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Drop Ship Lifestyle Review

Drop Ship Lifestyle is a product by Anton Louis Kraly that shows users how to go about starting up their own drop shipping based ecommerce store.

What does the product offer?

Drop Ship Lifestyle is a comprehensive guide to creating your own drop shipping online store/business. Anton Louis Kraly offers a substantial amount of detail about his own business and operations and how you can make this work for you too. Drop Ship Lifestyle is spread over 7 different core modules and also comes with “Action Focused Q & A Calls with Anton” as well as having he creator verify and validate your chosen niche to ensure that it can be profitable. Also packaged with Drop Ship Lifestyle are two store templates for you to copy as well as lifetime access to a private forum where Anton Louis Kraly as well as other successful users will be on call to help. There are also a number of bonuses that come with Drop Ship Lifestyle, all of which are related to the core product and include 2 invitations to the Drop Ship Lifestyle Retreat which last year was held in Thailand.

How does the product work?

Unlike most drop shipping products that you see, Drop Ship Lifestyle isn’t about just looking at eBay and Amazon. Drop Ship Lifestyle is about teaching you how to make a sustainable online business that could realistically last you a lifetime. The main reason for this is that Anton Louis Kraly doesn’t focus on short term niches that will quickly expire, instead it is about building relationships with manufacturers and using this to get them to handle orders directly. This obviously makes for a much more stable business than relying on something being available at a constant price on Amazon or eBay as well as not having to deal with constant competition from the same product.

What is the initial investment?

There is no denying that Drop Ship Lifestyle is expensive. The course sells for a one time cost of $997 or alternatively you can make 4 monthly payments of $297. It is also worth noting that if you search for Drop Ship Lifestyle you may be able to get it at a discounted rate. There is a 14 day money back guarantee however it is worth keeping in mind that this is vendor backed and comes with a $300 cancellation fee.

What is the rate of return?

Anton Louis Kraly shows a number of deposits in excess of $100,000 but these are very clearly not figures that everybody will attain however there is definitely room to make a substantial profit.


As is clear from the price, Drop Ship Lifestyle is not something for the idly curious however if you are serious about starting an online eCommerce business then there are much worse places to start. Drop Ship Lifestyle shows you not just the basics of what you need to know, but Anton Louis Kraly takes a lot of time out to help users get their business up and running. As I have mentioned, unlike most drop shipping products I have looked at, Drop Ship Lifestyle is about building a sustainable income rather than targeting a quick buck and this is a definite positive.

The only downside is the price however if you are really serious about setting up an online business then I believe that it will ultimately prove money well spent.



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From: Simon Roberts