Easy Auction Business Review

Easy Auction Business is a product by Andrew Minalto that shows users everything that they need to become a profitable eBay trader (note that this only works for ebay.co.uk)

What does the product offer?

Easy Auction Business is a video training guide that creator Andrew Minalto says will show you step by step how he got started with and operates his own eBay business. Easy Auction Business covers a variety of different topics from sourcing your products, using drop shipping and how to best present the products you are selling to increase your sales. Easy Auction Business is spread over 15 hours and a number of different videos. As a bonus, you get access to a one hour consultation with Andrew Minalto as well as access to a number of templates for your listings.

How does the product work?

Andrew Minalto says that he has been making money through eBay for a significant amount of time. He says that Easy Auction Business is like getting a window into his business. He shares information on his suppliers as well as the hottest selling products. By copying what Easy Auction Business teaches you should theoretically be able to match his business.

What is the initial investment?

The entire course of Easy Auction Business sells for a one time cost of £67. As additional peace of mind, Andrew Minalto provides a full 60 day money back guarantee to purchasers of Easy Auction Business.

What is the rate of return?

Andrew Minalto values his eBay business at £175,000 and says that by implementing what Easy Auction Business teaches you can expect to make £500 per week. Realistically it seems very unlikely that you will be able to replicate this, especially when you’re starting out.


Easy Auction Business has plenty to offer and Andrew Minalto seems to have a lot to offer. In some respect access to wholesalers and drop shippers is worth this cost alone as similar products from other eBay sellers go into hundreds of pounds. But all this information can easily be found for free with a quick Google search. Whether or not Easy Auction Business is for you depends on where you’re up to with your eBay business. If you are just starting out you can probably do worse, if you are already doing well, you may find that Easy Auction Business is a little more limited.



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A well-balanced review. Andrew Minalto’s course is comprehensive and offers plenty of hard-won insight into the real work of running an online auction business.

My point here is that for those possessed of entrepreneurial ability and business acumen, such a course can provide a ready primer on the specifics of running this type of business; whilst the rest of us should tread carefully and remember that this is no easy means of earning a sustainable living.

Trading on eBay is tough, very tough. It is a highly competitive marketplace and eBay’s policies are increasingly geared towards driving revenue in eBay’s favour – which means in practice a light touch with respect to buyers, and increasingly onerous demands on sellers. Fair enough, but be aware that you will be up against some very big guns – large corporates using eBay as an extra sales channel. They can afford to meet eBay’s obligations, whilst maintaining competitive pricing, defraying costs across multiple sales channels.

If you’re a small seller, this will be more difficult, and you will absolutely need to choose your market segment carefully, to give any chance of adequate returns. Talking of which, returns of the other (unwelcome) kind – customer returns: you need to be prepared for very fussy buyers who will return on a whim, and you will need to meet the cost. From my own experience, a significant proportion of items returned as ‘faulty’ were perfectly OK, or damaged by the customer. You need to be tough-minded, list defensively, and build the cost of returns into your product costs.

My own experience has been sobering, and I haven’t found it possible to generate adequate income; still, I gave it a go, and have discovered in the process that I’m no businessman. It’ll be back to PAYE for me soon! But good luck if you give it a try..

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From: Simon Roberts