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Drew Goldstone’s Winmania is a new horse racing tipster service onto the market which claims to be able to produce rather incredible profits from straight forward selections. As the name implies, the service is supposedly operated by Drew Goldstone.

What does the product offer?

It seems like there is a new horse racing tipster service out every month that claims to be able to make you wealthy overnight. They feature eye grabbing headlines like “Discover The Unique Formula That Generated 2.78 Million In Just 5 Years Of Betting”. They also hint at top secret goings on, usually with some renegade in the know either at the helm or operating in the shadows like some kind of Tom Clancy novel. Drew Goldstone’s Winmania ticks all of these boxes.

Supposedly, buy using a revolutionary (and copyrighted) staking plan, Drew Goldstone’s Winmania will guide you to profits beyond your wildest dreams. Quite how you are able to go about copywriting a staking plan is beyond me as to the best of my knowledge, copywrite laws don’t work in that way. None the less, Drew Goldstone’s Winmania supposedly has something in place.

Of course claims like this can be made all day and I would love nothing more than to spend my time dismantling said claims, but I want to look at what Drew Goldstone’s Winmania really entails. The service is a daily horse racing tipster service that appears to only offer win bets (I am yet to see anything else). According to the admittedly questionable copy, you require no previous knowledge of horse racing, no need to know what type of bet or even any real start up capital.

This is about all that Drew Goldstone has to say about Drew Goldstone’s Winmania however and this is rather disconcerting to me. Drew Goldstone’s Winmania doesn’t seem to be anything new, at least in terms of the logistics involved. Selections are sent out on a daily basis, via email, and all that you have to do is place the received bets. These have wildly varying odds and very little in the way of rhyme or reason, something that really bothers me about Drew Goldstone’s Winmania.

In terms of the staking plan for Drew Goldstone’s Winmania (that is supposedly copyrighted), there isn’t a lot to tell. I won’t go into the details given how secretive Drew Goldstone is about this aspect, however I can say that it isn’t anything new and I certainly don’t believe that there is any long term sustainability here. Keeping with the numbers side of things, there is no claimed strike rate for Drew Goldstone’s Winmania which is rather frustrating. Despite this, we are led to believe that this is an inherently low risk betting system. Unfortunately, I see nothing that really backs this implication up.

How does the product work?

When looking over the background of Drew Goldstone’s Winmania, the first thing that springs to mind are (admittedly rather peculiarly) a snippet of lyrics from a well known Disney song. “Tale as old as time”. Except instead of spinning off into a whirling dance scene and a love song, it is instead claims of ex bookies and insider knowledge.

Supposedly, Drew Goldstone was a successful bookmaker who decided to sell up his business after it started to decline due to an increased interest in online betting. Of course, the fact that he has worked as a bookie means that he supposedly has some kind of understanding of horse racing which expands beyond the knowhow of any other given bettor.

Truthfully, there is nothing concrete in terms of what the selection process for Drew Goldstone’s Winmania entails. Instead, we are simply expected to believe that there is something more behind the service. This is a huge sticking point for me and frankly, I find this to be a worrying aspect of Drew Goldstone’s Winmania. There is a distinctive lack of evidence to back up that this is a genuine service and the fact that there are no details on what the selection process really entails highlights that.

What is the initial investment?

Drew Goldstone’s Winmania is being marketed for the seemingly reasonable sounding £39 plus VAT. This does appear to simply be a one time cost. At the time of writing, Drew Goldstone’s Winmania is being marketed as only available in massively limited numbers however, supposedly just 35. Because payment is handled through the Clickbank platform, there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place for the product. It is also of credit to Drew Goldstone that he is open about this as well.

What is the rate of return?

As is so often the case with products like Drew Goldstone’s Winmania, the key focus is on the income potential. The sales material talks at length about how over 5 years, Drew Goldstone has supposedly made 2.78 Million in just 5 years of betting. There are also claims that you can make over £6,000 in your first month. The supposed testimonials for Drew Goldstone’s Winmania are roughly in line with this however some claim to have made substantially more whilst others have supposedly made less. Not surprisingly, Drew Goldstone’s Winmania comes with no real evidence to back this income up however. Instead, we are simply shown a screenshot of a Ladbrokes account which I feel is questionable at best.


One of the things that the marketer behind Drew Goldstone’s Winmania has done (and I use the term marketer because I don’t believe that Drew Goldstone’s Winmania is a genuine product unfortunately) in order to help cement the service as a legitimate one is to claim that it has been operational since 2009. In spite of this, the website that hosts Drew Goldstone’s Winmania was only registered recently calling a lot of the marketing material into question.

Even if one were to give Drew Goldstone’s Winmania the benefit of the doubt here, there remains a lot that I am not happy with. The simple fact that there is no real proofing supplied to suggest that Drew Goldstone’s Winmania works as advertised is a pretty substantial problem. Given how long Drew Goldstone’s Winmania has supposedly been operational, I would at least expect to see some evidence of Drew Goldstone’s selections. There is also the small factor that the staking plan is a long way from what is claimed.

Whilst Drew Goldstone’s Winmania may look inexpensive and therefore it is possible to see some value for money in the product, the long and short of it is that you are unlikely to make anywhere near the claimed income. This means that in the longer term, there simply isn’t value for money here in my opinion. This is something that is essential when dealing with any tipster service.

With all of this in mind, I don’t really see Drew Goldstone’s Winmania as being something that is worth the investment. I have looked at similar products before now and the results are almost always the same. Wat I mean by this is that there is a focus on how you are getting quick and easy money rather than any genuine product information. All of this is a pretty big red flag, as are the images of luxury houses and holidays that you will supposedly be buying with your newfound income.

For my money, Drew Goldstone’s Winmania is simply a bad investment. On the surface of things, it may look like you are getting a bargain tipster service however something is only a bargain if it actually works. Drew Goldstone’s Winmania doesn’t. With all of this in mind, I would be inclined to give this service a very wide berth. Not even a money back guarantee and the thought of playing on paper really provides any long term options. With that in mind, I would be very inclined to give Drew Goldstone’s Winmania a wide berth.



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