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Dozy Lays Review

Dozy Lays is a product from Stark Investors that provides subscribers with daily lay betting horse racing selections that typically follow lower odds.

What does the product offer?

Dozy Lays is a tipster service that provides daily selections to subscribers for lay betting opportunities for races across the UK. As a lay betting service you will require an account with a betting exchange with Betfair being the most well known example. Selections for Dozy Lays are low volume with Stark Investors saying that they like to try and keep odds below 5/1 with the average range being from 2/1 to 3/1. This helps to ensure that your liabilities are never too high which is often a problem with lay betting services. There is unfortunately no published strike rate however there have been just 18 losses since the service proofing began on 15th of April with “losses” amounting to £4,717 (approximately half of the profit for Dozy Lays). All staking is on a level basis with bets advised with unrestricted liabilities.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately, Stark Investors do not provide too much information on the selection process for Dozy Lays which is a disappointment but there is proofing which makes up for it. What they do state is that there is a formula used which appears to be based around “study[ing] the market” as well as insider knowledge. Whilst this is something it is hard to ignore that both statements are rather vague.

What is the initial investment?

Stark Investors are offering Dozy Lays on the usual subscription basis with monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions available. These sell for a cost of £49, £99 and £279 respectively. There is no mention of any money back guarantee but this is typical for tipster services and doesn’t count too much against Dozy Lays.

What is the rate of return?

Since it launched Dozy Lays has achieved an overall profit of £10,388 which sounds impressive however this does appear to be based on £100 stakes. This means 103.88 points which is still a decent figure for a lay betting service.


So far Dozy Lays is showing a lot of promise and in the main, Stark Investors are pretty genuine with their figures so I don’t have too much reason to doubt them. As a lay betting service, Dozy Lays will naturally not produce big wins but if you are looking for some consistency then there is much worse.

One of the big concerns with any betting system is potential losses, especially if you are looking to withdraw from the bank however the biggest loss has been 5.4 points which any reasonable sized bank should be able to absorb. Furthermore, losses have very rarely been grouped with only one period demonstrating two losses in 3 days (although there were also 3 wins in the same period). This only leaves the question of value.

As it stands, I feel that Dozy Lays is perhaps a touch pricey for a new service that is essentially untested however I do believe that it is one that is worth keeping an eye on.



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From: Simon Roberts