E-Lites Discount Codes 15% E-Lites.co.uk Reviews And Savings

E-Lites Discount Codes, and they were one of the first UK Electronic cigarette companies to offer commercial products.

They do NOT offer discount codes, or any real savings; but what we can show you is a far better product, and a product that will save you considerable amounts of money on your new vaping experience.

If you are a user on E-Lites, then we will show you how a similar product is generating raving reviews, and hammering down the competition on price, and products.

E-lites.co.uk offer a product, sure they do, and they have generated a hype based on the fact that their branding looks similar to a conventional cigarette, but there is money to be saved, and we will show you how.

E-lites are not actually that bad  a product. As taste goes they are OK, but their batteries last only a few Elites Discount Codeshours, and you will soon get tired of having to keep charging them, buying new PPC’s, and carry around spares. Also, their refills are very very expensive, and you cannot really refill them.

But, there is another company that are doing blinding business at the moment, and put all their competitors to shame. This other company not only offers batteries that can last a full day on a single charge, but they also offer refillable cartridges which makes the e-smoking experience much better, and much cheaper.

Sure, most people considering trying ecigs will read the offers in the papers, and see all the shiny products, but the reality is, that there is a MUCH easier way, and much cheaper alternatives.

 We have reviewed Elites, and the novelty very quickly wears off when you are forever charging batteries, and ordering their refills. How great would it be, if you could refill your own cartridges, and use your own juices. Not only that, but you can save an absolute fortune on e-smoking overall. And all from a UK company that GENUINELY cares about what it’s customers want.

OK, I want better than what E-Lites can give, where?

We have reviewed a UK company that is fast progressing towards being the number 1 company in the UK when it comes to ecigs, and they do not advertise all over the show (which I am sure you know increases the costs to the consumers – you!), and they have the best reviews for their products of any ecig supplier we have seen.

Where are these new suppliers that I should use?

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Like most of you guys, I tried my first E-lites from a friend who had one in the pub. She used it openly, but I just thought it was a bit big to be honest, so looked around for something more suitable, and came across another company called jacvapour, who do these really small cigs that are very discreet.

I have been off real cigarettes for a month now, and just make sure you get the right ones would be my advice.

It is crucial to get the right brand of ecig when you start out, otherwise you might think it all a waste of time, and I nearly did that. I had been on the elites after getting the discount out of the sun paper, and it all looked good, even the first few days was ok, then as you can imagine if you are also a user of elites, the batteries didnt last, the cartridges did NOT last 20 cigs worth, and I felt a bit scammed.

Don’t waste your money on elites, their ecigs are not the best.

The menthol was a good flavour, but when you consider the other costs, bad battery life, very expensive cartridges, and limited flavours, the novelty quickly runs out with elites. Jacvapour is the way to, as it mentions somewhere else on this site. I was just reading the review about them, and it is spot on.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Hamnet,

Thanks for your comments on the elites. We are sure it will help other members.



I never liked the elites flavours, so I stopped using them a few weeks ago. I should have checked the reviews out before ordering their starter pack. Too later now as I have lost that money. I never got any discount, I just read the advert in the paper and it looked good, but they always do don’t they!!

Better research next time I think. Ann

When I tried my elites I could hardly taste anything, especially the tobacco flavoured one. I sent the pack back for a refund, and went elsewhere. Best decision I made.

E-lites were fine for a few weeks, then I started getting sick and tired of how quickly the batteries ran out.

Slick marketing from some of these ecig brands gets my goat, and this is why companies like skycig and elites get my goat, and no they dont have discount codes like some other well known brands.

Get with it skycig. You have now lost my custom.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your comment,

Yes, we also agree that there is a much better alternative out there than what SkyCig can offer.

In fact, one of the most visit pages on our website is from another brand called: JacVapour, who have a fantastic following,

And you can save 15% off their prices using a special discount code.

See here fore details on this discount:




I agree with the comments about skycig. I moved away from their stuff a few months ago.

Don’t use elites ecigs. They are extremely limited to being able to refill, so the cost of new refills are staggeringly expensive.

Far better options than elites. And there are no discount codes for them, just cheap starter kits to entice you in, then it is all expense after that.

I am still waiting for my refund from the skycig owners. I;ll be asking them again today when they are going to refund me.

I’ll keep you all updated.

Do not waste your time, or your money on the e-lites. A real money drain that easts your money buying cartridges all the time.

I thought they were ok at first but I soon changed my mind after constantly having to buy new cartos, and now I do NOT use e-lites, I use others that allow me to fill my own cartos.


Just going from what everybody else is saying about the e-lites. The e cigs are just too big really to be carrying outside. The are meant to look like real cigs, but they are a lot bigger. The carts didn’t last as long as I expected them too, which was a surprise, because the advertising said I would get far longer, compared to a real ciggie. I will be moving away from e-lites.

Been there, done that, and e-lites were no good for me. The falours were just not strong enough,. very weak in fact. Shame.

I have just ordered some e-lites e ecigs and after reading these reviews I am wondering if I have done the right thing. I will send them back if I am not happy but just wish I had done some research first.

Do e-lites have a refund policy??


I could not find a viable discount code for e-lites anywhere online, apart from what elites offer themselves, and they are just too damn expesive for me.

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