Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm Review

Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm is a product developed by Kristie Chiles that is designed to teach users how to market ClickBank products successfully.

What does the product offer?

Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm comes in the form of an eBook which covers how Kristie Chiles has created and marketed with a degree of success through ClickBank. She claims that Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm will teach you which niches to target and how to market your products for free through video marketing.

How does the product work?

At its heart Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm is a training course that is designed to help users understand what to look for when selling products through ClickBank and the best ways to go about it. Much of what Kristie Chiles teaches is based around her own experiences and much of the information she makes available comes from her personal business model.

What is the initial investment?

Kristie Chiles has made Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm available for a one of payment of $9.97. The product also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee provided by Kristie Chiles.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of rate of return Kristie Chiles claims that you can make $579.05 with Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm although she doesn’t really discuss over what period of time this amount is made in. From what little information is stated it appears that this may be over a year.


I am not really sure what to make of Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm. The product seems to have some degree of merit but as it is based around Kristie Chiles’ own system I can’t help but wonder how quickly the recommended niches will become over saturated and full of people marketing in the exact same way. Another note is that a large part of Emergency Affiliate Cash Storm appears to be video marketing. A quick look at Kristie Chiles’ YouTube channel shows a distinctive lack of popular videos. This leads me to believe that the results that she claims are somewhat exaggerated. Even though it is for sale at a reasonable price I’d personally give this a miss.



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