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Edge Football Pro Service Review

Edge Football Pro Service is a sports betting tipster service operated by Sam Clarke under the Edge Racing brand of services that are ran by Eddie Ege.

What does the product offer?

Edge Football Pro Service is a new offering from Edge Racing, this time putting the focus on (not surprisingly) football. The service is being offered by Sam Clarke rather than Eddie Ege (which as I shall explore may well prove to be a blessing). Edge Football Pro Service is currently being re-launched after a hiatus as Eddie Ege used to run the service. It is now said that Sam Clarke will be betting on a number of different games.

How does the product work?

There is unfortunately no information available about how Edge Football Pro Service will actually be making selections outside of saying that Sam Clarke will “show you classic ways of making the profit”. Edge Football Pro Service has previously used a number of different betting methods under Eddie Ege starting out with things like in play goals markets, typically looking for over 0.5 goals to be scored (something that was somewhat contrary to the claimed offering) although it seems unlikely that Sam Clarke will be taking this same approach.

What is the initial investment?

Edge Football Pro Service is sold on a quarterly basis for just £17.50 per quarter. This also comes with an extensive money back guarantee saying that if you don’t make £5,000 in a 3 month period then you can claim your subscription cost back. Furthermore, the team behind Edge Football Pro Service say that if you lose your £100 bank that would also be refunded to you “so effectively being a member is risk free” according to Edge Racing.

What is the rate of return?

As mentioned above, the service aims to make £5,000 in a 3 month period which from a £100 initial betting bank seems like a big ask without risking huge stakes, something that is a pretty justified concern based off previous encounters with Edge Racing’s long term strategies.


Eddie Ege has launched a number of products, all of which seem to follow a very similar pattern. They start out making strong profits and in a previous look at one of his services I was very complimentary as at the time, it was making money. Since then a lot of what he has given has gone considerably downhill with an ever increasing number of questionable bets that appear to be there to try and recuperate losses and services just generally bombing. Whether or not this means that Edge Football Pro Service is going to go the same way remains to be seen, after all this is a service from Sam Clarke technically. There are some pros in place though, Edge Football Pro Service comes with a solid guarantee covering both the subscription and your bank (however it is worth noting that your bank only appears to be refunded if you lose everything means if Edge Football Pro Service users a percentile staking system, you could be here for a while). It is also very cheap which definitely has some appeal. If you don’t mind trying something new then Edge Football Pro Service may be worth a look, it is just worth keeping in mind the historical evidence.



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