Each Way Profiteer Review

Each Way Profiteer is a brand new horse racing tipster service that is operated by Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson. They claim that their tips provide year round profits for subscribers.

Introduction to Each Way Profiteer

One of the problems that I find you can have with a tipster is that there isn’t a whole lot of flexibility. And sometimes with good reason. They are working on a system that might have worked for them for years, and long term has produced profits. So they don’t change it. The problem with this is that you can still be up in the long term, but losing money in real terms her and now. For a sole tipster, this can be a problem and I have seen a lot of services run themselves into the ground in these kinds of circumstances.

Where am I going with this exactly? Well, today’s review subject is theoretically not going to be subject to this problem. And that is because it is a service operated by a whole team in the shape of Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson. Now, I don’t want to dwell on this too much (because it becomes pertinent a little later on), but I think it’s fair to say that if two heads are better than one, three must be an even bigger improvement. Something that is seemingly well demonstrated when you look at the profits for Each Way Profiteer. Because they look good.

The fact is that this seems to be a service that is simply producing big winner after big winner, consistently. And that last part is what is really important here. There are plenty of tipsters that hit those big wins, but Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson are claiming that Each Way Profiteer has seen four wins in excess of £1,000 in four days. That is a truly outstanding result, even at the higher stakes they use. But just how realistic is all of that? Well, that is the big question to ask here, so let’s get into it.

What Does Each Way Profiteer Offer?

Something that always strikes me when I look at a new service is what tone the marketing material takes. What information is included, what isn’t included, and why might this be? And in terms of this, Each Way Profiteer is a bit of a unique creature. The fact of the matter is that whilst there is plenty of information provided in some areas, there are also swathes of it that isn’t included (much of which probably should be).

Now, let’s get to the actual offering. Because on a very fundamental level, this is a huge part of what is missing in terms of that information. Not that you would necessarily know it from the sales material, but Each Way Profiteer is actually a daily tipster service (or at least, it appears to have been to date. I would anticipate some no bet days in the future).

As you would probably expect from… Well, pretty much every tipster service in this day and age, selections are sent out directly via email. All that you have to do is place your bets. Now, Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson do say that this can be done with “any bookies both online or offline”. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be this naïve in terms of getting the most out of Each Way Profiteer.

You see, one of the things that stands out to me is that you do get bets rather late in the day. Sometimes with just a few hours notice before off. This can present a multitude of challenges. Especially if you work a 9-5 and betting is a second income for you. But the real issue is in getting the best odds. Late in the day, you do tend to lose value, and in my opinion, simply placing the bets with any old bookie isn’t the best approach.

Of course, this does mean taking advantage of an odds comparison site. I know I harp on about this a lot, but with something like Each Way Profiteer you are looking at longer odds generally speaking. And by shopping around for odds, you can see increases of 10-20%, which makes all the difference when you aren’t winning that often (despite a very high claimed strike rate).

In terms of the bets, as the name suggests, Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson are concerned exclusively with each way bets. Something that I do like here is that they don’t try to bring them together into some kind of gimmicky bet. It is simply backing horses to win and place. Something which makes following Each Way Profiteer quite a simple thing to do.

Before I move off the topic of odds completely, I do want to touch on this. The way the sales material is presented, you might expect that you  will be frequently backing horses at high odds (think 20/1 and above), but this isn’t generally the case. A lot of what I have seen is actually towards the lower end of the spectrum.

With all of that out of the way, I want to talk money. Not profits, but how much you need to get started. Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson say that a £100 bank, betting £5 per bet, is more than sufficient to get started. And with those level stakes, I don’t think that seems too bad for Each Way Profiteer at first glance. However, it is important to note that this is only 20 point betting bank.

In theory, none of that is a huge problem. However, when you also factor in the volume of bets, I am less convinced. You see, Each Way Profiteer can have 60 bets in a month according to the creators. That averages about 2 bets per day, which isn’t huge. However, that does mean that just 10 days of bad bets means your betting bank is gone. That is only a week and a half.

The suggestion really is that all of this will work out because Each Way Profiteer has a claimed strike rate of 52%, however, Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson don’t really provide anything backing this up. As such, I am incredibly sceptical of this figure. Especially because it is quite a bit higher than the sorts of results I have seen from comparable services.

How Does Each Way Profiteer Work?

There are a few things in terms of how Each Way Profiteer “works”. First things first, there is Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson as a collective. We are told that they are all professional gamblers who met “at a gaming industry conference where all the big bookies meet”. The implication here of course being that hey are better equipped to guide people to a profit.

This all might sound well and good if you don’t look at it too hard. But I put to you that this doesn’t actually tell us anything about the selection process. The fact is that being a  “professional gambler” doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a decent process for identifying bets. And of course, we aren’t actually told anything about this with Each Way Profiteer. The idea seems to be that you should simply take their word for things.

Where this becomes particularly problematic in my book is the other element of how Each Way Profiteer works. Because Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson make a big show of the fact that they all check one another’s bets before they are sent out. This is something that sounds good, and it is undoubtedly the unique selling point of the service. That idea that 3 heads are better than one. But I am force to go back to that point that without insight into the important things, it just doesn’t count for much.

