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Double It Football is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is operated by one Danny Wild. He claims to have a rather unique approach to football betting that allows for decent returns off low risk bets.

Introduction to Double It Football

I will hold my hands up. When it comes to betting on football, one of the most difficult elements can be maintaining value consistently. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely ways around it. You can look at different betting markets. You can stick everything in an acca. But ultimately, these methods all come with additional levels of risk.

So, what if you had a tipster who claims that he is able to provide simple football tips that provide substantially better odds, all whilst not particularly increasing the risk. So much so that the claimed strike rate (a topic I will be discussing at length) is something that would be very impressive without taking into account the betting approach that Danny Wild uses.

If all of this sounds impressive, you wouldn’t be the only one to think so. So much so that today’s subject, Double It Football has almost sold out according to the sales material. Surely then, this is a guaranteed winner. Right? Well, I’m not so convinced everything is at seems. With that in mind, let’s dive in and look at what Danny Wild is offering. 

What Does Double It Football Offer?

I can say with some confidence that what Danny Wild ultimately says that he is able to provide through Double It Football is one of the more novel and interesting sports betting tipster services I have looked at for a while. And that isn’t something that I say particularly lightly. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that the concept is actually very exciting.

But, as has been proven many times before now, a good idea does not a tipster service make. The fact is that in the time I have been doing this, there have probably been hundreds of tipster services that have had a unique or novel approach that have closed down quietly and without ceremony.

In the case of Double It Football, the key to all of this is the betting markets that Danny Wild takes advantage of. So, as the name of the service suggests, this is in fact based around betting on doubles. However, what is interesting here is that you are confining your doubles to just one game. Obviously, this doesn’t affect the risk, but it does make it easier in so much that everything is ultimately reliant on one outcome.

Now that last statement there is a bit controversial and potentially a bit misleading. However, let me explain using a bet that Danny Wild actually provides as an example. In a game between Liverpool and Everton (presumably the FA Cup tie), you are backing Liverpool to win (because this season, of course you are). But this is also being doubled up by betting against both teams to score.

So, this does mean that there isn’t a lack of risk. Had Everton got a lucky goal but Liverpool won, you’d still be out. But by and large, the double that you are placing is the kind of thing that wouldn’t be against the general run of play. But the fact of the matter is that because everything takes place within one game, it is much more manageable than multiple game accas.

But that isn’t where it ends. You see, Double It Football is based on two different approaches. First of all, there is weekend betting. This is a much more typical experience whereby you get multiple bets per day which are sent out directly via email. From there, Danny Wild recommends that you back each of them to a level stake.

The second approach for weekly betting focuses on a much more selective approach which is combined with compounded staking. Each day, you will receive one selection which Danny Wild suggests is a “best bet”. You then stake a set amount on that bet, rolling over your winnings for each bet Monday through Friday.

Another interesting element of Double It Football is that all of the bets are advised at odds of 2.0 or higher. This, according to Danny Wild, means that he simply has to win 50% of his bets in order to make a profit (although the odds are supposedly often higher than this). However, the actual strike rate for Double It Football is supposedly more than 80% most weekends. A claim that is (not surprisingly) not proofed.

And finally, I can talk a little bit about the logistical side of things for Double It Football. As you would expect from a tipster service in this day and age, selections are sent directly to subscribers via email. All that you have to do is place the bets with a bookie of your choice. It is all very simple.

The final point that I want to raise is the required betting bank. Because this is advised at just 25 points. In theory, this should be enough. However that is also based on the assumption that Double It Football will perform as claimed.  

How Does Double It Football Work?

I feel like I have done a pretty good job of covering what the core ideas behind Double It Football are so far. And Danny Wild’s idea isn’t really a bad one. In fact, I will hold my hands up and say that in researching this, I found myself often nodding my head and thinking “Yeah, I can see how that makes sense”.

With that said, there is one key element missing in terms of how Double It Football works and it is a very important one for me. And that is a lack of information on the selection process. The fact of the matter is this. Whilst this is a service that is ultimately about extracting value from obvious seeming bets, there is no detail about how bets are identified to be compiled into a double.

And here’s the thing. I don’t necessarily want a detailed step by step breakdown. But I do think that Danny Wild should provide enough information for an informed decision about Double It Football to be me made, but he doesn’t. The fact is that the best idea in the world is useless if Danny Wild is just plucking guesses on what bets to place out of thin air.

