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Each Way Value Tips is a horse racing tipster service which, as the name suggests, provides subscribers with each way tips which are based around the concept of value. It is offered through the Tipstrr platform.

What does the product offer?

I am somewhat prudent when it comes to betting, and whilst far from risk averse, I also like to manage risk. As such, I am often on the look out for lower risk betting services or at the very least, they provide a decent amount of value. You can probably see where I’m going with this as Each Way Value Tips should actually deliver both aspects of this. Each way betting definitely opens up the field more and the value part is right there in the name. Of course, anybody can name a product something that sounds appealing. Whether or not it can deliver is a different question.

So with this in mind, let’s take the time to have a look at Each Way Value Tips.

It is actually rather interesting as far as tipster services go with an apparent focus on ensuring that bets are quality rather than simply churning them out. This does have a bit of a knock on effect on the service however with Each Way Value Tips often having gaps between selections. I would rather have good tips every other day though than crap on a daily basis.

When the bets are sent out they are issued via the Tipstrr website as well as being sent out to subscribers via email. As the name suggests, they are all each way and are reasonably detailed. As the name of Each Way Value Tips suggests, the bets that you place will be exclusively each way bets. Given that the average odds according to Tipsterr are 9.35, this approach seems prudent rather than anything else.

Of course there are also numbers to talk about with Each Way Value Tips. One of the important ones that I want to discuss is the strike rate. This is in no small part down to the method of betting that is employed. Since September last year, Each Way Value Tips has averaged a strike rate of 36%.

This number is roughly in line with what I would expect from any decent each way based service. Because of the average odds of 9.36 however, this does make Each Way Value Tips stronger positioned in my opinion.

Finally, I want to touch on  the staking plan. There is nothing complicated about this aspect of Each Way Value Tips and in fact, I would be inclined to say that it is very sensible. When bets are issued you will also be told how much you should stake on this bet. The minimum stake is €5 (although it seems reasonable to say that if you were in the UK you would convert this to GBP) whilst the most you will stake on a bet is €25.

How does Each Way Value Tips work?

The fundamental premise behind Each Way Value Tips is very straight forward.

The tipster behind the selections clearly looks to identify value on longer odds. The average odds reflect this quite well I believe. From here, backing horses each way means that even if a well priced runner doesn’t win, there remains potential to make money In terms of the actual selection process or any detailed information on how Each Way Value Tips works, I am rather disappointed to report that there is simply no information provided.

What is the initial investment?

As a platform Tipsterr is rather unique in that they don’t sell any of their services on a subscription basis. This means that if you sign up for Each Way Value Tips on a monthly basis, for example, then you have to renew this yourself at the end of each month.

In terms of the costs, there are three different offerings for Each Way Value Tips. The first of these is weekly and priced at £15. Next there is a whole month of selections from Each Way Value Tips which is priced at £29 and finally (representing the best value) you can sign up for 3 months at a cost of just £69. It is important to keep in mind that there is no money back guarantee provided with any of these options.

What is the rate of return for Each Way Value Tips?                     

The income potential for Each Way Value Tips is quite interesting actually as there are a few things to consider. The first thing is the overall profit. Since the service launched, Each Way Value Tips has made a profit of €4,959.50 which equates to an average monthly profit of €413.29 per month. All of this equates to a hugely impressive ROI of 35.82%.

All of this sounds good however I do feel that the profitability surrounding Each Way Value Tips is very much contextual. Since January this year the overall profit stands at just €190.14. Whilst this is undoubtedly part and parcel of dealing with any service, I do believe that it needs to be mentioned.


The previous results make it perfectly clear to me that there is something to Each Way Value Tips. By and large, tipsters do not make in excess of €2,000 in 4 months by accident. This suggests to me that there is at least some decent underpinnings to the service. This is a massive positive, as the fact that if this has happened once before, there is reasonable cause to believe that there will be a similar run in the future. Quite how far into the future is an altogether different question.

One of the things that I do think that Each Way Value Tips does well is place a value on the service. Ok, £15 per week is expensive but this is only really there for trial purposes in my eyes (or for those who want a very occasional tipster for the week). The fact is that change from £30 per month is very rare for a tipster service, especially one that can demonstrate an ability to make money in the long term.

All of this brings me to the ultimate question surrounding Each Way Value Tips and that is whether or not it is worth a buy? This is a difficult question to answer in a lot of way. I don’t think that anybody would argue with me that the results have been strong. Furthermore, there have been months where Each Way Value Tips has clearly performed well recently (March had a profit of €473.25 which is roughly in line with the average monthly income).

As it currently stands, I am going to say that Each Way Value Tips is probably worth putting on the maybe file. This sounds like a cop out, but whilst I believe that whoever is behind the service can reproduce strong profits, making as much as was made when the product launched is a big ask. As such, you have a profit and loss graph which looks like a plateau. This isn’t great if Each Way Value Tips carries on in that direction. As such, it is probably worth checking in on in another few months.


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