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Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System Review – Mike Cruickshank

Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System is a new(ish) service which is being launched by Mike Cruickshank. With his long standing pedigree for making money through betting, this represents an exciting proposition.

Introduction to Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System

The subject of today’s review is a little bit different to the norm. In part, this is because I looked at Each Way Sniper a long time ago. I was much less detailed in my analysis then that I am now, but it was apparent that you were on to something a little bit special there. And that isn’t something that you can really say on a frequent basis.

And a big part of this whole process is the borderline legendary Mike Cruickshank. I’m not the kind of person to “fan boy”, but there is no denying that this is a guy who knows his stuff. And when somebody knows their stuff, it is often unwise to ignore what they have to say. Whether it is pioneering matched betting and bringing it to the masses, or developing low risk strategies, he has pretty much done it all.

If there was one criticism that could be levelled at previous products, it was that there was a fair amount of work, time, and effort that went into betting. Don’t get me wrong, the rewards were definitely there. You just had to do a fair amount to get to them.

each-way-sniper-automatic-betting-review Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System does away with all of this and simply put, leaves you to get on with your life, whilst making money on autopilot. Mike Cruickshank is really selling the dream here, and I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t at least a touch excited. Especially because if anybody can realistically make this happen, it is he.

What Does Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System Offer?

In order to understand what you are getting yourself into with Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System service, I think that you really have to break it down into two different elements. There is Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System as the piece of software Mike Cruickshank has just launched, and there is the Each Way Sniper strategies on which the whole product is ultimately based.

Now, the focus of this will of course be on the software, but I will be making mention of Each Way Sniper as well. This is because however you want to frame it, the two services share a very direct and intrinsic link, and in order to understand how Mike Cruickshank has set the software up, you have to understand a little about the manual strategies.

So, what exactly do you get when you sign up for Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System? Not surprisingly, the short answer to this is a piece of software. Now, I’ll hold my hands up here. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot. First of all, Mike Cruickshank deals with betting. He isn’t a software developer. But on top of this, other betting software that I have looked at before is usually… Well, it’s a bit spartan. If I’m generous.

Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System is not quite this bad. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t something that looks good. But it doesn’t really have to be. It is clear that the goal here is form over function and that is an area where it excels.

Using Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System is an incredibly simple process. Mike Cruickshank has set the software up so that you simply have to link it with your betting accounts (there is currently support for 17 different bookmakers although I wouldn’t be surprised to see this number increase over time).

From there, whenever the Each Way Sniper strategy identifies a bet, the software is able to log into one of your betting accounts (it does so in a way that minimises flags for suspicious activity). It then places the relevant bet and… Well, that’s about it to be honest. All that you really have to do is make sure the software is running and you have money in your betting accounts.

Now, I know that this sounds suspect. In fact, putting my cards on the table, if this wasn’t coming from a source that wasn’t as reputable as Mike Cruickshank, I wouldn’t give it the time of day. But everything that I have seen demonstrates that Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System is all above board and you are safe to use it.

As well as the software itself, you also receive comprehensive video training on using the software and what the system behind it entails. It’s no secret that Mike Cruickshank is used to explaining somewhat complicated systems. As such, this training is top notch and everything that you need to know about Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System is covered in detail, whilst remaining informative.

How Does Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System Work?

The premise behind Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System is of course based on the manual strategy that Mike Cruickshank developed as the “original” Each Way Sniper. This is actually relatively straight forward and can be summed up thusly. You place each way bets through a bookie, then lay them on Betfair, ensuring a profit no matter what the outcome.

In theory, that is all incredibly simplistic and you might be inclined to wonder why this isn’t something that every man and his dog is doing. The fact of the matter is that Mike Cruickshank focuses on a very specific type of each way bet in which there is value to be had in the place odds. Effectively, bookies are offering more for the place odds than the win odds suggest they should be.

There is of course much more to it than this, but I think that it gives you a pretty good barometer of what you are dealing with. At least, solely in terms of that Each Way Sniper Strategy.

Now usually, you would log into the manual Each Way Sniper member’s area to see what bets there were on that day and you would place those as you were able to. Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System automatically populates that data and as mentioned, places the bets for you with the bookmakers that you have accounts with.

