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Each Way Race System Review Paul Coleman

Each Way Race System is a horse racing betting system from Paul Coleman for finding bets for each way and win bets.

What does the product offer?

Each Way System is a downloadable PDF guide for a betting system that produces bets that should have odds of more than 6/1. Each Way System is claimed to be easy to use with Paul Coleman describing it as “nothing fancy, nothing difficult, nothing complex, but it’s all powerful”. These selections are designed to be backed as each way and win with creator Paul Coleman claiming that he has achieved a strike rate of 80% and 20% respectively.

How does the product work?

Each Way System actually looks to be an updated version of the Zakarie Race System, a horse racing system that provided its users with reasonable success based off my research. As I am not familiar with the previous system I cannot advise on the differences but from what I can gather the differences between Each Way System and Zakarie Race System aren’t actually substantial.

What is the initial investment?

Each Way System is very fairly priced at £23 for a download of the guide. This also comes with a guarantee with Paul Coleman stating “If within 2 weeks of purchase you have not made a considerable profit… simply email or send me proof of your bets and a full no quibble refund will be sent”.

What is the rate of return?

Paul Coleman claims that by using his Each Way System (and Zakarie Race System) has produced an average of £657 profit per week on average for the last seven years. This has been achieved using £25 stakes.


The fact that Each Way System is built on a known and existing system is reassuring and at the price it is, Each Way System also represents excellent value for money. I am usually wary about any betting system but there is a strong history with Each Way System and that goes a long way to alleviating fears. If you are looking for horse racing betting system you will probably struggle to find something better than Each Way System for the money.



Comments (4)

Hello, I joined one of paul Coleman’s systems last month, and it has lost me £127 in the first month (to £10 stakes).
I have asked for the £100 pound joining fee to be returned ( which he states in his sales pitch to be 120% refundable !!!)
But he just ignores me.
Avoid this ***** at all costs !!!

Hello I have tried a couple of services and have not got the results that he claims the whole set up is a sham avoid.
One method was the Ctf tex tips 27days 48 selections 5 wins 6 placed loss 46pts.

Do not join any systems from this vender or ask for a refund as you will not get one a complete sham .

Avoid avoid avoid!!! Complete (defamation removed). Like others requested my money back – nothing!!

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From: Simon Roberts