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Each Way Outsiders is a new to market horse racing tipster service that is being offered through the Bet Professionals stable of tipsters. Selections come courtesy of one Peter Gordon and have supposedly proven quite profitable.

Introduction to Each Way Outsiders

 If there are two things that I love to see from a tipster service, it is longevity and an ability to still produce a profit without relying on BOG. This isn’t any secret either. I’ve talked about it many times and criticized a lot of tipsters for only performing well under very specific circumstances. All of which begs the question, what do I do when I see a tipster service that has seemingly smashed both of those things? Well, I sit up and I pay attention. Because something that carries that much potential is always worth a look.

Which of course brings me to todays review subject, Each Way Outsiders. I’ll say here and now that this is going to be a bit of a rollercoaster here (much like the results). I don’t think Peter Gordon or Bet Professionals would disagree when I say that this is a very polarising service. There isn’t a shortcut to an answer about whether or not this is “good”. And in some ways, I like to see this. Not only does it make for an engaging subject to look at, but it also serves as a pretty good indicator that there is something genuinely decent going on with a tipster.

Here’s the bottom line. There is definitely such a thing as too good to be true. I see this day in and day out where somebody pops up out of nowhere claiming thousands of points of profit in a month. You can generally dismiss that out of hand. Then there are services that grind away with solid results, but barely making money. That no man’s land in between though… I’ve seen some good services emerge from there. And Each Way Outsiders may be another one those. The fact is, Peter Gordon is producing results. Are they good enough? Let’s see. 

What Does Each Way Outsiders Offer?

I honestly don’t know where to start with Each Way Outsiders. I often use this as a bit of a gimmick to lead into an interesting point, but here… I’m just at a loss. It is an overwhelming thing with a lot of betting involved. And a lot to think about. Where do you even begin to prioritise information? I don’t know. So I’m going to go in with something incredibly obvious and work backwards from there.

As the name suggests, Each Way Outsiders is concerned with backing horses that are outsiders, and on an each way basis. Bet Professionals provide some incredibly comprehensive proofing for Peter Gordon’s selections (going all the way back to April of 2019) and all of the bets have been just that. But we already knew that coming into it. Like I say, it’s in the name.

What I didn’t really think about much though is just how much of an “outsider” you are dealing with. Peter Gordon favours some genuinely huge long shot bets. For some context, the average odds come in at 14.57 to BOG. To BSP, these jump to 23.4. Those are average odds. I can’t remember a simple backing service that involves that kind of high odds betting.

These numbers aren’t one offs either. In the last week, there has been one bet that didn’t get into double digit odds. That was still a 9.00 odds outsider though. Within the last month, you haven’t seen the odds drop below 8.00. They have however topped out at 41.00 (which didn’t win, but that’s by the by). The range on show for Each Way Outsiders is bloody big.

And of course, whilst we’re talking about the name. Yes, all of the bets advised are done so on an each way basis. This of course makes perfect sense when you’re betting on big odds horses. It can mean that even a place can produce a profit and Bet Professionals’ proofing shows that Each Way Outsiders has nailed this on a number of occasions.

So much so that the overall strike rate for Each Way Outsiders comes in at a genuinely impressive 30.19%. That really isn’t bad looking at all. Peter Gordon is smashing it! Right…? Well, here’s the thing. There are a few things that do rather burst this little bubble, and unfortunately, they are all things that you can’t really ignore.

Whilst the overall strike rate looks good, it is also worth keeping in mind that Each Way Outsiders has had 7 losing months. No biggie, surely? Not over 2 and a bit year, surely? Here’s the thing though. Those losing months have had losses of more than 80 points twice. One month had losses of 72 points. When things don’t go Peter Gordon’s way, you potentially stand to lose a lot of money.

All of this is fuelled by a staking plan that is… questionable. In my opinion, at least. You see, every bet is advised to be backed to 4 points. 2 points each way. That really does add up, even with that quite respectable strike rate. Whilst there haven’t been historically significant losing streaks, they are broken up by place bets that might make 0.6 points of profit or 0.8 points. As such, even when you’re winning, you’re still facing a drawdown.

This can mean that even though a reasonable strike rate can be attained, you can still lose money. Bet Professionals’ proofing shows that Peter Gordon had this happen in January this year. The strike rate for Each Way Outsiders that month was 22.41%, but it still lost 82.4 points. By the same token, January the year before had a lower strike rate and lost just 37.5 points. Ultimately, this is all just a part of the wild ride that this service is, but they are important things to keep in mind. 

As a final aside, I want to mention the management of Each Way Outsiders. This is about what you would expect from any modern tipster service. Selections are sent out directly via email, Peter Gordon includes a decent amount of information (which is a rarity) and Bet Professionals generally seem to be on top of things. It isn’t necessarily exceptional, but there isn’t really a foot put wrong either.

How Does Each Way Outsiders Work?

Something that I really appreciate and respect with Each Way Outsiders is that Peter Gordon is quite upfront about what his approach to finding selections is. This is one of those things that you wouldn’t expect to be a problem in the world of tipsters, but a lot of them like to play their hands very close to their chests. And it is an interesting approach as well that arguably carries some merit.

