtedly provides us with the most important look into what finding bets entails. He talks about sinking a chunk of time each morning into looking at things like odds, form, jockey and trainer combinations etc.

This is all used to find those bets that qualify as value. Now I will admit that a lot of this is a little but vague and of questionable value. Especially if you are inclined towards cynicism as I usually am. In the case of Don’s Daily Tips though, there is a lot of evidence elsewhere that suggests that Don Johnson is genuine enough and as such, I am inclined to believe him.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options that are available if you want to subscribe to Don’s Daily Tips. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at the very reasonable £20 per month plus VAT. Alternatively, Don Johnson offers an annual subscription which is priced at £100 plus VAT. It is worth noting that there are supposedly limited numbers of spaces available on both options.

It is also worth noting that Don Johnson offers a full 60 day money back guarantee on Don’s Daily Tips, should you find that you are unhappy with the service. Because the service is sold through Clickbank as well, you have that additional piece of mind there.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for Don’s Daily Tips is a very interesting thing. When Don Johnson says that he makes more than £1,000 in each betting account in a month, I don’t think that I necessarily disbelieve this. Those kinds of numbers are all believable enough, however there is a lack of context for this. For example, Don Johnson doesn’t actually mention what he stakes in order to achieve this number.

Another thing that is worth noting is that the proofing for Don’s Daily Tips, whilst comprehensive, comes courtesy of a proofing service, Racing Index. Now, they are all very much above board and I don’t doubt their results, however they are only to BSP and SP. This means that the 74.03 points of profit that Don Johnson has supposedly made this year, could well be increased exponentially.

Unfortunately, Don Johnson doesn’t provide any other insight into what kind of profit and loss you can expect and as such, the income potential is a huge unknown here. That makes it very difficult to know how to ultimately judge the service.

Conclusion for Don’s Daily Tips

Honestly, I don’t really know where to start with Don’s Daily Tips. There are some strong positives to take away from Don Johnson, but there are also a lot of very unknown factors that I feel ultimately hold this back, but I will get to that in detail and why it matter shortly. First of all, I want to address what I like about the service.

It isn’t very often that I find myself genuinely believing in a tipster and their service. As I mentioned earlier, in this line of work, you see a hell of a lot of rubbish that tries to pass itself off as being similar to Don’s Daily Tips. That is to say, a genuine independent tipster. But I have done my research and everything I have found suggests that this is it.

All of this is why I don’t really doubt Don Johnson’s claimed results or his approach to the service. Sure, there is a lack of direct evidence, but when you put Don’s Daily Tips into wider context (for example, the service has been listed by the same Clickbank vendor since 2017 and has never changed), you can see that it is above board.

If the little things that people don’t look at are genuine, it seems reasonable to assume that the things that you do see are genuine as well. Now, I could well be wrong on this. But sometimes, you just have to trust your gut.

On top of this, I think that by and large, the results that have been attained are pretty decent. A 36.6% strike rate, for example, is a very respectable number. On top of this, I like the fact that Don Johnson keeps everything manageable. There doesn’t seem to be any months where you would really struggle to keep up (so long as you can deal with the late selections).

Finally, and perhaps best of all, Don’s Daily Tips isn’t really that expensive. £20 per month is well below what I would typically expect to pay for a tipster service. As such, there is less pressure on Don Johnson to deliver as high a profit in order for the value for money to be retained.

But that brings me to the negative that outweighs all of those positives, and that is the profit. The only measurable means that we have of seeing how Don’s Daily Tips has performed shows a result that is honestly, a bit lacking. You are looking at an average of some 8.2 points profit per month. To £10 stakes, factoring in your subscription cost, you are looking at £62 per month profit.

If that were just free money, in your hand, every month. It wouldn’t be bad. But there is risk involved with Don’s Daily Tips and for me, that risk doesn’t justify the end result. Now, I will reiterate my point that there is potentially much more profit to be had here, but that is only speculation on my behalf. I certainly wouldn’t recommend a service based on conjecture.

As such, I am going to say that right now, I cannot bring myself to recommend Don’s Daily Tips. Which is a shame, because I don’t feel it is a bad service. What I would do is challenge Don Johnson to provide his own proofing and demonstrate how much he has staked to make that £1,000 plus profit, and how he has performed personally betting with bookies rather than to BSP.

With this kind of thing, I would be more than willing to amend this review and recommend Don’s Daily Tips. But I can only look at what we have and right now, that is a service that simply isn’t performing well enough to warrant you spending your money on it. Not when there are so many options out there giving you bigger bank for your buck.


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