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Early Warning System Review

Early Warning System is a product from Guy Cohen in which he claims he will show you how to identify “quake” trades that will earn huge profits per trade.

What does the product offer?

When you buy into Early Warning System what you are essentially buying is access to Guy Cohen’s private website where he hosts the system. This allows users to see the alerts that Early Warning System puts out that Guy Cohen claims to have used so successfully. These alerts however do not appear to be a common thing with Early Warning System identifying just 4 of his “B-C” trades since February. In terms of what Early Warning System actually entails, this is a spread betting method of trading that does require you to input the trades manually based off Guy Cohen’s advice. These can then allegedly be left based off your stop losses. As well as the main access, Early Warning System also comes with a guide to using the software as well as a comprehensive number of additional videos and handbooks all of which relate to Forex trading.

How does the product work?

According to Guy Cohen, when a “quake” is about to happen, there are “P-Waves” or primary waves that move through the markets to identify that a change is about to happen. This is when Early Warning System will alert you so that you can make the relevant trades. The “S-Waves” are then the point where the reals shifts happen and the profits are made. The actual inner workings of Early Warning System are allegedly based on over “1 billion individual pieces of data” which are converted into “a simple, easy to see alert”.

What is the initial investment?

Early Warning System is currently being marketed by Agora Lifestyles for a one time cost £247, allegedly a 50% discount on the original price of £494. Early Warning System also comes with a 35 day money back guarantee so if you aren’t happy with the product you can claim a refund.

What is the rate of return?

The email that brought Early Warning System to my attention claims that Guy Cohen’s latest “quake” made 8,022 pips of profits in a single trader. Other examples claim 449% profits from one trade and a 1,214% return. Interestingly the only evidence of these trades are screenshots from Bloomberg Business.


Guy Cohen has put out a number of different products in his time and there are some underlying similarities between them. For example, where Early Warning System looks at P-Waves and S-Waves, these seem to be awfully close to the principles he pushed in his last effort, Flag Trader.

This was built on Darvas Box methods which essentially involve looking at what the public is buying i.e. watching price and volume and then buying into the stock when informed buyers are getting involved. Whilst I am sure that there will be some minor differences, Guy Cohen has been pushing this method of trading to too long for me to not be a little suspect that this is the same thing but dressed up anew. With that in mind, I wouldn’t be inclined to spend the £250 that Agora Lifestyles are asking for.



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