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Edge Racing Laying Service Review

Edge Racing Laying Service is a horse racing lay betting tipster service operated by Eddie Ege. As is suggested by the name, this is a lay betting service.

What does the product offer?

Edge Racing Laying Service is a lay betting horse racing service that specialises in providing selections on a daily basis. Eddie Ege says that Edge Racing Laying Service subscribers will receive around 1-2 selection each day directly to your email with odds that shouldn’t exceed more than 9.0. Although there is no published strike rate for Edge Racing Laying Service at this point, Eddie Ege says that he the service is capable of reaching near 100%.

How does the product work?

In the marketing material for Edge Racing Laying Service says that the service uses a number of different contacts within horse racing including a former jockey. This combined with information and form study shows that Edge Racing Laying Service is comprised of a mix of the two betting disciplines.

What is the initial investment?

Subscription to Edge Racing Laying Service is a long term affair costing £109 until the end of June 2015. There is also a money back guarantee provided with Eddie Ege saying that if Edge Racing Laying Service experiences a loss in November or 3 losses in a subsequent month, you can claim a refund for the service.

What is the rate of return?

At the time of writing Edge Racing Laying Service has no published results however Eddie Ege has shown that he is able to produce profitable systems and given the fact that this is a lay betting system which traditionally has a higher strike rate, there is definitely potential.


Eddie Ege has produced a number of different products surrounding horse racing and sports betting and this latest lay betting system looks like it will prove as successful as previous efforts. Admittedly, Edge Racing Laying Service has not had a perfect launch and if you had purchased earlier in November you would now be enjoying a free service courtesy of the money back guarantee. That having been said I feel that Eddie Ege has likely learned from the teething problems of previous launches which makes Edge Racing Laying Service a decent offering at a very reasonable price if you don’t mind the initial outlay.



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Comments (1)

Hi guys ,

Im a current paying member of the Edge Racing service going back to July 2014 ,I live in Australia, and have been a paying member in a number of there areas, there horse tipping service , there soccer syndicates and the sports syndicates.

The sports and soccer syndicates works in the way that you deposited through PAYPAL 600 GBP in each syndicates with the guarantee me of a return of 1200 GBP per week !! ( as per emails that I can provide , if required by you) . With profits returned and statements every Saturday.

I also paid up additional ammounts to his services for gambles that he said were `good things`

In all outlaying with memberships , syndicates and other betting activities approx. 2500 GBP

Now , this is where my disgust starts , from July last year I have I have sent Eddie from Edge Racing at least 150 emails requesting my monies owed from syndicates x2 and horse betting activities as per his website agreements. I have received a payment of 315 and 100 GBP from this disgusting person . I would have at least 25 + emails with emails saying he has deposited to PAYPAL . Nothing

How much money he would owe me would be in the 000`s of GBP , I don’t no because he has never sent a statement !!

How can I take this further , being from Australia it is extremely difficult .

If you require additional info regarding our email correspondence or his promises through emails , no worries .

Please help if possible

Mathew Hanlan

I al

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From: Simon Roberts