Elite Bet Club/Algo Systems Review

Elite Betting Club is a new football betting tipster service which is operated by a tipster referred to simply as Lee Smith. Despite being a relatively new contender on the sports betting scene, he appears to be confident of big things.

What does the product offer?

Genuine independent tipsters appear to be an increasingly dying art form and as such, when I come across one I tend to become quite interested. Looking at the sheer amount of content surrounding Elite Betting Club, it would appear that this is one of the better options currently on the market. Most of this isn’t housed on the main Elite Betting Club website which does mean some digging but it is well worth doing so if you want a good idea of what you can supposedly expect.

Truth be told, a lot of the positives that surround Elite Betting Club aren’t out in the open so you could easily be forgiven for thinking that this is simply another dodgy service but I don’t believe this to be the case. There is plenty of evidence on hand to demonstrate that Elite Betting Club is genuine (which I always maintain to be the most important thing) with the results etc. remaining well within the realm of possibility. With all of this in mind lets get down to it and look at what is potentially one of the most exciting football tipster services for some time.

The first thing to consider is the service itself and the logistics. The first thing that needs to be said is that because Elite Betting Club is a football based tipster service, there is not always consistency in terms of volume of bets. Especially not on a daily basis. Whenever Lee Smith has selections though, they are issued to subscribers at least 24 hours before kick off for a game. This should give you plenty of time to get bets placed etc.

When you receive bets, there is unfortunately not a massive amount of detail available. In fact, what you can expect is simply a link to the match fixture on Betfair (their sportsbook rather than the exchange). This is a little frustrating as I believe that better odds could be obtained elsewhere (Oddschecker generally being a good place to start) and if you are paying for a service, I would perhaps expect more input than this from the tipster involved. That having been said, it does mean that all results can be proofed to a standard.

The odds that you are betting on are rather low and the strike rate reasonably high. As such, it is recommended that you are staking between 5% and 10% of your betting bank on bets. Obviously this leads to a clear middle ground of 7.5%. I am not generally a fan of percentile staking at higher numbers like this though. The fact of the matter is that a few losing bets on the bounce can really affect your profit potential.

Of course there is the strike rate to consider as well and as I have mentioned, this is an area in which Elite Betting Club appears to excel. None the less, Lee Smith’s selections have won 68.1% of the time which is a very strong figure. With low returns and quite high stakes however you are talking knife edge stuff and there is a lot of potential for Elite Betting Club to go the other way if this number drops.

How does the product work?

Key to the success of Elite Betting Club is Algo Systems. This is a betting system which is operated by Lee Smith. In fact, Elite Betting Club is not much more than paying to receive the selections of Algo Systems rather than paying for the system itself. Obviously I won’t go into detail on what this system entails. What I can say is that it revolves around a number of different algorithms which aim to predict winning bets.

Whilst Elite Betting Club is predominantly concerned with over 2.5 goals, if you use the Elite Betting Club system yourself, there are other bets that are available. It is worth noting that Algo Systems is available independently from Elite Betting Club. This includes multiple different systems as well as information on how to improve your betting. For the purposes of this review, I won’t be covering this in any real detail.

What is the initial investment?

Elite Betting Club is available on 5 different subscription packages and frankly, it isn’t cheap. There is a 14 day package available at £30. Next is a 28 day package which will cost you £50. Subscribing to Elite Betting Club for 60 days at a time costs £90. Finally, there are options for 120 days and the full year which are priced at £150 and £250 respectively. Payment for all options is handled directly gu23through Elite Betting Club. Lee Smith doesn’t make any mention of any guarantee and as such I wouldn’t expect any offers of this if the service doesn’t work for you.

What is the rate of return?

The claimed income for Elite Betting Club is frankly astounding. Lee Smith says that they “hope for anywhere in the region on [sic] 50% – 200% per month”. This is a massive return and appears to demonstrate a huge profit. What is apparent to me however is that in the minimal proofing that has been provided for Elite Betting Club, the points profit stands at just 21.19 points. Whilst this would likely be increased using the staking plan, I am not blown away by the potential income.


