Easy TV Money Review

Easy TV Money is a product from Dr Nick Chou that the creator claims will allow users to generate a substantial amount of money with very little effort involved.

What does the product offer?

There is a lot of talk on the marketing page for Easy TV Money in which Dr Nick Chou discusses a number of aspects that you can expect through the product, almost all of which are somewhat oversold. In fact, if you believe the marketing hype, by using Easy TV Money you will get to join an elite 5% who actually get to make money online.

In terms of what Easy TV Money entails, it is not surprisingly an internet marketing related training course which puts a focus on showing you everything that you need in order to get started with this “brand new method” with the content broken down over videos and PDFs.

This includes finding a “wealth producing vehicle” which is actually little more than a product that you are going to market.

As well as this, Dr Nick Chou says that using Easy TV Money he will show you secret techniques to fail proof your plan, how Easy TV Money can be automated to make your profits “hands free” as well as giving you the freedom to live the life that you want.

How does the product work?

Although it doesn’t come out and say it, Easy TV Money is an affiliate marketing product. Where Dr Nick Chou has set things up differently to the norm is that instead of going to Clickbank and selling whatever is hottest in your chosen niche, Easy TV Money looks at various other affiliate platforms and how you can use these to generate an income.

Essentially you watch TV, find potentially profitable products and then launch a PPC campaign in order to drive traffic to your offer.

What is the initial investment?

According to Dr Nick Chou the actual value of Easy TV Money is $97. Despite this claimed high value the whole thing is being sold for a one time cost of just $19.09 (it is on a dime sale) with payment handled via Warrior Plus. There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place however you will have to claim this directly form the vendor.

What is the rate of return?

Put simply, if you buy into the promotional material for Easy TV Money then you can expect to make vast sums of money.

Dr Nick Chou claims that by starting with just $200 he made over $1.5 million in just 3 years. This figure is unlikely to be attainable by most, if any, users of Easy TV Money however.


In some ways I can see the merit to Easy TV Money and how you can make this work for you.

The price isn’t too much (at the time of writing) and on the whole, Dr Nick Chou does an OK job of introducing you to using affiliate marketing and PPC to build a business.

Unfortunately, the whole thing is massively oversold both in terms of the amount of work that you have to actually put in as well as the fact that despite being for anybody including newbies, you do need to have some idea what to expect with Easy TV Money.


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