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Double Chance Dave is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is operated by the eponymous Dave Senior. He claims that his approach to football betting can produce some decent profits.

Introduction to Double Chance Dave

To quote Juliet from Shakespeare’s great play, “What’s in a name?”. Where am I going with this? Well, I know that I’ve talked about this before, but the marketing of the services that I look at is sometimes as interesting as the products themselves. And that brings me to the name of the game here. “Double Chance Dave”. Let’s be honest, Dave is just one of those names. It sounds reliable. “Oh yeah, Dave has said he’ll pick it up in his van”. Just kind of rolls off the tongue…

And no, I’ve not completely lost my marbles. I am going somewhere with this, it just might not stand out immediately. But let’s get down to brass tacks here. If Dave Senior can deliver on his claims for Double Chance Dave, this is an interesting service. Rarely do I look at something and see an idea that is genuinely new or different. That is exactly what is on display with Double Chance Dave, and as such I find it rather difficult not to be a little bit excited.

With that said there are still quite a few and very reasonable questions that exist when you look at Double Chance Dave. And as I will explore over the course of this there aren’t necessarily answers either. Does this mean that this could be your next football tipster service? Let’s jump into it and find out.  

What Does Double Chance Dave Offer?

There are a lot of different approaches to betting and tipster service. And I was pleasantly surprised by just how much Dave Senior and I seem to agree on. Namely, I’m talking about “Quality, Selective Betting”. Ultimately, I believe that if you want to make a decent profit through betting, you need consistency. And this kind of approach should give you that.

This is in no small part down to the combination of bets that Dave Senior recommends through Double Chance Dave. Firstly, you have a double chance bet. For those who may not be familiar with this type of bet, you’re effectively backing a team to win or draw. By covering 2 out of 3 potential outcomes, you should be winning fairly consistently.

As well as this, Dave Senior also looks at another bet type. This involves backing a team to win as well as the amount of goals in the game. That last part is very important because this is one of those few markets in terms of football betting where there is potential to get at least some value out of the bookies.

Now, the other element of all of this is of course that “Selective Betting”. And this is the bit that is quite interesting to me. You see, Dave Senior says that he will typically only advise 3-4 fixtures per weekend to Double Chance Dave subscribers. Let’s be honest with ourselves here. That isn’t a lot of betting.

Of course, you do still have to factor in that you’re effectively placing 2 bets on each of those selections, but it is still a long way from unmanageable. On the topic of managing Double Chance Dave, if there is one area that I think you really need to be on top of, it’s the odds that you are betting at. And there are a few reasons for this.

The main one though boils down to the fact that those double chance bets are inherently amongst the lowest odds you can get in football betting. As such, you should be aiming to maximise them where possible.

To put this into some kind of context, a quick look at an upcoming game between PSG and Lens shows that if you were to back PSG, you could see as much as a 16.5% increase in returns, just by checking the available odds.

It should go without saying, the odds are higher on the back and goal bets, but honestly if you’re following Double Chance Dave, you’re still coming in a little bit blind here. Which leads me into the logistical elements and some of the problems that I have with what Dave Senior is doing. Because a lot of it is very basic. Now that isn’t necessarily a problem. Plenty of tipsters do that, but here, it is a little bit of an issue (a point that I will pick up later).

Just sticking with that topic of basic, this really does apply to so much. As you would probably expect, selections are sent out directly via email. But as I’ve inferred the quality isn’t exactly here. Don’t get me wrong, there is enough information to get the bets placed. Double Chance Dave doesn’t leave you short in this regard. But it feels like you’re very much on your own.

With all of that out of the way, there are just a couple of number based things that are worth talking about. First things first, the staking plan. And this is actually something that is quite important to Double Chance Dave. In actual fact, Dave Senior says that a part of the reason that he is so selective with the service is so that you can stake more on each bet.

What this means in real terms is a betting bank of 32 points. That really isn’t a lot. Effectively, you’re looking at covering just a month’s worth of bets. Dave Senior also recommends that if you want to get the most out of Double Chance Dave you should be compounding your bets as well. Specifically, doubling your points at a “100pt margin”.

Now having the kind of tight betting bank Dave Senior has for Double Chance Dave isn’t inherently a bad idea, if you are winning often enough. Rather unfortunately though, what we aren’t given is any information on a strike rate. Nor is there any data provided that we could look at to try and figure this kind of thing out.

How Does Double Chance Dave Work?

One of the things that I always love when looking at how a service like Double Chance Dave works is… Well… How it works. Unfortunately, what Dave Senior doesn’t do is really talk about this. The truth is that there is very little information provided about what the service really entails, nor is there any insight that shows a real knowledge about football.

To come back to my original points about marketing, a big part of what Dave Senior does seems to focus more on what other tipsters do wrong rather than what he does right. Now I don’t inherently disagree with his points, and I can’t help but feel like that’s kind of the point. It’s a classic distraction technique really.