All of this definitely makes Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System one of the more genuine hands off betting systems that I have seen for some time.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two different options if you want to subscribe to Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System. The first of these is a monthly affair which is priced at £25 plus VAT making for a round number of £30 per month. Representing substantially better value, Mike Cruickshank offers an annual subscription which is priced at £166.67 plus VAT. This brings it to a round number of £200.

Now, it is worth noting that even though Mike Cruickshank is selling Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System through Clickbank, the 60 day money back guarantee that is usually in place does not apply here.

What is the Rate of Return?

There isn’t really a whole lot of information that pertains to how much you can expect to make through Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System. Mike Cruickshank doesn’t make any specific claims and that makes a certain amount of sense to me. There are a few different reasons for this.

First of all, the nature of Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System means that there isn’t necessarily a lot of consistency to the availability of bets. Some days may see many more than others, and this will inevitably impact the end results. Secondly, a huge factor is how long you have the software open and running for. This will of course also vary from person to person.

What I will say is that there is a proven potential for profit with the manual Each Way Sniper tools, and I don’t see any reason why this can’t scale with automation. With that said, I will say that you should come into this expecting a slow burner in terms of profitability, and as such, you will want to maintain a long term view.

Conclusion for Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System

It’s been a while since I’ve seen something new from Mike Cruickshank, and make no mistake, even though it is based on an existing strategy. These are exciting times. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that the fact that Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System is based on that existing strategy only makes it a more interesting proposition.

Here’s the thing. There is no real way of denying that the methods that Each Way Sniper employs work. The manual system is a number of years old now, however it doesn’t seem to really be showing signs of slowing down. So, why would you want to buy Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System? Especially when the manual version is half the price.

Well, the short answer to this as far as I’m concerned boils down to one thing and one thing only. And that is the concept of truly passive income. For most people who are looking to betting for income, it is typically a second income. They want to bolster what they earn in a way that doesn’t require extensive work.

And this is something that can be achieved relatively easily. At the very worst, you can say that some of the methods are quite time intensive. But for some people, time is a more precious commodity than the money they might earn.

Now I know that there are probably some people out there who just won’t see that. Or perhaps they are in a position to take betting much more seriously and can commit whole days to successful betting. But I don’t really fall into that camp. More than anything else, I think that it is incredibly important to value your time.

A truly passive income requires no time at all, and in Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System, that is the door that Mike Cruickshank has opened for you. Something that you can leave running in the background, slowly building up your betting bank. You might not get life changing amounts of money, but you should definitely do alright off it.

The fact of the matter is that in betting, a genuine passive income that can produce consistent profits aren’t really a common affair. Which makes Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System particularly exciting. And on top of all of this, the pricing means that there is definitely value for money to be had, no matter what your position is.

Naturally, there is much better value to be had in buying Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System for the fully year (some £160), but even that monthly cost is at the bottom end of what you would expect to pay for a tipster. And a tipster provides much less consistency than Mike Cruickshank’s software (albeit potentially providing more profit as a trade off).

With all of this in mind, I think that Each Way Sniper Auto Betting System warrants some serious consideration. This is a tried and true approach to betting that Mike Cruickshank has spent years honing. The fact that you can now simply leave this running in the background simply put makes it better. Yes, you might have to have slightly tempered expectations in terms of the income potential, but it is definitely there.


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Comments (12)

Just read your review of EWS auto. First off the auto version is not the same as the original manual one. There is no laying on the betfair exchange involved, instead the system relies on value bets and the law of large numbers, the theory being if a large enough number of bets are made at a high enough volume, at value odds, eventually the money earned from the high odds win and place payouts will compensate and over ride the many losing ones. Sounds good in theory and does work, but not without some pain. The truth is you can and will sometimes go many, many bets without a win and the drawdown can be a massive drain on the wallet, as well as your nerves!This is really for people who can stay the distance financially and are not reliant on making a quick return. Even using the system with £0.25 pence staking £0.50p ew as Mike advises to begin with can lose you several hundred pounds before things start improving. The other thing to consider is that whilst the software is in use it is difficult to use your computer for other tasks as bets that are waiting may not be placed if the software is hidden or minimised and will show under the errors heading on the betting logs page. Really needs to be used with a dedicated computer or a VPN and then allow weeks and many thousands of bets to see any real profit.

