Elite Rugby Tipping Review

Elite Rugby Tipping is a sports betting tipster service which perhaps not surprisingly, focuses on rugby across the world. The service is operated by George Makfi and boasts some decent results.

Introduction to Elite Rugby Tipping

I’ve looked at a few rugby tipster services before now, and every time I find myself asking the same thing. Why aren’t more people tipping rugby? I accept that on the face of things it might be a bit of a niche market, yet it is supposedly the second most popular sport in the UK.

Lightyears ahead of the most gambled on sport of horse racing. With interest across the world though, you would expect there to be a bigger betting scene. It would appear that in Elite Rugby Tipping, George Makfi is setting out to remedy this.

elite-rugby-tipping-reviewConsider that George Makfi says that he has been tipping for 8 years, 3 years of which have detailed stats, and Elite Rugby Tipping looks like it could be a safe pair of hands in a seemingly otherwise difficult market.

What Does Elite Rugby Tipping Offer?

To put it about as bluntly you as you can, Elite Rugby Tipping provides subscribers with rugby tips for both Rugby League as well as Rugby Union games. These are a varied affair as I will get to, however the service operates in a fashion that I feel will be reasonably familiar to anybody who has followed a tipster service before now.

George Makfi sends out his selections to subscribers directly via email. This happens on a semi frequent basis as there can be (sometimes quite extensive) periods where n bets are made.

In terms of what you will be betting on, it seems like anything is fair game for George Makfi, so long as he can see value. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing for Elite Rugby Tipping as it does allow the numbers to be kept up. What this means for you a subscriber is that you will be betting on a large variety of competitions and betting markets.

Whilst I don’t believe that thee is anything particularly outlandish in this regard, Elite Rugby Tipping does have some bets which may not be familiar to you if you’ve never backed a rugby game before.

I feel that it is worth pointing out that there are days when the volume of bets that are recommended through Elite Rugby Tipping can creep up, but by and large, you won’t be backing more than 5 bets on a given day

One of the things that I want to discuss is the staking plan that is in place. Now, by and large, the odds that are available in rugby aren’t great. If you are backing a player to score, then there is a lot of value to be had, but it is not uncommon to bet at less than evens.

As such, George Makfi does recommend staking as much as 4 points on a given bet. By and large, Elite Rugby Tipping appears to be historically based on 2 and 3 point stakes which can add up on some of the higher volume days.

Finally I wan to talk about the strike rate for Elite Rugby Tipping.

This comes in at a highly impressive figure of almost 55% by my calculation. This is no small feat and I am quite surprised to see that George Makfi isn’t making a song and dance about this in the sales material. What it does highlight however is that whilst there is a need to win often, it can be demonstrated that Elite Rugby Tipping is capable of doing so.

How Does Elite Rugby Tipping Work?

As I have touched upon already, George Makfi says that he has been acting as a tipster for Rugby for over 8 years now. This is a hell of a long time for any tipster to be active. Now, this could be treated with a dose of cynicism however before starting Elite Rugby Tipping to exclusively cover rugby, George Makfi talks about how he acted as part of a wider team at other tipster services.

My research shows that this all seems to be above board and Kosher. On top of this time as a tipster, George Makfi says that he was also active within the betting industry for a decade working as a trader, odds compiler and professional punter.

Now, it has to has to be said that none of this actually tells us a lot about how selections are found. Given the circumstances with proofing (full information is available on request), I am inclined to say that the results can quite safely talk for themselves.

There are several years of proofing for Elite Rugby Tipping and if you cannot use this to get a good picture of what you are buying into, then I am not certain that being told about a selection process will necessarily sway you too much.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up for Elite Rugby Tipping, then George Makfi offers just two options. The first of these is a monthly subscription. This is priced at £63 per month and gives you your first week for free.

Alternatively, you can opt to sign up for an annual subscription to Elite Rugby Tipping which is priced at £630 (effectively giving you two months free), although this is a one time payment. All transactions are handled via Paypal, and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

Looking at the results for Elite Rugby Tipping, I want to talk about the longer term results that George Makfi has achieved. His is because I think that they probably represent the best possible representation of what you can expect from Elite Rugby Tipping.

Over George Makfi’s lifetime he says that he has produced a profit of just under £25,000 to £50 stakes (the actual points profit sits at 497.84 points) and a total ROI of 9.6%. I will admit that these aren’t necessarily the best looking results, however I believe that this is a small part of the wider picture here.

Conclusion on Elite Rugby Tipping

I want to start by saying that I don’t think that Elite Rugby Tipping is a tipster service which is going to suit those who are looking for a quick and easy second income. It is very clear to me that George Makfi isn’t somebody who aims to make a quick buck and in the case of Elite Rugby Tipping, I don’t think that this is necessarily a bad thing. Mostly, this is down to the scarcity of rugby tipster services.

I have mentioned that they are a niche, and if you do have a betting portfolio, then I would hazard a guess that this is probably one area that is underrepresented.

With this in mind, I want to look a little bit at where I think that Elite Rugby Tipping will excel. If you look at the wider context of a betting portfolio, the goal is to make as much money as possible from as many betting disciplines as possible.

The fact of the matter is that by and large, most people will not want multiple tipsters covering the same sport. Doing this simply isn’t the most efficient way of making your money work for you.

Building on this, I want to talk about the kind of people who will hold a betting portfolio. They will generally view betting in a much more disciplined and business like fashion. As such, if you have a betting portfolio in place, then you are likely to be staking enough per bet that something like Elite Rugby Tipping will serve you well.

So, whilst a 9.6% ROI may not be particularly impressive compared to some tipsters, placed in a wider context it becomes much more reasonable. Especially if you have the funds in place to stake decent amounts. It is this same business like approach that is where I think that George Makfi can probably justify the cost of the service.

Looking at Elite Rugby Tipping in this light, I can really see the appeal of it. The unfortunate fact of the matter however is that whilst there is a very clear place for Elite Rugby Tipping, it isn’t something that will appeal to the majority of people. Would I recommend it?

For the right person, absolutely. Those who are looking for something with a more immediate impact might want to consider something else.



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From: Simon Roberts