Easy Product Creation Review

Easy Product Creation is a product created by Elvino Noorey that offers purchasers insight into creating their own online products which they can sell on.

What does the product offer?

The product comes in the form of a 41 page guide that teaches users how to create a profitable product and how to market said product. Mr. Noorey claims that “This is THE guide” if you’re interested in online profitability and creating a successful online business.

How does the product work?

Easy Product Creation covers a host of topics that will teach users about 12 types of prodcuts which can be created with a view for selling them online. Further to this the guide teaches you how to research “hot topics” so any emerging gaps can be exploited. It also teaches you how to create videos, membership websites and how to go about getting software or apps developed.

What is the initial investment?

Easy Product Creation usually retails for $27 but is currently available for the reduced price of $7. This is provided with a 30 day guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

There is no rate of return mentioned but due to the nature of the product any results would be qualitative rather than quantitative.


Easy Product Creation claims to provide you with different ways to create your own products for sale. This seems to be something of a misnomer as the product doesn’t actually seem to teach you anything about creating a product. Instead it appears to be a series of tutorials on subjects such as video editing and production or creating eBooks.

Those looking for information on subjects should definitely be looking elsewhere. There is nothing in this product to suggest that it can help you create ideas, more it is about putting those ideas into practice. Having said that, for those starting out who want a jump off point with a foundation to build upon, Easy Product Creation is probably in the right ball park. It provides users with basic knowledge on various different marketing schemes and this alone may be worth the $7 price. If on the other hand you have any experience in online marketing there is unlikely to be anything new here for you.



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