Has anyone had experience of this automated version, I would love to see some real time stats

I have used this software for 90 days now. I only place £1 ew bets for 7 of the bookies. Some bookies on the list I do not use.
I have had nearly 1000 bets. I can say (I’m a bit of a stats freak) that winning bets (1st place) from all bookies used are about 5%. The place bets (not winning, but placed) account for 25% of all bets.
So together there is a profit on 30% of all bets. This is about equal to the number of wins you might get if you just backed the favourite in every race.
However my bank has just breached the £1000 mark in profit. (No way would backing favourite manage that).
Some bets have been 80/1 win and place…giving £96 profit.
It depends on where you set your max/min bet prices. I use Max. 100/1, Min 13/1.
If you used £5 ew bets the returns would be about the same: as it’s all proportional.
Would highly recommend this software.
Bookies can’t really complain if you’re just betting £1 ew.
Unlikely to get ‘gubbed’ with this small amount for each bet.


It’s fantastic and does work but beware you will have your accounts like my case severely restricted then within a week closed.
I’d say you’ll get 6 months out of it if your lucky, I tried everything to stay under the radar 6 of my best accounts gone within 4 months so I had to stop.
As brilliant as it is, you will not get long term use out of it I guarantee it, a real shame.

The answer to this is to set the Software to ‘Paper Trade’. It picks thebets as normal but you can decide yourself which bookie to put the bets on. Using the more ‘unusual bookies’ accounts it’s impossible for them to know. You can also vary the stake and take advantage of the ‘boost’ option some bookies offer on bets. The software won’t do this. If your account is gubbed (restricted) allow the paper-trade option to select from he booke’s site but place the bet somewhere else.
I use two computers to use this strategy.

I signed up for this as have previously used Mike’s products including the original EWS. I honestly wish I hadn’t. Within a few weeks most of my long nurtured accounts were restricted and effectively closed to me. Don’t do this, it is accounts suicide!!
Mike Cruikshank knows this happens and he is still pushing this product, I received yet another mail out just this morning. It’s really irresponsible of him. I repeat – YOU WILL LOSE YOUR BOOKIE ACCOUNTS IF YOU USE THIS PRODUCT

Gotta agree with bookies accounts getting restricted/closed. I think he has about 14 bookies listed that you can use on the software. I had accounts with all of them and within a week I had two left. If you like to have a flutter then I suggest you do not touch this as you will have nowhere left to place any bets. It’s a great product and made me money…but at too much a cost

bookie killer, and works for small pennies <1.00 pound.

it works with some gubbed/limited accounts.

If you alreay have restricted account (paddy /unibet) maybe

but not sure , you would dedicate pc to it, i think i would add some cryptcurrency mining in bacground.

Woody yeh; bottom line is you will lose your account with most of your bookies within a very short space of time. Mike comes up with some good systems but this one would be ideal if, like Australia, bookies are now restricted when it comes to grubbing ,perhaps we should start a campaign here to stop the b…….rds. from closing us down just because we are actually making a bob or two!

Sorry guys, that should of course be ‘gubbing

You will get your account(s) restricted or even closed down. Sticking to £1 ew bets will keep your accounts open for much longer. As soon as you start increasing your ew stake (say £2.50)ew , then after only a few wins you’ll get noticed.
However, if your accounts have been reduced to only a few you can choose the option to “paper trade”. This will still troll through the bookie’s sites but not place the bet – but you can use the selections on Betfair and back ew unhindered.

The key is to not be noticed whilst using this.
What I now do is play a few FREE casino games on a site. If the site offers ‘bonuses’ on a bet then use these. I also vary the stakes depending on the odds offered. Some sites give a ‘boost’ to your bet for which you have to select at the time of placing the bet. EWS does not do these things, of course: only a human player does so. The bookies are very much aware of automate betting software these days so one has to be a little more canny.
If you use the ‘Paper Trade’ option and select the ‘Filter 1’ you can see what the system is viewing in regards to other betting sites. These are sites which you may not have chosen yourself but are bookie sites (about 40) which the software is selecting from its Filter 1 list. It may not necessarily select the horse itself but alerts you to what is on offer at the time. These selections vary all the time and if you’re quick enough you can you can log yourself into the relevant bookie site and place the bet at your chosen odds.
EWS gives 5% winners, and 25% placed horses. These stats are over 13 months and about 2000 bets.

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