Easy Video Suite Review

Easy Video Suite is a product that has been designed to help marketers in creating professional standard marketing pages that utilise video marketing.

What does the product offer?

Easy Video Suite provides users with a method of easily recording videos and then use them to create video based marketing web pages. Using Easy Video Suite you can record directly through a webcam or use existing recordings. Easy Video Suite then allows you to take advantage of a number of different options ranging from having timed pop ups on your video to customising the way your video and page look. Easy Video Suite comes with an easy to use interface that allows in most instances for you to just drag and drop the relevant features onto the page. Easy Video Suite has been designed to be compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

How does the product work?

Much of the sales patter around Easy Video Suite is based on the notion that video marketing is the ultimate step in marketing. Whilst it may work best for some niches it is not a be all and end all although you probably already have an idea if you can use video marketing.

What is the initial investment?

Easy Video Suite sells for $297 with an optional upgrade for an additional $97 for a commercial license. This allows you to remove branding from the interface and also allows any of your clients to piggyback on your copy. Because it is sold through Clickbank, Easy Video Suite also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t really any advertised rate of return for Easy Video Suite however there are claims that you can expect a significant increase in sales and conversion.


If you find that you use video marketing a lot, then you may well find Easy Video Suite will soon become an integral part of your marketing process. If however you are getting started or are merely curious, then the costs of Easy Video Suite may well outweigh the benefits, mostly because these are based around streamlining a process. That only makes it a worthwhile investment if you have a process to streamline.



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From: Simon Roberts