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Each Way Eddie is a horse racing tipster service which is operated by Stark Investors and the eponymous Eddie. It aims to generate profit through betting on horses on an each way basis.


I have to hold my hands up here and say that I didn’t originally set out to write about Each Way Eddie in the form of the Stark Investors version. I have recently received a lot of marketing in my inbox from an independent tipster offering a service by the same name. Of course this could just be coincidence, however I have known products to be marketed under the same name as legitimate services with a view to catching punters unaware.

With this in mind, I decided to look at both versions of Each Way Eddie alongside one another, in no small part to provide Stark Investors with an opportunity to defend themselves, so to speak. This isn’t however a side by side of the two services and each will be judged on their own merits.

What Does Each Way Eddie Offer?

If I am entirely blunt (and very obtuse) the majority of what is on offer from Each Way Eddie is right there in the name. It is an each way betting tipster service, operated by a bloke called Eddie. My being facetious aside, Each Way Eddie actually has some exciting results. As a tipster service, there is little that really stands out here.

Selections are issued on a near daily basis (and when I say this, I mean there are literally just a handful of days where tips haven’t been advised). They are sent out directly via email and usually arrive on the day of the race.

I feel that the name of Each Way Eddie makes it clear that each way bets are the sole preserve of the service. There is a strong element of selectiveness to Each Way Eddie as there are very few days that have more than one or two bets.

The odds that are advised are generally attainable and when emails are issued, the content is concise and well laid out. Arguably more important to the bottom line of Each Way Eddie, the horses that Eddie recommends tend to be much longer odds. These are all positives for Each Way Eddie as a service.

In terms of the staking plan, it is advised that bets are backed to level stakes each way. In the proofing that is provided for Each Way Eddie, this appears to involve backing horses to £50 each way. Naturally these numbers are scalable depending on your betting bank, but I don’t recall seeing any specific advise in this regard. None the less, it is clear roughly what your overall liability should be.

This only leaves the strike rate to consider. Unfortunately, Stark Investors have not published this figure however there is full proofing provided. Using this, I have calculated a strike rate of 38.66%. I have to be honest and say that this is perhaps lower than I would have expected from an each way based service. Truth be told though, when you factor in the kinds of odds that are involved with Each Way Eddie, this turns out to be far from a deal breaker.

How Does Each Way Eddie Work?

Stark Investors talk a lot about what Each Way Eddie as a service entails however very little of this is what I would consider to be tangible information. For example, we are told that Eddie prefers to bet each way as it takes the pressure off your betting bank. They also mention that Each Way Eddie is based around reducing risks whilst maximising profits.

There is also reference to the years of experience that Eddie has had before Each Way Eddie. This includes “a combination of years in the field, invaluable knowledge and experience, combined with his maxim of always ‘Value’”. For my money, this provides insight which isn’t bad, however it is not necessarily enough to make a genuinely informed decision.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options if you want to subscribe to Each Way Eddie. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £49 per month. Providing better value is a quarterly subscription at a cost of £99 per quarter. Finally, you can sign up to Each Way Eddie for the whole year for £279. It is worth pointing out however that Stark Investors offer no kind of money back guarantee for Each Way Eddie.

What is the Rate of Return?

One of the first things that Stark Investors claim about Each Way Eddie is that you can make in excess of £3,000 per month by following the service. In theory, this is possible. January showed a profit of £6,926 however this is based off staking £50 each way. Whilst this level of betting is entirely plausible, I don’t think that it will work for the majority of people. For my money, a much fairer representation of things is that there has been 196.92 points of profit in 5 months. This represents a very reasonable return.


There are a lot of rather firm pros and cons when it comes to Each Way Eddie and depending on your perspective, they will make or break the service. The first thing that I want to address are the profits. The claim of making more than £3,000 per month is just patently untrue. Whilst I can appreciate that using averages and so in this is the case, but I also believe that this figure comes from stakes that a lot of people would perhaps find to be a bit of a stretch.

The results otherwise are very strong and in my opinion, this makes weighing up the value for money behind Each Way Eddie particularly difficult. This is such a big issue because it is what I would consider to be a bit of a make or break or break thing for the service.

On a monthly basis, I simply can’t find much in the way of value here. Scaling down the stakes to a much more reasonable £10 rather than £100 means that you are looking at £1,969.20 over 6 months. If you are willing to invest in the longer term options, there is much better value to be had however your initial outlay is much more substantial.

If you are crying out for a horse racing tipster service which deals exclusively with each way betting, then I suppose that there aren’t many that come to mind which are better than Each Way Eddie. The problem that I have is putting the service into the wider context of what is available on the market. The fact is that compared to some tipsters services, the performance isn’t quite there.

Looking at Each Way Eddie in its own niche, it is probably one of the better examples on the market, however I believe that it is still some way from competing with wider availability.


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