EFX Forex Robot Review

EFX Forex Robot is a foreign exchange trading robot that utilises Classical Pivot Points. The product is provided by EDS Forex in conjunction with Ed Crivello.

What does the product offer?

Ed Crivello claims that his robot, EFX Forex Robot uses classical pivot points to generate profit for users. The robot is a piece of software that works with Meta Trader 4 and can be used with any broker that utilises this. Ed Crivello alleges that unlike some of his competitors EFX Forex Robot can trade in any market conditions because it is reliant on the classical pivot points rather than lagging indicators.

How does the product work?

Because so many financial institutions use classical pivots as a foundation for looking at the forex exchange EFX Forex can utilise this to make steady predictions according to Ed Crivello. The system is fully automated and calculates the classical pivot points and then carries out relevant trades. EFX Forex Robot is also customisable allowing users to set a daily profit limit as well as allowing you to disable pivot lines you do not wish to trade on or even select days for the software to not trade on.

What is the initial investment?

EFX Forex Robot is available for $99 which provides users with a 370 day license. If you are happy with the product during this period of time you can upgrade to a lifetime license for an additional $10. There is also a 30 day demo version available for free. In the event you are unhappy Ed Crivello provides a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with EFX Forex Robot.

What is the rate of return?

There is no mention of a rate of return for EFX Forex Robot but from what Ed Crivello says it appears it is not a “get rich quick” product but relies on a steady income of smaller amounts with low risk rather than make or break deals.


EFX Forex Robot looks to be a rarity in the world of Forex trading. The low risk, low yield approach is something that I’ve never seen used in Forex robots. The fact is the Forex Exchange is a volatile and unpredictable market which is exactly what allows most Forex to advertise huge profits per trade. It is this volatility that causes the only major concern with EFX Forex Robot. Low risk low yield is fine but there still remains risk and with low yield returns it is difficult to make up for losses. Whether this is better than trying to make up for losses with higher stakes is down to the individual though.

Personally, I don’t see robots trading on Forex to be a stable income source no matter what the stakes, but this is definitely one of the more attractive robots I’ve seen.



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Decent review, as I am considering this autopilot!

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