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EFL Advisory is a sports betting tipster service which is being sold through Tipstrr platform. As the name suggests, it aims to make a profit through betting on the English Football League.

Introduction to EFL Advisory 

When people say football betting to me, my mind usually drifts one of two ways. The first is the high octane and glamourous elite world of top flight European Football. Betting on the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and the Champion’s League.

Or it goes to the ridiculously niche and involves betting on the Norwegian equivalent of the National League South or Columbia’s answer to the old Conference League Cup where games are easily influenced. Where my mind doesn’t typically go however is the muddy and hard fought world of the EFL, and yet, I feel there is clear potential for money to be made here.

EFL_Advisory_ReviewGiven that EFL Advisory is a service dedicated to this, let’s have a look and see if it is able to deliver any real profit.

What Does EFL Advisory Offer?

So, what exactly do you get from EFL Advisory? In no small part because of the involvement of the Tipstrr platform, what you can be sure of is a very standardised and high quality experience logistically. Selections are sent out a few times a week, usually giving you a full day before kick off.

There are however occasions where EFL Advisory advises subscribers of bets with somewhat shorter notice, a factor that should be kept in consideration. These are sent out via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the Tipstrr website.

In terms of the bets themselves, there is a massive amount of variety to be had here in a number of different ways. The volume of bets from EFL Advisory can differ massively from one month to the next with 24 bets one month and 41 bets the next.

Naturally this is football betting and as such, you would expect value to be an area where this would struggle, however Tipstrr’s statistics show that almost all of the bets have odds of between 1.7 and 3.99, with an average of 2.44. This is a good result for EFL Advisory. This value is probably helped by the betting markets you will be looking at though with 1×2 bets, Asian handicap, and Over/Under bets all being the most common.

Tipstrr have quite convoluted staking plans and that is something that you have to consider with EFL Advisory. Effectively, all bets are advised at anywhere from 1-10 points. Now, the majority of bets advised through EFL Advisory are actually 10 point bets (413 out of 503). All of this impacts how you are supposed to read the results.

Effectively, each point out of the 10 should be backed to £2.50 if you wanted to receive the same results as Tipstrr’s proofing. The reality however is that you are mostly backing bets to a flat rate of £25. All of this becomes particularly important when calculating profit and loss.

Finally, I want to discuss the strike rate for EFL Advisory because honestly, this is surprisingly strong result. Tipstrr shows a strike rate of 45% which over some 2 seasons of football is quite incredible. Given the average odds that you are mostly backing, there is definitely some strong potential for profit based off this.

How Does EFL Advisory Work?

 In terms of how EFL Advisory actually works, there is very little information provided which is frustratingly common for products from the Tipstrr stable of tipsters. I can however speculate on this to some degree.

If you look at the EFL, there are some clear strong contenders and some teams who are clearly struggling. With this in mind, I can see how with some research and investment of time, you could start to put together a decent understanding of the league. This is of course entirely speculative as you are ultimately coming into EFL Advisory blind.

With that having been said, you can look at some very comprehensive proofing and statistics because of the Tipstrr platform. I genuinely believe that this does give you a reasonable idea of what to expect. This definitely counts as some mitigation against the lack of information on the selection process, but I don’t see it as a direct replacement.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available at the time of writing for those who wish to subscribe to EFL Advisory. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £19 per month. Tipstrr also provide an option to sign up to EFL Advisory until the end of the season as a “finale” package.

This is priced at just £15 and clearly represents the best value for money. It should go without saying however that the value to be had here will only go down as time passes. Unfortunately, there is no money back guarantee or refund policy offered on Tipstrr’s service including EFL Advisory.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since launching in February 2017, EFL Advisory has produced an overall profit of 467.91 points at the time of writing.

 This is calculated as a This effectively means 165.5 points per season as profit. These results undoubtedly sound pretty strong, however I have to come back to the staking plan in order to paint an accurate picture. Sure, this effectively works out at an average profit of 18.5 points per month during the football season, but to full £25 level stakes, this number becomes 1.85 points. Likewise, the 467.91 points effectively becomes just 46.7 points.

These are massively weakened results, however I do believe that there is something to be said for the ROI which stands at around 9.2%. This doesn’t make EFL Advisory hugely profitable, but it does provide some better context for the profitability.

Conclusion on the EFL Advisory  service

So, is betting on the EFL a decent option? The short answer there is a pretty clear yes in my opinion. Of course, the results are a little bit more varied than the results necessarily portray.

There are undoubtedly more ups and downs than a 45% strike rate and average odds of 2.44 would suggest. Honestly, if that kind of consistency could be guaranteed in any way shape or form, I’d be preparing for retirement before I even put pen to paper for this review.

There are a few other things that I think really need to be considered as well. The vast majority of bets advised through EFL Advisory (a good 80%) are through Bet365 and Pinnacle. This If you are taking consistent profit through these two bookies, then you can probably expect to have accounts restricted or shut down. Now there are other options available to help get around this, but I think that all of the data needs to be considered.

I wanted to like EFL Advisory. I wanted to sing the praises of a service that represents genuinely phenomenal value for money (£20 per month is not a lot for a tipster service at all). The reality however is that the staking plan that is in place seems to just sap any value out of the service. What you are effectively looking at using £25 stakes is less than £50 per month. I can’t speak for everybody, but in my book, that is barely worth getting out of bed for.

With this in mind, I am rather disappointed to say that I wouldn’t really recommend EFL Advisory. I can see that there are some decent underpinnings here. The strike rate and average odds demonstrate this to some degree. But the bottom line for any tipster service is how much money you can make and I just don’t see this as being worthwhile here.

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While it looks like a decent enough service, the points you make are valid and it does seem somewhat underwhelming. One thing to add though regarding bookmakers and account restrictions: Pinnacle are famous for NOT shutting down people’s accounts so that should not be an issue in itself but as the bookmaker are not present in a lot of countries (incl the UK), you may get that problem anyway with the ones you can actually use. It would be nice to know how profitable the service is if you only use Betfair (the exchange, not the Sportsbook).

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