Draw Master Review

Draw Master is a relatively new sports betting tipster service which is being offered under the Betting Gods umbrella. The selections actually come courtesy of a tipster known simply as Hamish.

What does the product offer?

Normally when it comes to anything from the Betting Gods team, the marketing is very subdued. As such, I found myself with a rather wry smile at their claim that Draw Master is “Your Expert Football Draw Bet Tipster”. I have actually looked at a few services in this niche recently so this is one claim which can be put in some reasonable context. Whilst this claim is definitely extravagant by the standards of Betting Gods, I am aware that it is simply a bit of marketing flair. None the less, it is still infinitely more restrained than some I have seen.

Joking aside, Draw Master is a Betting Gods product and this instantly comes with a number of benefits. First and foremost is that you know that everything is genuine. For example, I have just finished looking at a service which used 5 point stakes to boost annual profits. Because of this lack of manipulation of numbers, it makes getting an understanding of what to expect from Draw Master much easier. Because of this, I am rather eager to see whether or not Draw Master can actually reach the “lofty” ideals that the headline has set for it.

So what exactly can you expect from Draw Master? The service is a relatively straight forward tipster service in many respects. Selections are sent out on the majority of days and are issued directly to subscribers. This takes place through email, a member’s area on the Betting Gods website as well as the Betting Gods app (which is available on both Android and iOS). This is a definite positive for Draw Master as it makes it much more difficult to miss any bets.

Keeping with the positives in terms of the logistics, Hamish also issues his selections to Draw Master subscribers the evening before a game (between 7 and 8pm). This is something which is not typical for most tipster services. I do however feel that it is important to using Draw Master as you will want to get the best odds possible. This is in no small amount do the fact that Betting Gods claim that the average odds are between 5/2 and 7/2. Because you are dealing with shorter odds, every bit of profit should be squeezed out of Draw Master that is possible and early bets will allow that value to be found.

In terms of the staking plan, Draw Master is very sensible (as I have come to expect from products from the Betting Gods group). All bets are advised to level stakes of just 1 point per bet. With this approach in mind, it makes the starting bank of just 50 points (which I initially found to be concerning) seem like a good number. Especially when you consider that at the time of writing, Draw Master has not encountered any significant losing streaks.

This only really leaves the strike rate to consider. Given the nature of Draw Master and the odds that you are backing at, I feel that 34.75% represents a very good result. Especially when you consider that this number has been maintained since October last year.

How does the product work?

There is unfortunately very little information in terms of what Hamish’s selection process actually entails. Historically I would say that the fact that Draw Master comes from Betting Gods would be enough however recently I have seen a few services of theirs fail. As such, I feel that I have to be a little more critical in this regard. Fortunately, looking at the proofing does provide some insight into this.

What immediately stands out is that there are very few big games that are backed as drawers. Hamish in fact seems to exclusively favour more obscure leagues. Don’t get me wrong, there are some big games but when you are looking at teams like F.C. United of Manchester v Brackley as a selection, you get an idea. It would appear that by focusing on these more obscure games, Hamish is able to identify opportunities that are perhaps overlooked by bookies etc. (this is only speculation on my behalf however).

What is the initial investment?

If you wanted to subscriber to Draw Master, there are 3 different options available. The Betting Gods team provide a monthly package, a quarterly package and an annual one. These are priced at £25, £50 and £150 respectively. As is very clear, the longer that you subscribe to Draw Master, the better the value is. Furthermore, if you sign up for the monthly or quarterly subscription of Draw Master there is a £1 trial which will buy you selections for 10 days.

On top of this, it is worth pointing out that Betting Gods provide a full 30 day money back guarantee on all of their services (which is backed by Clickbank). Draw Master is no exception here.

What is the rate of return?

In 5 months Draw Master has generated a points profit of 79.17 points. This does not sound like a terribly impressive number in and of itself, however I do believe that there is some context which sheds a more positive light on the service. First and foremost, it means an average monthly profit if almost £200 to £10 stakes. It also represents bank growth of 158.34%, a very strong result in a relatively short space of time. Finally, the ROI is 22.36% which is admittedly not the most impressive sounding figure however if it still represents a decent profit.


There are a few points to consider with Draw Master when deciding if it is for you. The first thing is that I don’t believe that it is ever going to be prolific in terms of its profits. The fact of the matter is that the odds will always place some limitations on how much you can achieve. This means that those of you who are looking for monster pay outs should probably just forget about Draw Master now. Whilst I know that a lot of sensible bettors will not fall into this category, however there are some who do have unrealistic expectations.

What I can see with Draw Master is the potential for consistency. Looking at the results that I have seen so far, there is a lot of leeway before Hamish runs Draw Master into the red. The fact of the matter is that whilst the odds limit growth to some extent, the strike rate also demonstrates that you will win frequently enough. I believe that most punters who take their betting seriously would rather win small amounts often than large amounts once in a blue moon.

If there is one thing that really jumps out at me it relates to whether or not Draw Master represents value for money. The answer here is a resounding yes. In one month you could make enough profit to pay for Draw Master for the year, a claim that few tipsters can make. The really appealing part however is that this works for almost any given month. This makes the service a bargain in my book.

Honestly, it is difficult to be critical of Draw Master. If I have to pick apart anything it is the lack of information on the selection process. Even there though, I believe that you can get a rough understanding of what is happening if you know the first thing about betting. There is also the fact that there are somewhat restricted odds although if I am honest this works for both sides. If there is one thing that overrides all of this it is that if you find that Draw Master isn’t for you, you can still claim your money back. This makes Draw Master an essentially risk free investment if you are paper trading.

The fact of the matter is this. There are a lot of different tipster services on the market when it comes to football betting. There is also a lot of variety, however betting on draws is a well enough known strategy. Draw Master does this just a little bit better though in my opinion. I mentioned having looked at a similar service and what springs to mind is that there was a lack of consistency, an area in which Draw Master appears to excel. In many respects, this line could be drawn in front of almost any football tipster service and still be applicable.

With this in mind, Draw Master is definitely worth your time. It isn’t going to make you a fortune. It is highly unlikely to leave you hugely well off in the immediate future. What it has demonstrated a knack for however is consistent bank growth. This is arguably the most important thing with any tipster service and as such, I am quite content to recommend Draw Master, despite some slight misgivings.

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