Don’s Daily Tips Review

Don’s Daily Tips is a brand new horse racing tipster service that is supposedly operated by “The Don”, Don. It claims to provide frequent winners at decent odds.

What does the product offer?

There is rather a lot about Don’s Daily Tips that is worthy of note (none of which is positive), however I will refrain from going into too much detail at this point. Needless to say, the sales material for Don’s Daily Tips rather reflects my concerns about the service nicely. There are some pretty substantial claims, all made by “The Don”, none of which are even remotely substantiated. This is a bad start to things, and unfortunately, things don’t seem to get much better.

In terms of what you are getting, Don’s Daily Tips is claimed to be a straight forward horse racing tipster service. It provides subscribers with selections on a near daily basis which are sent out directly via email. These are usually sent out by The Don in the morning with the sales material for Don’s Daily Tips stating that he often “has his feet up” by 10am. All of this is pretty much in line with what you would expect from any tipster service (although most tipsters usually seem to spend a bit more time than “a couple of hours” on their selections). It is probably worth pointing out that Don’s Daily Tips only provides selections for flat racing with Don saying that this is his forte.

All bets that are advised through Don’s Daily Tips are straight forward win bets which makes Don’s Daily Tips a simple to follow service. The claimed 3-4 selections that are issued each day are also very much in line with a typical horse racing tipster service. It is strongly suggested by Don that Don’s Daily Tips focuses on finding horses with good quality odds, also stating that there are expected to be days where you win with “longer odds” as well. This is in contrast to a statement that Don refuses to tip for the sake of sending out tips.

This only really leaves the numbers that should be on offer here, and disappointingly, I have to underline that they should be. Don makes no effort to discuss any staking plan that Don’s Daily Tips may have you follow. There is also no claimed strike rate published. Instead, Don skips around this by saying that if you aren’t happy with the strike rate that Don’s Daily Tips generates or the number of winners, then you can claim a full refund on the service.

More importantly than the strike rate, there is no proofing whatsoever provide for Don’s Daily Tips. Given how long Don has been operating as a tipster (long enough to “easily take care of [his] wife, children and their children financially”), I would expect there to be at least some recent results published.

How does the product work?

Not surprisingly there is very little information provided in terms of what the selection process for Don’s Daily Tips entails. This is something that it is important to return to and I fully intend to do so later in this article. There are however a few snippets, however I don’t believe that these are actually the basis for selections at all. None the less, I will cover them.

The Don says that in buying into Don’s Daily Tips, you are getting access to his black book of betting secrets. Of course this is hyperbole to a huge degree, but I would still expect to see some of these secrets to make an informed decision. Instead, we are referred to a claim of studying odds, form, jockey and trainer combinations. All of which are actually very basic things to look at when trying to find winning horses, particularly with something as broad as all of flat racing.

There is also talk of a wider strategy, however this seems to fizzle out into nothing. Essentially, The Don’s strategy for Don’s Daily Tips is to back the right horses at the right price. An absolute cracker of a strategy that I consider to be akin to “Don’t Lose”.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing there are two different options that are available for Don’s Daily Tips which are a monthly subscription, as well as a one off payment to receive selections for the year. The monthly option for Don’s Daily Tips is priced at £12 per month (plus VAT) whilst the annual option is priced at £67 (plus VAT). It is interesting to note that there are supposedly “just” 500 places available for Don’s Daily Tips however and the service is supposedly set to close on the 13th of February. I am sceptical of both of these claims.

Zz does make reference in the sales material to being able to claim a refund for Don’s Daily Tips if you are unhappy with the service. Because payment for both of these options is processed via Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

The claimed income potential for Don’s Daily Tips is something that Don is deceptively quiet about. In fact, there is only one example of how much you can supposedly earn which is a (very questionable) screenshot of £2,837.31 in a Betfair betting account. This is claimed to be typical for the end of the month, whilst the account is claimed to be just one of many. I feel it is necessary to return to the fact that given there is no staking plan however, even if this number were real, it would remain questionable.

Of course there is also the aforementioned claim that Don has been able to support his entire family using the same selections that he is now sending out through Don’s Daily Tips. This is again something that is entirely unsubstantiated and with no real evidence, I can only see dismiss this as marketing rather than any real truth.

Who is Ben Jones?

Round about now, I would start to compose a conclusion to my findings, weighing up the pros and the cons etc. however my research into Don’s Daily Tips revealed a rather big problem. The fact that The Don is not a real person doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I have seen more dodgy pen names on questionable tipster services than I care to remember, but what does surprise me is that I recognise the name of the man behind the service.

Ben Jones is somebody who has put out a number of different services related to horse racing over time and to the best of my knowledge, none of them have performed particularly well. So far, these have mostly been under the guise of a free tipster or offering lay betting systems and I have generally chalked them up to “no harm, no foul”, however moving into the world of paid tipster services requires a very different standard and I am not certain that Don’s Daily Tips will deliver.

The fact is that Ben Jones deals in a number of different online enterprises and this is something that rather worries me. My favourite type of tipster is a good tipster who can’t market his service for toffee. I like nothing more than seeing a crude, albeit no nonsense, website that I can genuinely believed has been created by Darren from Sunderland to sell his tips.

