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Email Marketing Robot Review James Winsoar

Email Marketing Robot is a piece of software by James Winsoar that will allegedly allow you to automate the process of marketing your business to the relevant market sectors.

What does the product offer?

Email Marketing Robot is a piece of Windows compatible software that scans a list of businesses in that are relevant to your niche and then emails them with a customised sales message touting for business in your area. James Winsoar has also built into Email Marketing Robot the capability to get around spam by only targeting one email per website and also to randomise emails sent which should help to get around certain spam filers.

How does the product work?

Email Marketing Robot is all about finding new leads and taking advantage of them to hopefully increase your sales. By allowing you to fully customise the settings of Email Marketing Robot, James Winsoar says that you be able to reach targeted businesses that should already want to buy your product.

What is the initial investment?

James Winsoar  has made Email Marketing Robot available with a free trial however to purchase the product will cost you £299 which buys you a 12 month license. Email Marketing Robot also comes with a vendor backed 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t really an advertised rate of return and trying to gauge this is a difficult thing as Email Marketing Robot isn’t a direct money making product. That having been said, if you are getting increased leads to the extent that James Winsoar says then you should be able to see an additional income.


Email Marketing Robot is a pretty solid idea and playing around with it, it looks like it will do everything that is advertised. This only raises the question of how and if this kind of thing can impact your business. If you are an internet marketer targeting individuals, then chances are you will already have a list and leads ready and waiting and as such will not find much use for Email Marketing Robot. If however you offer a service like SEO or website building, i.e. something that other businesses can make use of then you may well find that Email Marketing Robot will be of use.



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From: Simon Roberts