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Easy Horse Race Lays is a relatively new to market automated betting bot which has been developed by one Nigel Dove (although it has been in development for some years). As the name suggests, the service is based around lay betting.  

Introduction to Easy Horse Race Lays

With such an arguably over saturated tipster market, how do you make your betting service stand out from the competition? There are a few different ways. You could, for example, aim to have a particularly high strike rate and resultantly, theoretically low risk.

Or alternatively, you could provide people with a tipster service that requires almost no real input and by extension, an almost entirely passive revenue stream. Of course you could also just offer both of these options, which is pretty much what Nigel Dove does.

easy-horse-race-lay-reviewsAll of this brings me to the start of todays show which is Easy Horse Race Lays. It isn’t very often that I find myself getting excited by the prospect of a tipster, but I can’t help but feel like this may genuinely be able to deliver.

Nigel Dove doesn’t seem to have put a foot wrong here. Whilst it might not necessarily be the most profitable thing on the market, I can’t think of much that looks more interesting than Easy Horse Race Lays. So, can all of these positives come together to create a solid product? Let’s find out.  

What Does Easy Horse Race Lays Offer?

So, unlike a lot of things that I write about here, Easy Horse Race Lays doesn’t necessarily have any sort of rigid operation structure. This is almost entirely down to how the service works, you see what Nigel Dove has done here is almost entirely automated. You can very easily get away with simply leaving this to run in the background and just “do its thing”.

Now, this makes it rather difficult for me to write about, however there are a few things to consider here. Some may seem very obvious and straight forward, however I believe that these are all things which should be reported.

There is still a little bit about the software that I want to talk about. It is relatively easy to use and get set up, it is also entirely cloud based. What that means is that you can pretty much run Easy Horse Race Lays, even when you aren’t present, nor are you reliant on leaving your PC on for long spaces of time. As well as all that, there are various parameters that you can look to change based on how you want to bet.

First things first, and this might sound painfully obvious, but Easy Horse Race Lays does have to be used through Betfair.

This isn’t just because this is a lay betting service though as would usually be the case. In fact, I am usually very keen to point out the fact that there are other betting exchanges available etc. however that isn’t the case with Easy Horse Race Lays. As a piece of trading software, it needs to be able to work with Betfair’s API in order to trade in the way that it does which in turn means linking it with your account.

I now want to talk a little bit about some of the numbers for Easy Horse Race Lays. Nigel Dove says that the software has been running since 2015 and during this time period, it has attained a strike rate of almost 85%.

This is a phenomenal result to maintain over this period of time, even for a lay betting service. There is limited liability involved as well with Easy Horse Race Lays only laying one horse at a time, as well as laying horses with odds of between 3.00 and 9.99. With a longest losing streak of just 3 bets, Nigel Dove’s software really starts to look good.

How Does Easy Horse Race Lays Work?

In terms of how Easy Horse Race Lays identifies the horses that it lays, there is not a whole lot of information provided which is unfortunate. None the less, I do feel that we are told enough to ensure that you aren’t coming into Easy Horse Race Lays blind. For example, Nigel Dove mentions that Easy Horse Race Lays uses its own specially devised ratings along with its own filters. Furthermore, the software supposedly waits until as late as possible in order to ensure that as many factors as possible can be taken into consideration.

The software side of things are easier to explain. As I have mentioned, Easy Horse Race Lays will connect to your Betfair account on your behalf. You are able to set things like stakes, based on either a flat rate or if you were so inclined, a maximum liability.

The software then identifies bets from its selection criteria and will place them as relevant, all without requiring any input from you. In this regard, it makes Easy Horse Race Lays one of the few genuinely passive incomes you can make through betting.

What is the Initial Investment?

I am not going to pretend that Easy Horse Race Lays is particularly cheap. In fact, I would potentially go as far as to say that it is quite expensive when you consider the profits. Nigel Dove is asking £39.95 per month for access to the Easy Horse Race Lays software.

Now there is no money back guarantee in place for the service, however Nigel Dove does provide a full 14 day trial which is entirely free. This is more than enough time to see if Easy Horse Race Lays is a good fit for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since launching, Easy Horse Race Lays has achieved a profit of some 320.23 points. Now, this is over 3 years and I can see how at a glance, this can seem a bit… Well, underwhelming. You are ultimately looking at some comparatively modest (some people may say small) profit potential. None the less, I think that it is important to keep in mind the fact that there is effectively no effort involved for this.

Conclusion on Easy Horse Race Lays

There area  lot of positives surrounding Easy Horse Race Lays, however there is something that I really feel needs to be addressed.

That is the value for money. Easy Horse Race Lays is not exactly cheap, and for that, you have made around 107 points per year or about 9 points per month. I can accept that this doesn’t sound like a lot of money, and you are paying quite a lot for this. If you were to take these results entirely out of context, they just don’t particularly look great. This doesn’t however mean that Easy Horse Race Lays isn’t vale for money.

With this criticism addressed, I think that there is a hell of a lot to like here. First things first, there is the fact that Nigel Dove has produced some incredibly strong results. More than just this though, they have been maintained very consistently. This is not just one of the biggest advantages, it is arguably the biggest. I have said many times before now that consistency can be more important than the end result and this highlights it perfectly.

Combine this with the fact that Easy Horse Race Lays is entirely automated and I think that it is very easy to overlook the shortcomings.

Yes, you may have to pay a fair amount for the service, and the results aren’t necessarily the best by some standards, but at £20 per bet, you would have made a quite respectable £140 per month after your subs. For literally doing nothing but risking a little investment capital, I think that is a pretty decent offering.

With all of this in mind, I would say that Easy Horse Race Lays is really worth some consideration. It isn’t one of those “best thing since sliced bread” products, but it is well put together and does what it claims.

Ultimately, between that and making money, I don’t think you can really ask too much more of it.  

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From: Simon Roberts