Each Way Winners Review

Each Way Winners is a brand new horse racing tipster service that claims to be able to produce substantial profits through each way betting. Selections come courtesy of an unnamed tipster.

Introduction Each Way Winners

In this line of work I see a lot of different things, from a lot of different people. Sometimes I find myself looking at tipster services that provide reams of data, detailed and in depth information on a selection process, and a succinct breakdown of results (although not nearly as often as I would like).

Elsewhere, you get elaborate tales of seemingly magical betting methods which are of course complete rubbish.

Then you get enigmatic products like Each Way Winners. With these kind of products, they seem to provide barely enough information to sell a service, and yet not nearly enough to demonstrate that they are in any way capable. But with Each Way Winners being pushed rather heavily at the moment, it is clear to me that the usual affiliate crowd are seeing this as the next “big thing”. Does this warrant the attention? Let’s have a look. 

What Does Each Way Winners Offer?

As I have already touched upon, it doesn’t seem an exaggeration to say that there isn’t necessarily a whole lot to say about Each Way Winners. The fact of the matter is that the sales material itself is barely functioning telling us little more than you are buying access to a tipster service. I don’t believe that this is any coincidence. What I can say is that you are getting access to a near daily horse racing tipster service. These are usually sent out the morning of racing, directly via email.

In terms of the bets themselves, well, it is in the name of Each Way Winners, that is to say, there is a focus on each way betting (I am much less convinced that they are winners). As you would probably expect from any service that is based around each way betting, you do tend to cover longer odds following Each Way Winners.

Ultimately, this appears to be a part of a wider plan though (although this does involve some speculation on my behalf as I want to talk about). This is a typically low volume service and most days will not yield more than a few bets.

Staking wise, you should be looking to bet 1 point each way on Each Way Winners. As this is effectively 2 points per bet, it means that you can end up staking 6 plus points on a given day. This in and of itself isn’t a problem, and with a 100 point betting bank you should have enough to cover any particularly nasty losing streaks. It is worth keeping in mind however that from what I have seen from Each Way Winners, it is wins on the bets with longer odds that will ultimately yield profit.

Ultimately, all of this leads into the strike rate. The sales material for Each Way Winners suggests that you can expect to see 6 out of 8 bets win.

This would amount to 75%, however this is a long way from reflecting more realistic results. What I have seen is that you can probably expect the odd bet to come in with lower odds, however the 27/1, 34/1 and 40/1 winners that are talked about in the sales material for Each Way Winners  are very much the exception rather than the rule.

How Does Each Way Winners Work?

The sales material for Each Way Winners actually makes reference to how tips are selected. In fact, it literally says “How do we select the tips?”.

Unfortunately, as is the case with the rest of the marketing for the service, there is actually no real statement to be made here. We are simply told that Each Way Winners uses “years of experience” and that drawing on this, the team behind the service are able to “pinpoint selections that represent amazing value”. Supposedly, this method has also been refined over many years.

You will note that this quite clearly tells us nothing of value,. In fact, I believe that it is simply an effort to obfuscate information and dodge having to provide any meaningful insight into the service. All of this is rather concerning for me for a number of reasons that I want to cover a little later on. there

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options which are available if you want to subscribe to Each Way Winners. The first of these is a monthly option which is priced at £12 per month. Alternatively, you can pay a one time cost of £67 in order to receive selections for the full year. Although it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the sales material for Each Way Winners, it should be noted that the service is sold through Clickbank. This means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

Given that most, if not all, people that are looking at a tipster service with a view to making a profit, you would expect this to be a big part of the service. Rather interestingly, Each Way Winners eschews this approach and simply chooses not to tell you anything really in this regard.

There is mention of the tipsters behind the service having a “very nice lifestyle”, but this is nothing concrete. There are also a few examples of big winners that have come in for Each Way Winners, however these have no wider context and so are highly questionable in my book. 

Conclusion on Each Way Winners

There is something delectably ironic in my opinion that a tipster downplaying something can be a red flag. I am usually on the look out for silly claims of mansions, Maserati’s and massive piles of cash. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to Each Way Winners, we are simply provided with nothing at all instead. So how does no claim become a similar red flag to a ridiculous claim?

As I have always said, if your service is genuine and you are offering something real, then there is no harm whatsoever in providing evidence.

This can simply be a demonstration of how you find your bets, a comprehensive list of the bets placed or any number of things in between. After all, you are trying to sell a service and ultimately a big part of this is showing potential subscribers that it works. BS about results and it is often very apparent because they simply seem ludicrous. By the same token, providing nothing at all means that you have no idea of what to expect.

There are arguably some redeeming features to Each Way Winners. The tipster behind the service is not asking a lot for the service with £12 per month being a lot less than the norm. Furthermore, in theory, you should win relatively frequently.

After all, whilst you may be backing longer odds each way, and I don’t buy the insinuation that 75% is achievable, there is definitely room for frequent wins. But we arrive back at that lack of evidence. Honestly, it hangs over Each Way Winners like a dark night in my opinion. Given that this is supposedly a professional service, I don’t see why some proofing wouldn’t exist.

Ultimately, I think that Each Way Winners is quite a big ask when there is nothing tangible to manage your expectations. I don’t doubt that some people will see this as value for money, simply because it is cheap, however this isn’t the case in my opinion. If you aren’t paying a lot for something and it doesn’t work, then you are still paying out money for something. That does not represent value, no matter how small that figure.

I wanted to buy into Each Way Winners. I think that there is enough here that it could work, and for those who are less prudent than me it may represent a calculated risk. Ultimately though, I would definitely want to see some evidence outside of a cherry picked day if I were going to consider this as a valid option. As it is, I just can’t see it in this light. 

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