eCommerce Magnates Review

eCommerce Magnates is a training course developed by Andrew Minalto that shows you how to go about setting up your own online store.

What does the product offer?

eCommerce Magnates is a product that is ideally suited for those who wish to start their own online store, be that to move away from the costs involved with eBay to simply wanting a website over which you have full control. Over the course of eCommerce Magnates, Andrew Minalto says that he will show you everything that you need to know from generating traffic to store design and even information on sourcing stock etc All of this is spread over 8 different modules each of which details a different aspect of eCommerce Magnates. There are also a number of bonuses provided in the form of some custom content for your website, an hour of time to discuss your business with Andrew Minalto as well as a few additional extras.

How does eCommerce Magnates work?

Andrew Minalto is a very successful trader in terms of online selling and as with all of his other products, eCommerce Magnates draws very heavily on his knowledge of the subject. eCommerce Magnates is video based but you also have the option to download the content as an MP3 as well as a PDF transcript. At the end of your training for eCommerce Magnates, Andrew Minalto says that you will be able to build a profitable shop.

What is the initial investment?

At the time of writing, eCommerce Magnates is being sold for a one time cost of £67 which is actually a reduction on the claimed usual price of £97. eCommerce Magnates comes with a 60 day money back guarantee which appears to be vendor backed as it is sold directly by Andrew Minalto.

What is the rate of return?

There aren’t really any specific claims from Andrew Minalto about how much you can earn by applying what eCommerce Magnates teaches. In fact, a lot of the focus is actually on traffic as opposed to the financial aspect however there are a few examples showing revenue in excess of £95,000. Personally however, I would ultimately consider eCommerce Magnates a training product and wold anticipate results being quantitative rather than qualitative.

Conclusion on eCommerce Magnates

Like everything that I have looked at from Andrew Minalto, eCommerce Magnates is a well put together product that really does appear to cover all the bases. What I like about this particular example of Andrew Minalto’s work is that he is making an effort to show you how to create your own business away from the more traditional and arguably better known retail websites. Whilst this will undoubtedly require more work due to having to drive traffic and consider SEO and the like, the fact that this is all covered in eCommerce Magnates means that it isn’t the end of the world.

Realistically eCommerce Magnates is best suited to a certain type of person, namely those who have outgrown eBay and the like or want to have full control over their business. If you are looking for a newbie friendly guide to making money online I would personally consider something eBay related however if you want to up your game then eCommerce Magnates is a good start.



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From: Simon Roberts