It isn’t even like there is any real proofing provided that at least demonstrates a long term ability to produce profits with the method. The only thing that we are really given are some highly suspect winning betting slips. And as far as I’m concerned. These prove nothing.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options that are available if you want to sign up to Double It Football. The first of these is a “Trial Basis” which is priced at £19 (plus VAT) and gives you a full month of selections. It is worth noting that as Danny Wild does point out, this isn’t a subscription, so you have to renew manually if you choose this option.

Alternatively, you can sign up for the remaining half a season for a one time cost of £50 (plus VAT). Obviously, this represents much better value, however it does come at the cost of a higher initial outlay.

Finally, I want to talk about the money back guarantee. Danny Wild rather quietly states that if you aren’t happy within your first 30 days, you can claim a full refund. However, Double It Football is actually sold through Clickbank. This means that there is a full 60 day refund period on all of their products that is coincidentally not mentioned anywhere on the sales page.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining claim for Double It Football is that you can make £2,870 per month by following Danny Wild’s advice. This is an entirely unsubstantiated claim that frankly, I have no idea from whence it came. Whilst I am loathed to call them evidence, the betting slips that are provided demonstrate a weekend profit of £544.50.

There is also a claim that staring with a £50 betting bank, if all of the weekday bets come in, you could be banking a minimum of £1,600 by the end of said week. But aside from there being no evidence to back this up, this also fails to line up with that headlining number. All of this is, not surprisingly, highly concerning.

Conclusion for Double It Football

It is a rarity that I come across something that is quite like Double It Football. Not in so much as my final thoughts on this (which I will get to). Those are disappointingly familiar. But I can’t remember the last time I was so taken in by an idea. And here’s the thing. Reading through everything, I could see that there isn’t any more or less risk than there is with other accas.

But this is the nature of betting to some degree. Without wanting to wax too philosophical about it, we are all trying to gain an edge and value when it comes to bets. Sometimes this is whacking together 20 “dead cert” football bets to actually see a moderate return. Sometimes it is trying to boost the odds for a single game.

Either way, the fact of the matter is that you still increase the risk when you multiply bets. It’s just that some things sound better than others (a great example of this is in lotteries. Nobody picks 1,2,3,4,5,6, but mathematically, these numbers are as likely as any other combination). Really, all of it is simply a fallacy.

With all of that said, whilst there are problems with the logic behind Double It Football, there are actually some much more pressing problems that I feel need to be addressed that ultimately, probably influence my thoughts on this more than anything I have said so far. Because these are things that even if you have a faulty idea, should still be covered.

So, first of all, I have a problem with the fact that there isn’t actually any information provided about the selection process. Especially because the numbers that surround Double It Football just don’t add up. Really, I think that Danny Wild is asking you to take a very large and very unjustified leap of faith.

The fact is that you have to see some evidence of that 80% strike rate. Whether that comes in the form of a decent run of proofing (which doesn’t exist), or a decent explanation of why the bets are successful. Otherwise, it’s the equivalent of someone telling you “honest ‘Guv, I’ll make you a fortune. I promise”. And taking his word on it.

Secondly, I think that the issue with the pricing is very concerning. I don’t necessarily want to paint a picture whereby every Clickbank vendor who gets their money back guarantee window wrong has an ulterior motive, but it is hard not to question it. Especially because Danny Wild doesn’t exactly make a song and dance about the 30 day refund period that he does claim to provide.

This could all be genuine. Some Clickbank products don’t in fact offer the full 60 days, but in the case of Double It Football, it does. I’ve checked. Whether or not you believe that this is a questionable plan to try and ensure that refunds don’t go through, or it is a simple mistake, that is up to you. But in my opinion, it doesn’t really bode well.

And so, we come to the final problem. Now to me, this is probably the most obvious one. Namely, the fact that the claimed numbers for profit just don’t add up. Honestly, I’ve tried multiple ways, but I can’t make it fit in any demonstrable way. Which is of course a problem. Had Danny Wild provided some of that much missed proofing, things might be a little bit different.

But like so many elements of Double It Football, you are just taking some guys word for it. In my mind, that is no way to do business. And as such, I wouldn’t really look to recommend this. I fully commend the vendor for coming up with a novel and interesting idea. But since I can’t see a way that this feasibly makes money (except of course for the one person who happens to be selling it), this just has to be a no go.


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