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Elite Video Evolution Review

Elite Video Evolution is a training course developed by Ryan Phillips in conjunction with a team of other marketers that shows you how to create a quality sales video.

What does the product offer?

Ryan Philips and his team claim that the single best way to make money online is through video marketing, however they also say that whilst there are plenty of products for making videos, there is nothing showing you how to sell products through the medium. Enter Elite Video Evolution, a video training guide that Ryan Philips says will help you to make high converting videos that you then use in video sales letters to drive traffic. Elite Video Evolution is spread over 9 modules that cover what video sales letters are and how to use them, the psychology of selling and a number of modules on actual video creation. There are also a number of bonuses supplied although arguably the most applicable to Elite Video Evolution is a package of royalty free music tracks.

How does the product work?

I have made several references to the team behind Elite Video Evolution which is actually made up of Ryan Phillips, Craig Crawford, Robert Phillips and Todd Gross, all of whom are claimed to be in the know when it comes to video marketing. Elite Video Evolution is really the sum of their knowledge on the subject and appears to be based very much based on their experiences and experiments with different types of video marketing.

What is the initial investment?

Elite Video Evolution is currently available for $9.95 which is claimed to be a “one week launch price” however it is worth noting that much more time than this has elapsed and it is still listed at this price. Should you find that you’re unhappy with the product  Ryan Phillips does provide a 30 day money back guarantee for Elite Video Evolution.

What is the rate of return?

According to the headline for Elite Video Evolution you can expect to see in increase in sales of 46.15% within 48 hours of implementing the training. Ryan Phillips claims that by using video sales letters to market products, he was able to go from making $0 to over $8,000 in just one week.


Video sales letters aren’t anything new although I feel like they aren’t perhaps as known as they could be. The concept isn’t difficult and if you already utilise video marketing then you will probably find that there isn’t much to do to implement the method. If you are entirely new to video marketing then Elite Video Evolution may warrant some attention. What is on offer is a reasonable enough training course in video marketing with some interesting ideas in terms of looking at scripts and the psychology etc. What is really appealing however is the price. At less than $10 you don’t have to take a lot way for Elite Video Evolution to have been beneficial and whilst I personally am not a fan of Todd Gross’ videos (perhaps having seen so many on various sites), there is no denying that they are quite engaging and draw your attention.



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From: Simon Roberts