The other side of the coin is slick marketers who have bought a crappy horse racing betting system and are selling its selections as tips (presuming they even put that much effort in). Here you can expect fancy graphics, big bold claims and a website that jumps off the page at you. Of course, as is often the case (and I firmly place Don’s Daily Tips in this camp), they lack the key bits of information that a genuine tipster provides.

Ben Jones seems to fit into this latter camp with various websites in various different niches including the rather well baked cookery website WeedFeedz (everything a stoner needs)! A website for recipes that make use of the not so legal herb, marijuana. Another website of his, literally asks for your email, claiming that it will send you the best tipster offerings available (which are likely to be the highest paying in terms of commission).

Whilst I could make jokes about (at least one of) the niches that Ben Jones has chosen to be involved in (and truthfully, it is not my place judge what anybody does in their spare time), but the point of niche websites like this are generally to drive traffic and make money. This doesn’t fit the profile of a responsible tipster.

The other thing that doesn’t fit the profile of a responsible tipster are some of his previous efforts which have actually lost quite a bit of money. One of his previous free tipster services that I have looked at ended up losing subscribers 22.5 points in a period of around 2 months. This isn’t necessarily a huge amount, but it is difficult to ignore the fact that a loss is a loss.


The most frustrating part of Don’s Daily Tips isn’t that The Don isn’t real (a reverse image search on “his” picture show that it has come from a free stock image website). A lot of tipsters use a pen name if they have to hide their identity, sometimes for very genuine reasons. In this case however the reason is clearly to obfuscate and lend credence to a service that otherwise has very little grounding in reality.

There are a lot of different companies that use this model successfully and as such, it is quite understandable why Ben Jones would look to exploit the same set up. Unfortunately, where the larger companies that do this operate with almost no real online presence, the real creator of Don’s Daily Tips has left his virtual fingerprints where everybody can see them.

Moving past this deception, do I think for one minute that Don’s Daily Tips will work or even offer a half decent tipster service? The answer that you could probably see coming a mile off, is unfortunately not. What little evidence that is supplied for Don’s Daily Tips that may have some real credence is surrounded in its own haze of questionability, even before the link with Ben Jones is established.

The fact is that things like proofing are necessary when you are asking for money for a service. There may be some mitigation in the fact that Don’s Daily Tips isn’t as expensive as other tipster services, but the reality is that if something is cheap and doesn’t work, it still doesn’t work.

There is a lot that I can see going wrong with Don’s Daily Tips as a product and this is a shame as I do admire Ben Jones for actually putting his name to his product. I just wish that he’d done so in an upfront manner and with a little more forthrightness about what you can expect from his service. Instead, the information about the true operator of Don’s Daily Tips was found through back doors and in part because I have simply been doing this for so long that I recognise certain patterns (and in this case, names).

With all of this in mind, I can’t really see anything about Don’s Daily Tips that is worthy of recommending as it is. I would welcome more services from Ben Jones under different circumstances and I genuinely wish the guy the best for his future products (I certainly don’t have anything against him). In the case of Don’s Daily Tips however, I would look at tipster services that are better able to genuinely show you what you can expect.


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I’m surprised by this negative review, you don’t seem to have even given Don a chance. I have tracked 25 selections so far with a fantastic record of 12 wins and 13 losses and 25% roi, and I’m only using his free selections. When it comes to picking favorites, he seems to know his stuff. I really hope he can keep it up.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi John,

Your IP on your last 3 comments suggests you are from Slovakia, is that correct?



Yes that’s correct.

Update: You were right, he’s rubbish.

67 picks, -14% ROI at advised odds, -9 points at flat stakes. It’s shaping to be a good lay service. It takes skill to get 15 out of 16 losing favorites at short odds.

Don’s daily tips, just another waste of money don’t bother,,!

terrible,latest update 10 wins from 30 tips and 4 of them were oodds on

To be fair i asked for a refund and was given one immediately ,no questions asked

I’ve just signed up with Don , wish I’d read this first . I have signed up for quite a few tipster services , only to find they do not deliver , always got a refund from clickbank though . Surely that’s what everyone does , so how do they make money ?

Nov 2019 update. Unfortunately Betting Gods are live proofing Don’s Daily Tips from the alleged master tipster ‘Don Johnson’ and next month will start selling his tips. Don’t make me laugh, this isn’t a bona fide tipster – look on his website, note the pathetic screenshots of betting account balances, but if you really want a laugh search for Don’s Daily Tips on youtube (and twitter) and you will see this guy is just a (very, very bad) marketeer and spammer.
Please Betting Gods, don’t damage your reputation with tripe like this. Someone warn them, please

to be fair Betting Gods are giving a free month’s trial, and if not in front (at betfair sp which is the holy grail if you can profit at this) then the trial will be extended until it is in profit. Seems fair enough to me, and it’s far from expensive to join. If it’s not in profit after a month nobody will join. Betting Gods have displayed 6 months testing results, and it’s in profit each month. I’m not green by the way, have been supplementing my income for years through horse racing.

Having a dig around on new bettinggods tipster . Sadly looks very poor indeed. Proofed results proofed since 2017 gives only 33 points profit. 2017 loss of 45, 2018 profit of 8, 2019 profit of 70.

proofed on racing index

Thanks for the review and I’ll be giving him a wide berth also

I originally tried free bets, but agree that service is abysmal!

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