Dot Com Secrets X Review

Dot Com Secrets X is a training course on internet marketing and list building by Russell Brunson that shows users the steps involved.

What does the product offer?

Through Dot Com Secrets X, Russell Brunson provides users with video training on how to start your own business, something that can allegedly be set up and making money within 14 days. Dot Com Secrets X is video based and uses daily training videos with a short task at the end of each video so you can implement what you have been taught.  As well as the core product, Dot Com Secrets X comes with a number of additional “shortcuts” such as coaching, finding affiliates and information on where to get free advertising.

How does the product work?

Dot Com Secrets X is all about list building with Russell Brunson claiming that his lists now contain well over 100,000 subscribers. He then goes on to say that by using Dot Com Secrets X to build your list you can expect exponential growth as well as a conversion rate of 1%.

What is the initial investment?

For the first 14 days Dot Com Secrets X is sold for just $1. After this time has elapsed the costs do go up to $47 per month. It is worth noting however that there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place as Clickbank handle transactions for Dot Com Secrets X.

What is the rate of return?

As mentioned above, Russell Brunson claims that by applying what Dot Com Secrets X teaches, you should be able to see conversion of around 1% of your list.


There are a number of products out there that teach very similar principles to Dot Com Secrets X. Whether Dot Com Secrets X is a better product than them remains to be seen. I am not convinced by the monthly costs once after the initial 14 days as it shouldn’t really take more time than this to show you how to build a list. Dot Com Secrets X just seems like a very expensive way of exploring this most basic of online marketing techniques.



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From: Simon Roberts