It isn’t even like we’re getting any sort of real proofing that we could use to establish what you can potentially expect. Sure, Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson do give a list of supposedly winning bets for Each Way Profiteer (all of which are from before the service went live I would hasten to add), but that isn’t even close to comprehensive. As such, it is of limited worth in my opinion.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Each Way Profiteer, there are a couple of options available which differ drastically in terms of your outlay and the value on offer. Firstly, Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson offer a “30 Days Test Run” which is priced at £29 plus VAT. Alternatively, you can sign up for the remainder of 2021 at a discounted cost of £77 (about £11 per month at the time of writing). 

Whichever option you go for, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place should you find you aren’t happy with Each Way Profiteer. What  This is backed up by the fact that the service is being sold directly through Clickbank. This means that you shouldn’t have too many issues claiming this if you need to.

Interestingly though, Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson don’t actually paint it this way. What the sales material actually says is that you have 30 days to try Each Way Profiteer out. “If the tips don’t make a profit after 30 days then we’ll give you a full refund… Simply make profits or we refund”. This is rather concerning for me however, as you have little real recourse once the refund period with Clickbank has elapsed.

What is the Rate of Return?

One of the things that really stands out to me about is how much you can supposedly make through Each Way Profiteer. We are told that the team are “already up over 238 points so far this year and have cleared over £32,500 in cold hard profit from the bookies”. This puts Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson’s tips on course for more than 550 points in a year. A tremendous feat considering a service that surpasses 320 points is having a particularly good year.

Seemingly supporting this we are shown a number of winning bet slips showing wins going as high as £3,100 with a good number in excess of £1,000. I don’t believe that these necessarily represent comprehensive evidence however, and I remain unconvinced by them as definitive proof of the income potential for Each Way Profiteer.

Conclusion for Each Way Profiteer

On the surface of things, Each Way Profiteer looks good. It seems to tick most of the boxes that people would be looking for, and Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson’s approach (whilst lacking in my opinion) sounds like it makes a lot of sense. After all, it undisputedly stands to reason that if one tipster acting alone can make a decent profit, having a team of them going over winners will only perform better.

And then there are other nice touches that may lead you to sign up too. There are all of those winning betting slips, right? And then there are things like Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson offering their 30 day trial for Each Way Profiteer. It all sounds very good. But does it really stand up to scrutiny?

Now, I may well be being overly cynical here, but it doesn’t strike me as a coincidence you are encouraged to trial this for 30 days, and then you are told you can get a refund if you aren’t in profit. Coincidentally, I’m sure, just after your period of actually being able to claim that refund through Clickbank will have passed…

I’ll be blunt here. What I really see when I look at Each Way Profiteer is quite a lot of risk in a lot of different areas. Ultimately, you are just taking Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson’s word on their process etc. We are told that they are all professional bettors, that they are swapping and exchanging bets to validate them. But that is a risk.

The service performing as advertised? That is also a risk. Especially in the light of the lack of evidence. Which I appreciate the irony of saying given that we are shown all of these winning betting slips. But I have been in this game for long enough to know that these are easily doctored or can be presented out of context. As such, I’m not all that keen on considering them definitive proof. Combine that with the small betting bank, well, more risk.

Even if you really wanted to take everything at face value. That 52% strike rate, those profits that were returned, Marcus Gill, Dale Rafferty, and Kevin Pearson’s credibility. All of that is based off a sample size of just 60 bets and some conveniently unspecified compounding of stakes. So even in a best case scenario, there are questions hanging over Each Way Profiteer by virtue of… well, just not having a lot of data.

So, probably not surprisingly, I won’t really be recommending this. About the best argument that I could muster for Each Way Profiteer is that you have a 30 day money back guarantee and it isn’t necessarily all that expensive. But that really isn’t any justification for this in my eyes. It really is a service that is worth giving a miss to me, because I don’t believe there is necessarily any real profit to be had here. 


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Joined this service on the 16th May. 3 days ago my emails stopped arriving.. I contacted the vendor through their support email address 5 or 6 times, I have not had a reply from them

I too subscribed on the 3rd July for a trial starting on the 5th and still haven’t received an e mail confirmation or bets but do have my click bank receipt to fall back on.

Each Way Profiteer is undoubtedly a (defamation removed for legal reasons). First, could only contact them via Clickbank as they will reply to no emails sent to them. Today is 30th July. I have received no tips since 14th July. I contacted them via Clickbank and they came up with all sorts of silly excuses. Then did not reply to my last contact, so I requested a refund, to which they have not replied. So now trying to get Clickbank to act but, as anyone knows who has tried, that is very difficult.

Just to put the record straight on Clickbank, once I got an agent, she did immediately refund my fee without any argument or toing and froing. But it wasn’t easy to navigate the ticket to get that far. Can I suggest that the other complainants also get their refund from Clickbank, rather than try to get it from Marcus – who ill just ignore you. Hope this helps. David

Same here refund is only within one month I guess. However, i subscribed for more than a month. Probably only receive the tipd for a month and cant get a refund. Vendor is not contactable at all. Sc*mm !!!!!!

David Michael Barber

Hello Mr T. Correct – you will get no reply from the vendor. But go onto Clickbank live chat and give them the full information (i.e., when ytou stopped receiving tips), you should get a refund, as I did. And yes, I was well out of the 30 days. Hope this helps, David

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