Draw Doubles Review

Draw Doubles is a new sports betting tipster service which is operated by well known sports bettor John Baker. It has some promising initial results, all from betting on draws.

What does the product offer?

I have to start by holding my hands up here and say that there isn’t a lot to say about what is on offer with Draw Doubles. This is in no small part down to the fact that John Baker is very much a professional and as such, there are no real ridiculous claims to dissect or paranoid rants about how the bookies are out to get you. I guess what this really means is that you can say that Draw Doubles offers a genuine and no nonsense service and that is about the best start you could hope for.

Logistically, Draw Doubles is a pretty typical affair with selections generated on a near daily basis. Obviously, the nature of football betting means that there will always be the occasional gaps. To credit John Baker though, these are the exception rather than the rule which is in no small part down to the fact that Draw Doubles as a service involves betting on a huge number of different leagues and tournaments from across the world. When tips are sent out to Draw Doubles subscribers they are emailed out before kick off allowing you a fair amount of time to get bets placed.

In terms of the bets, there is a rather interesting set up with Draw Doubles. On days where there are bets available there are a minimum of 3 selections advised. The volume of bets can be much higher however with 12 bets in a single day occurring at least once. Each selection can be backed as a single however the core premise of Draw Doubles is that you are doubling selections to maximise profits.

For example on 27th of November the games chosen were:

QPR v Brentford
Cesena v Brescia
Kayserispor v Basaksehir

These could all be bet on to draw as single bets. They are also recommended as doubles however which then looks like the following:

Double 1 – QPR v Brentford and Cesena v Brescia
Double 2 – QPR v Brentford, Kayserispor v Basaksehir
Double 3 – Cesena v Brescia, Kayserispor v Basaksehir

Those familiar with accumulators like Trixies, Yankees etc. will probably be familiar with the concept on offer here. Draw Doubles however encourages you to back bets as singles only, doubles only or a combination of the two. There is a lot no pursuit of “jackpot” wins where everything comes in at once.

The staking plan for Draw Doubles is a very straight forward affair. John Baker has proofed both doubles and singles to just 1 point per bet. This seems to be on the low side at first glance however I should point out that on high volume days this will mean that you are staking 24 points across all bets. There is however thought given to this with single bets having their own 50 point betting bank whilst the doubles have their own 150 point betting bank.

As you may well have guessed, a service like this isn’t reasonably going to have a high strike rate and you would be right. On the single bets however, this does come out with a very respectable average of 32.45% since October 2017. As would be expected the doubles are significantly lower than this at just 11.5% (the combined strike rate stands at 22.27%).

How does the product work?

We are told that the selection process for Draw Doubles is based on “a highly sophisticated, software-based selection algorithm to identify the highest value opportunities to back the draw in football matches from leagues around the world”. This is far from ideal for me as I would have definitely like to have had some idea of the values that are considered by said algorithm.

That having been said, I also know that Draw Doubles isn’t John Baker’s first rodeo. He has actually successfully run a few different tipster services before now with one of them exclusively involved with football. Whilst I don’t think that this “makes up” or the lack of information, it does at least reassure me that Draw Doubles is in a safe enough pair of hands.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing this, Draw Doubles is actually available on a free trial basis however this is only being extended for a limited time. Once this free trial period has elapsed there are three pricing plans for Draw Doubles. The first of these is a monthly rate of £37 per month. The second option to sign up for with Draw Doubles is on a quarterly basis at a cost of £87. Finally you can opt for the best value option which is a yearly subscription. This is just one payment per year of £297,

John Baker also comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee should you find that the service isn’t actually for you.

What is the rate of return?

Because of the structure of Draw Doubles, I believe that it is only fair and reasonable to look at the results from single bets, the double bets and the combined results. Since October, had you only backed John Baker’s draws as singles you would have made a profit of 30.78 points. This translates to an ROI of 9.08%. The doubles bets have proven much more profitable with  a points profit of 76.34. This means a much stronger ROI for Draw Doubles of 22.52%.

When it comes to the combined results, these are actually slightly interesting. The pints profit comes together for a total of 107.12 points which is a respectable enough figure for just over 3 months. What is somewhat less appealing is when you calculate it is the ROI which sits at just 15.8%, firmly between the two services.


If I can be honest, I rather like what Draw Doubles has put together here. I believe that it is becoming increasingly difficult for independent tipsters to make their products stand out in an ever more competitive market. Draw Doubles delivers on this though for a number of reasons, not least of which is the pedigree behind the service.

For those who aren’t familiar with the name, John Baker has released a few products before, both of which have performed well enough. This leads me to believe that there is no reason to immediately suspect that Draw Doubles is going to fail. Obviously, this isn’t a guarantee. They don’t really happen in the world of betting but there are plenty of things that make me believe this is a genuine service and that is half the battle. At least with a genuine service, the tipster will care about results if only to protect his name.

The method behind Draw Doubles I am not entirely sold on. I can see that there is clearly some merit from the results however without details on the selection process one can only speculate. Truth be told though, most people with an interest in football can look at games and take a reasonable guess at which will be a draw. With the addition of knowing which statistics to look at, I genuinely believe that this can be honed to pretty close to a science.

To be honest, I can’t really find a lot of quarrel with Draw Doubles. It comes from a well respected name, has produced decent enough profits (based off current results and across doubles and singles, 300-400 points per year seems attainable) and isn’t really that expensive. With this in mind, if you are looking for something a bit different when it comes to football betting then I believe that Draw Doubles is probably worth your time.


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From: Simon Roberts