What it means is that Dave Senior can paint Double Chance Dave as having this interesting and new idea. He is free to talk about consistent results, all whilst not actually demonstrating them. Let’s not forget that despite the claims of previous seasons being profitable and a decent and balanced approach to betting, there is no proofing.

Nor is there any talk of what the selection process for Double Chance Dave actually entails. That is pretty concerning for me. Because it means that you’re walking into this entirely blind and simply accepting Dave Senior’s word that he knows what he’s talking about. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect a detailed breakdown. But I don’t think it’s unreasonable to just want… Something.  

What is the Initial Investment?

In terms of signing up to Double Chance Dave, there are two different options available. The first of these is an option to sign up to receive Dave Senior’s selections for 12 weeks (personally, I don’t know why he doesn’t just say 3 months). This is priced at £33 plus VAT and is a none recurring payment option.

Alternatively, you can sign up for the full year. This represents much better value as it’s just £66 (again, plus VAT) for the full 2020/2021 season. Given that Dave Senior says that Double Chance Dave is usually £99 for a season, it is seemingly a substantial saving.

One thing that is noteworthy is that Double Chance Dave comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee. This is backed up by the fact that the service is sold through Clickbank. To credit Dave Senior this is mentioned in the sales material. Somewhat worryingly though this does almost seem to be a bit of an afterthought.

What is the Rate of Return?

The income potential for Double Chance Dave is quite interesting. Something that I say because Dave Senior is surprisingly realistic. Dave Senior himself starts by saying that “It’s time to get your betting account looking like this”. He immediately shows a betting account with £22,577.29 in it. We are told that this means a £19,377 profit plus his starting bank. What isn’t really provided at this point is any sort of context for these results.

Now, later on in the sales material we are told that last year, following Double Chance Dave with £10 stakes would have produced an overall profit of £1,937. This means that there is an actual profit for the season of 193.7 points. This is a respectable number, however, you should still keep in mind the fact that it isn’t proofed or backed up by real evidence.

Conclusion for Double Chance Dave

There is no denying that looking at Double Chance Dave, there is some very immediate appeal. And the rather interesting thing about this appeal is that it doesn’t necessarily stem from some ridiculous and un-provable claim. Because what Dave Senior says all sounds very above board and reasonable. And this appeal is compounded when you factor in the costs.

The fact is that sure, you might not be winning as much as the £22,000 that the sales material implies is a possibility. At least, not without stakes that are beyond most people. But nor, is it suggested, that you’re going to do too badly here either. And yet, I’m just not sold on Double Chance Dave as a service.

You see, everything to do with Double Chance Dave seems very reasonable. Something that in and of itself isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. In fact, it really shouldn’t be. But given the approach that Dave Senior has, I can’t help but feel like it may be indicative of marketing rather than any reality. And that is where problems really start to emerge.

Because so much of Double Chance Dave is all about that marketing. Let’s start with the way Dave Senior talks about other betting strategies. Cash building strategies don’t make enough money, he says. Accas lose far too often to make a profit, he says. Different markets are simply a joke, he says. And then he gives an example that I love. “betting on how many corners are in a game is as bad as it gets, it’s totally random”.

And that right there is why I don’t believe so much of his marketing. Because I have seen some genuinely quite successful tipsters who have used corners. And it is a long way from random. You can look at teams that attack with pace down the wing or defenses who aim to push attacking players to make mistakes rather than direct tackles.

This very obvious lack of insight creates a number of issues surrounding the rest of Double Chance Dave. Especially when you also take into consideration the fact that Dave Senior doesn’t exactly go out of his way to talk about his own selection process.

If I’m completely honest, what Double Chance Dave smacks of here is somebody who has come up with a betting strategy that sounds good on paper. It makes a certain kind of sense to try and lock in a win regardless of the outcome, and then double down on that by betting on the number of goals (something that I would hasten to add should be just as random as the number of corner kicks).

What Dave Senior doesn’t do though is ever demonstrate that this strategy works. The only shred of evidence is a very questionable screenshot of a betting bank. And I’ll be honest, if that’s the standard that you’re going to accept you may as well start accepting anything as evidence. Because whilst I wouldn’t say definitively that it is the case with Double Chance Dave, this kind of thing is very easy to fabricate.

Of course, that leads me to believe that the few direct claims that are made are incredibly questionable. Something that ultimately doesn’t really come as any surprise. The truth is it’s been a fair old time since I’ve seen a service that so blatantly goes out of its way to both obfuscate information on themselves, all whilst trying so hard to put you off other services.  

And it is with all of that in mind that I would say with a lot of confidence that I wouldn’t look to recommend Double Chance Dave. Sure, it might be relatively cheap, but you’ll definitely be getting what you pay for. And in this case, that just isn’t really a lot. It certainly doesn’t warrant the investment of time and money.


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