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Easy Webinar Review

Easy Webinar is a WordPress plugin by Casey Zeman that allows users to easily set up both live and automated webinars through your own website.

What does the product offer?

Easy Webinar is marketed as a complete solution to help you to bring webinar based marketing into your online presence. Creator Casey Zeman has launched Easy Webinar as a WordPress Plugin which allows you as a user to link it to your WordPress website, URL and brand. Easy Webinar comes with options for hosting both live webinars and what Casey Zeman refers to as “automated” webinars. These are essentially a pre-recorded webinar that behaves the same as a live version. Automated webinars are pushed pretty hard with Casey Zeman claiming that they have all the benefits of live webinars but without the chance of things going wrong (however I am not entirely sold on this). Easy Webinar comes with full training on how to install the plugin and start using it.

How does the product work?

Dependent on whether or not you wish to host your seminar live or on an automated basis, Easy Webinar uses two different resources. For live events webinars are handled through YouTube Live and Google Hangouts. Automated webinars through Easy Webinar use Amazon Web Services. Easy Webinar comes with its own built in chat client however there are also options to use social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter for this too.

What is the initial investment?

Easy Webinar is available on a 10 site license as well as an unlimited site license which cost $297 and $397 respectively. There are two key differences between these with the most obvious being the number of websites that you can install Easy Webinar on. The other difference relates to the ability to earn up to 40% commission on Easy Webinar’s footer branding. There is a 30 day money back guarantee in place however this is conditional so you should be sure before you buy.

What is the rate of return?

There is no advertised rate of return for Easy Webinar and realistically due to its nature, this is a difficult thing to gauge. Realistically I feel that Easy Webinar is best judged on its merits as a product and in this regard it seems to deliver pretty well.


Webinars are often touted as the best way of selling high ticket price products and this is definitely right to a degree, namely because interaction with a real person makes us feel safer when spending our money. This raises some questions for me about the automated webinar service that Casey Zeman pushes so much, namely the true value of it as a sales method. Realistically, I feel that if you’re keen to start using webinars in your marketing then Easy Webinar may not be the worst place to start however I would definitely shop around. If you already use webinars a lot then I feel like there is more value in Easy Webinar. One of the other ways to use Easy Webinar is possibly as a method of drawing people into your sales funnel in a more unique way than the usual video presentation however I feel that almost $300 is possibly a bit steep to use it purely in this context.



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From: Simon Roberts