I will be honest and say here and now that this is possibly going to ramble a little bit and that is because I am somewhat conflicted about Elite Betting Club. First things first, I have to offer credit to Lee Smith. I have watched a number of his videos on YouTube where he talks about betting, making money and a host of other details. Everything I have seen suggests that he is passionate and has a reasonable understanding of the sport. This is great to see and I believe that it will serve future ventures very well.

This brings me onto Elite Betting Club and this is where things get a little muddy. There is a profit. There is no denying that and it is definitely a good thing to see. Whether or not the profit is really substantial enough is much less clear. This is where I am much less sold on Elite Betting Club. The problem is in no small part down to the staking plan. Losing bets when you are staking so much on low odds makes recovery very difficult. On a long enough time line and with a high enough strike rate, things should balance out in theory. Theory rarely listens in the world of betting though.

The truth is that there have been periods with quite sustained losses and there is no getting around that if you were starting out at that point, you would have made a serious dent in your betting bank for all the wrong reasons. This shakes confidence and more importantly, doesn’t always leave you with the means to rebuild your bank. It doesn’t feel like this has really been taken into consideration with Elite Betting Club.

There is also the small matter of recent results. In carrying out my research, one user was showing a betting bank down 20% since they started following Elite Betting Club. This is a significant number. I am inclined to level some criticism at this point towards Algo Systems. I think that it is quite apparent to me that there is something there. Whether or not it is a bit raw in its current state I am sure we would disagree on, but for my money, there is still work to be done before following all selections.

There is also the question of value for money and this is where Elite Betting Club gets another black mark against it. Whilst I a can appreciate that there is value to be had in the longer subscriptions, if Lee Smith is confident in Elite Betting Club, I don’t believe that charging as much as he is for shorter periods really reflects that faith. The fact of the matter is this. The tipster market is a competitive one and whilst I know that everybody needs to make money, I can think of a handful of football tipster services which I would prefer that cost less.

Despite my criticisms of Elite Betting Club, I want to like it. It is clear that Lee Smith is no mug as well. In spite of this, I find myself questioning some of the logistics of Elite Betting Club more than anything else and this is somewhat problematic. As it currently stands, I believe that Lee Smith is onto the fundamentals of something with Elite Betting Club. With tweaking, it could probably be much better. Right now though, as Elite Betting Club is and with the asking price in mind, I can’t see this as worthwhile.

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I am quite former member of elite bet club so I feel I can give honest review if the service

This is now the 10th system elite bet club has introduced since Jan as all previous have been losing badly. I complained initially and Lee blocked me immediately from the then Facebook group. I also know a number of people all former members who have lost money and he just either ignores people or removes comments from his YouTube channel or the comments section of the website. In my opinion he is extremely untrustworthy and is here to basically take your money and run. STAY AWAY

A bit lazy with recording results at first but things now seem on track. I’m up 60% in 2 weeks following the new trebles so very happy so far. This looks like an old review as they offer varies tips/services not discussed but yeah I agree with the reviewer there’s 100% something here.

I paid one week. Few weeks later my credit card was used fraudulently and 300 euros were stolen from a UK account.

Hi Julian,
Were you able to trace the loss of your money and did your bank reimburse you ?
The reason I ask is that I belonged to Algo Systems for a few week in 2018 and several
payments were made from my credit card over a period of 3 months or so. Some of these
payments were for “account closure fees” whatever that meant !
I made a claim through Santander bank and they have repaid me the money pending
further investigations.
Any info you can provide from your situation might help my case.


Ken Prior.

hes a sc*mmer. now hes writing a book how he scammed people to make over 10k in a few months. entrepeneur swindler type. was in the elite betting club that was supposed to be a life time membership, but it just stopped after a few weeks. he uses martingale type bets to recover losses. stay away! warning!

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