What Bet Professionals say is that Peter Gordon comes from a background as a data analyst. A jog that involved making “daily decisions pretty much always based on data”. A skill that he has taken and applied to betting. He says that this “professional analytical approach” is what ultimately drives Each Way Outsiders, and I’m not inclined to question this really.

Building on these foundations, the sales material then goes on to talk about how betting on favourites allows bookies the edge (something that is almost always true). By looking at the longer odds there is almost always better value to be had there. Something that I know to be true and I’ve seen tipsters employ time and time again. As such, I genuinely believe that Each Way Outsiders has a solid foundation.

But if you do find yourself doubting or questioning that, you can easily look at that incredibly comprehensive proofing that Peter Gordon and Bet Professionals provide. In my eyes, it goes some way to backing up the claims made. Importantly, it gives you a good idea of what to expect in terms of the ebb and flow of Each Way Outsiders. As such, I think it’s fair to say that you can come into this pretty well informed.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options available for Each Way Outsiders, and I have to concede that, honestly, I think the pricing is pretty reasonable across the board. The first subscription option Bet Professionals offer is a monthly one. This is priced at £18 for your first month and then £36 for subsequent ones. What you should note though is that this is charged every 28 days which means you will pay it out 13 times in a year.

The next subscription option is a quarterly one. This is priced at £45 for your first 3 months and £70 for subsequent quarters. The best value option for Peter Gordon’s selections though is to sign up on a 6 monthly subscription. This does however mean quite substantial outlay with Each Way Outsiders costing £87 for your first 6 months wit this approach, and £117 every 6 months thereafter.

Worth keeping in mind is the fact that none of these options come with any money back guarantee or refund period (although you can at least cancel your subscription). As such, if you’re going to commit to Each Way Outsiders, you really should be very aware of what you are getting into and the potential risk that comes with it.

What is the Rate of Return?

The biggest question with Each Way Outsiders is of course, how much money can you expect to make here? The first thing that stands out, and is arguably most exciting is that whilst Each Way Outsiders has made 1,127.92 points of profit to BOG over the last 2 and a bit years, it has made 51.33% more to BSP with 1,706.91 points. So you aren’t just making more, but there is no risk to your betting accounts in terms of closures.

With that said, as great as all of these results are, they are based off incredibly high stakes. Whilst Peter Gordon seems to have settled into the rhythm of 4 point stakes over the last year or so, the average stakes since proofing began is 3.52. As such, you can reasonably calculate those numbers down, and if you were staking just 1 point per bet, you’d be looking at 320.43 points and 484.91. Still respectable enough, but a long way from those huge numbers that look so enticing at first .

Conclusion for Each Way Outsiders

It is, rather unfortunately, time for one of my infamous cop out conclusions. I call them a cop out, but the fact is that sometimes both sides of the coin can be right. So, on the one hand Each Way Outsiders is a hugely profitable tipster service that has demonstrated some serious staying power. Peter Gordon seems to have a good handle on his approach, and whilst there are some downs, there are some massive ups.

I didn’t really talk much about this when I was just looking at the rate of return, but something that is hugely impressive about Each Way Outsiders are some of the monthly profits. Sure, there have been those big losses, but Bet Professionals’ proofing shows that using the recommended stakes and looking at BSP, Each Way Outsiders has had 11 months that have seen more than 100 points of profit.

And the fun doesn’t end there either. There have been 2 months with more than 200 points of profit (the first month of proofing actually exceeding 300 points). There have been a few months that have ultimately come within a whisker of also breaking that 200 point barrier. That is the evidence that Peter Gordon really does have a decent system in place.

By the same token, this is risky. The fact is that for every great month, there are some that are significantly less profitable. There are months where the losses are incredibly large. And because of how Each Way Outsiders is, you have to see them through. This kind of service thrives on having big winners out of the blue. If you miss them… well, you miss out on most of the profit.

So, what’s the bottom line here? For most people, I don’t think that Each Way Outsiders is going to be a service that you will find easy to follow. Not without deep pockets, rigid discipline, and very good bank management. And the truth is that as much as we all like to think that is us, most punters get cold feet after a bad week. Never mind a few bad months.

If that is you, unless you’re following Each Way Outsiders to small stakes (think a few quid per horse on the exchange) you might be overwhelmed. And if you are taking that approach, there are definite questions about whether you are making enough to actually turn a profit (once you factor in your subscription costs).

With that said, I think it’s hard to question that this is a good looking service. The results really do speak for themselves, and whilst there are a massive amount of caveats and conditions that you have to throw in, ultimately, Peter Gordon is a tipster who knows what he’s doing. Sure, the results are inflated. You have to keep that in mind for sure. But even when you factor the numbers down, the results are still reasonable.

Importantly in my mind, they are reasonable in a way that won’t have your accounts gubbed within a month. And in this day and age, that can be pretty much priceless. Building on this, Each Way Outsiders isn’t that expensive either. I think Bet Professionals have put a very reasonable price on this really. It isn’t the cheapest, but it is more than fair (and you can’t say fairer than fair).

For the right person, this will be an absolute winner. There are some people out there who will be able to take full advantage of Each Way Outsiders and do very well off of it. But it won’t suit most. And now for that cop out. You really have to ask yourself what kind of bettor you are when you’re considering this. If it will suit you, it really is worth some consideration, but if you balk at any aspect, the risk of Each Way Outsiders makes it something that isn’t worth trifling with in my opinion.


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