Dripfeed Cash Review

Dripfeed Cash is a training course developed by John P. Hale that is designed to teach users how to make membership sites.

What does the product offer?

Dripfeed Cash comes in the form of an 80 page PDF document that covers a number of topics related to membership sites. John P. Hale claims that the manual will show you what you need to do before setting up a site, how to keep members on board once they have signed up and the how to make sure your product is profitable.

How does the product work?

John P. Hale claims that Dripfeed Cash is the best membership training program on the web and that he has looked at his competitors in order to ensure he is bringing the best possible product to the table. In terms of the ins and outs of his methods there doesn’t appear to be anything here that is hugely innovative or new, but instead relies on solid information that definitely has the potential to work.

What is the initial investment?

Arguably the biggest attraction in terms of Dripfeed Cash is the price. John P. Hale has chosen to make his manual available for just $7 or for an additional $20 you have the option to not only purchase the manual, but also the resell rights. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place as Dripfeed Cash is sold through ClickBank.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of return on your investment John P. Hale spends a lot of time using the hypothetical figures of 20 members at $10 each per month. He also covers in Dripfeed Cash how these profits can be scaled to provide potentially massive amounts of income.


Dripfeed Cash appears to be an interesting enough product and covers everything that you would reasonably need to know in terms of creating a membership site. John P. Hale has created a product that at its core has the potential to be massively profitable. A membership site is a great method of generating repeat income and through the training provided in Dripfeed Cash there doesn’t seem to be any reason you can’t have a reasonable go at setting something up yourself. As I mentioned above the real star is the price that John P. Hale has made his training course available for. At $7 it is hard not to recommend it, even if you are only interested from a purely intellectual point of view. If you choose to opt for the resell rights it is worth a look at the terms as they seem to be quite restrictive compared to some other resell rights.



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