Easy Racing Profits Review

The sales material for Easy Racing Profits presents the service as an opportunity to gain financial freedom from home through horse racing. There is however plenty of room for doubt over this.

What does the product offer?

One of the main reasons that Easy Racing Profits jumped out at me like it did is in part because of the presentation of the site. I have seen products marketed through Clickfunnel before now but these have generally been from product creators and in the main, they have been very genuine efforts. With that in mind, I was almost excited to see what Colin Pullman has put together with Easy Racing Profits. Unfortunately, the end result was not necessarily a service from some hot shot new tipster I was hoping for.

So what are you actually getting with Easy Racing Profits? The service is a somewhat amateurish effort as far as tipster services go. I have already touched on the fact that the service is operated through Clickfunnel does ultimately end up going against it. The reasoning for this is somewhat convoluted and I will explore it in full in my conclusion, but I believe that it is justified. I do feel however that in terms of what you are actually getting, the minimum seems like a reasonable starting place.

Truthfully, all that can be said with any real surety about Easy Racing Profits is that it is a daily horse racing tipster service. Outside of this, Colin Pullman provides no information whatsoever to back up the claims that he makes about his service and the claims are many. This lack of information with Easy Racing Profits is a nice beginning to a lack of evidence and information that I find to be highly suspect for a number of reasons which I will look at as we go.

With the lack of what you are actually getting covered, we can cover the claims which are of a low risk and highly profitable horse racing tipster service. Tips are offered daily and whilst there is no staking plan discussed, there are very clear statements about how much money you can expect to earn. Once again, there is no evidence to back this up.

Those looking for any details about the service such as previous horses backed or even basic proofing. should probably give up and look elsewhere. They certainly aren’t provided anywhere on the site for Easy Racing Profits. There is however a claim that the average strike rate for Easy Racing Profits is 65% however I am personally inclined to take this with a rather large pinch of salt.

How does the product work?

If there is one thing that Colin Pullman is clear about, it is how he was able to become such a successful bettor. His method is very straight forward and involves simply stopping gambling! With a claimed 95% of conventional gambling methods being “wrong”, it is seemingly simply a case of doing the opposite to this.

There is also mention of “something else”, however these is nothing to suggest what this something else is. All of this is rather worrying as whilst Easy Racing Profits is sold as being a service that is operated by somebody who supposedly makes actual money from horse racing, there is much more of a suggestion of the usual marketing methods that I have seen a million times before.

By this I mean a vague promise of knowing something that you as a potential user doesn’t. This is a method of marketing often employed on a number of questionable tipster services before now.

What is the initial investment?

On paper there is only one option for those who wish to subscribe to Easy Racing Profits. This is a payment of £19.95 plus VAT. Whilst it isn’t mentioned explicitly anywhere on the sales material for Easy Racing Profits, Colin Pullman has actually made this a recurring payment on a monthly basis. If you take the time to spend more than a few minutes on the main page for the service you will be offered Easy Racing Profits at a cost of £5 plus VAT for 5 days.

As well as this trial period, there is also a full 60 day money back guarantee in place with the service. Because it is sold through Clickbank, this is generally no quibble and you shouldn’t have any real problems claiming this should the service not be for you.

What is the rate of return?

The income potential for Easy Racing Profits is claimed to be massive and in fact, is the main selling point. Colin Pullman says that he is able to consistently break 6 figures per year with quotes of £100,000 plus in both a savings account and a Betfair account. These are massively questionable however and the only thing that actually demonstrates that they are Betfair and (supposedly) and HSBC account are the tags that have been used for the “screenshots”.


In order to assess the legitimacy of a product there are a number of things that one has to consider and using Clickfunnel is not necessarily the best indicator that something is genuine. As I have said before, it is a platform that can and has been used by genuine product creators before now as it allows them to quickly and easily create a website that allows them to sell their creations.

Unfortunately, given that the site is essentially geared towards internet marketers, there is also a lot of room for this to be taken advantage of. What this means is that anybody an create a product and have a professional level veneer applied to their sales material without necessarily needing to put any real effort into it. I am rather concerned that Easy Racing Profits falls into this latter category.

A quick look at the sales page for Easy Racing Profits also comes with a large number of what I deem red flags when looking at products for making money. Key amongst these are a focus on income with no real information on how this wealth is attainable as well as information being swapped out with pictures of sports cars and exotic beaches. There is a clear message here which is that you ca make a lot of money with very little time and effort.

This is rarely the case however and any product that does make such a claim I will always treat with a degree of suspicion. This suspicion is very easily fuelled by other factors such as the fact the few bits of evidence which are supplied that Easy Racing Profits works appear to be manipulated images. The nail in the coffin for me is that Colin Pullman doesn’t provide any insight into how his selections are made, all whilst offering no proofing to back up any claims made.

All things considered, not even a low price and a reasonable trial offer can make Easy Racing Profits work for me. I don’t ever expect any professional bettor to divulge all of the methods and secrets, however you can give away enough to allow people to make an informed decision. From what I have seen, Easy Racing Profits is there simply to generate a profit for the marketer behind the service rather than offering anything that suggests that this is a user focussed product.


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From: Simon Roberts