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Elite Horse Racing Review

Elite Horse Racing is a tipster service operated by a team of 3 tipsters that claim that their horse racing service is more akin to investment than betting.

What does the product offer?

As I have touched upon, Elite Horse Racing is advertised as being an investment rather than a tipster service with the team behind it saying “we see what we do as investing… in the right markets at the right times” and that they “pick winners”. Elite Horse Racing is sold as requiring discipline in order to ultimately make a profit. With that in mind, the proofing show a current losing streak of 17 bets which is certainly one of the more extreme examples that I have seen before. Despite this Elite Horse Racing has achieved a strike rate of 33% overall which given the current circumstances isn’t terrible.  Stakes for Elite Horse Racing vary whilst the bets advised are a combination of each way and win.

How does the product work?

The team behind Elite Horse Racing say that their selections are based on in-depth research and that this is then applied to a handicap system. This is based on a number of different statistics with Elite Horse Racing itself citing stats, speed figures and ratings as all being a part of the selection process. Furthermore, they also say that a number of tools are used when working out which selections are relevant and as such, “best”.

What is the initial investment?

There are 3 types of access available for Elite Horse Racing which are daily, weekly and monthly. These come in at a cost of £2.50, £7.00 and £25.00 respectively and seem to be a manual subscription (i.e. it does not auto renew). There is a money back guarantee in place with Elite Horse Racing saying that if you don’t make a profit over a month then you can get a month of tips free.

What is the rate of return?

For January and February Elite Horse Racing showed a profit of 43.2 points however March has eaten into this rather considerably with a loss of 18.6 points. The Elite Horse Racing team however acknowledge this freely and say that they are working to rectify it and turn the service back into a profitable one.


Elite Horse Racing is in a difficult and unfortunate position at the moment in so far as it looks to be a relatively new service with just a few months of proofing under their belt. It isn’t particularly expensive and the team seem to really want to do well for their members which is good. The system appears to have some pretty good ideas and doesn’t make any wild claims or use any extreme patterns. As it is though, Elite Horse Racing is unfortunately not really worth recommending at this point, namely due to the size of the losing streak and the fact that there seems to be a very real possibility of loss in the future as well. That having been said, I do however feel that it’s worth keeping an eye on as there looks to be a strong foundation if results can turn around.



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From: Simon Roberts