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Easy European Income Review

Easy European Income is a product from Mark ‘the Lazy B’ that teaches you how to make money by selling products to European markets.

What does the product offer?

Easy European Income comes in the form of both a manual and nine DVD’s which when combined will show you how to successfully sell products online in Europe according to Mark the Lazy B. Sales are handled through eBay and Amazon mostly and all the products that you sell are physical items. Mark the Lazy B says that throughout Easy European Income he will introduce you to a number of suppliers that can provide you with the same items that he uses to make money.

How does the product work?

Easy European Income isn’t really any different to most eBay or Amazon trading systems, the only difference lies in where your products are marketed. The focus seems to be on Italy, France and Germany with Spain also making up a small percentage of your figures. As I mentioned, Mark the Lazy B provides a list of the items that he sells with Easy European Income recommending certain product lines for different countries.

What is the initial investment?

At £247.50 Easy European Income is definitely on the expensive side although it is still a lot cheaper than Mark the Lazy B’s previous offering, Mark’s Online System which sold for about £700. Easy European Income comes with a vendor backed 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Mark the Lazy B claims that by using the same methods that he teaches in Easy European Income, he is able to make over £70,000 per month although it is very unlikely you will make near this amount for a number of years.


The big question hanging over Easy European Income is whether or not it is value for money. There is little doubt that it works for Mark the Lazy B and the system is definitely reproducible, but is it worth the money? The fact is that in order to get where the creator of Easy European Income is, you have to have many years of dealing with this. You also need to have a decent amount of finances available to run a business of this nature as you will need to pay suppliers etc. to get up and running. Is this worth it then?

Personally I am not convinced. Whilst Easy European Income is a solid guide, I feel that it is best suited to those that perhaps already have some sort of business in this niche and I don’t see how anybody already trading on eBay or Amazon would need to pay £250 to be told how to sell their products in Europe.



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From: Simon Roberts