eCom Empire Review

ecompire_reviewECom Empire is a new product from Mehidi Tihani, Bill Hugall, Mo Miah and John Gibb that claims to show users a fully tested and proven method of making money online through ecommerce.

What does the product offer?

The sales material for eCom Empire opens with a pretty bold claim, namely that one of the creators (Mehadi Tihani) was able to make enough to quit his job in just a week by setting up his own ecommerce store. This is the dream and Mehidi Tihani, Bill Hugall, Mo Miah and John Gibb know this as it is a massive part of the marketing for eCom Empire. In terms of what you can expect, the whole thing is a training course that is based around their own 4 step program. By following what eCom Empire teaches you will be able to get started in just 60 minutes and don’t need to spend lots of time on “setting stuff up, doing FB ads, optimising, monetizing or whatever”.

This is because eCom Empire allegedly teaches you skills such as becoming a traffic expert, where to source the best products and identify the “instant profitable” niches. All of which is allegedly presented in a cut and paste format. Also included are a number of different bonuses that tie into the main product.

How does the product work?

The system that eCom Empire shows you is allegedly based on a store that Mehadi Tihani set up and made hugely profitable in a very small space of time. This is in turn based on the aforementioned “simple” 4 step programme. This starts with setting up an online shopify store, choosing products, driving traffic and finally, scaling and outsourcing. All of this is presented in a video training format.

What is the initial investment?

Mehidi Tihani, Bill Hugall, Mo Miah and John Gibb are selling eCom Empire for a one off cost of $47. This also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee however it is worth pointing out that as the product is sold through JVZoo you will have to get this from the vendors.

What is the rate of return?

The sales material for eCom Empire is quite clear in its claims that you can make $500-$1000 per day using the methods that it teaches. The main headline for eCom Empire claims that the creator went from zero to $55,682 in just 30 days. Realistically I would be surprised if anybody using eCom Empire gets close to these figures.


Frankly there isn’t anything that eCom Empire brings to the table that is really new. Despite the claims that you can make huge amounts of income there is nothing to suggest that this can really be done with evidence of the creator achieving this in short supply.

The problem with eCom Empire is that much of the advice that it offers is rather generic and frankly, it isn’t even that good. There are much better guides to ecommerce available on the market for less money. In terms of the focus on shopify (which is about the only different spin that eCom Empire has), you can easily find this online for free leaving very little point in investing in this.

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From: Simon Roberts