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Easy Tips is an email based horse racing tipster service from the Betting Gods umbrella. The service is actually a spin-off of an existing Betting Gods tipster service.

What does the product offer?

Easy Tips offers users a tipster service that whilst not daily, is frequent and generally provides selections on weekdays. Betting Gods market Easy Tips as a perfect starting point for beginners to tipster services who want to get a low cost and sustainable start. Easy Tips uses a staking system whereby no more than two points will be staked. In the spirit of accessibility, all bets win bets which have achieved a strike rate to date of 26.37%.

How does the product work?

Betting Gods admit that the tipster behind Easy Tips is an addict of trends and this seems to be at the core of all selections that are placed. Information is rather minimal about the service but as it is a spinoff of another product this is expected to a degree.

What is the initial investment?

This is one of the highlights of Easy Tips with prices coming in at a bargain price. There is the standard Betting Gods trial of 30 days for £4.95, but after this monthly costs are just £9.95, quarterly costs are £24.95 and a lifetime membership is £59.95. These all also come with a 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Over 12 months Easy Tips has achieved average returns of around 10 points per month with 122.29 points achieved over the time period. This represents a reasonable enough achievement given the low cost of the product.


Easy Tips markets itself as a beginner’s tipster service and this is apparent in the pricing and profits, but really the results for Easy Tips don’t seem too bad at first glance. The reality however is 4 losing months with a maximum of 18.82 points of loss. Not necessarily huge in its own rights but with average profits of 10 points per month it is somewhat significant in my opinion. Overall Easy Tips is in profit and that may be enough for some people however I would exercise caution as there is definitely a risk factor involved with Easy Tips.



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From: Simon Roberts